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The Plot So Far (in case you're new or weren't in the RPs)

An Omniversal Incident

The Second Omniversal War began with a space station from Multiversal domanaeii pulling a The great devourer of all (referred to as the Ravagery) spacecraft out of interuniversal transwarp and threatening hostilities. Multiple other factions arrived in the star system, known as Zylia Alpha, but they did not exchange fire until a Multiversal venn-copard (referred to as the VCMR) commander was baited into peace talks aboard another newly-arrived Ravagery craft, thus beginning a battle that ended up wiping out most of the system and beginning a multiversal war.

Entropy and Order

Aeiouia, Fylmyria, and Thinking Machines passively watched the chaos unfold across multiple universes as the VCMR and Ravagery threw larger and more powerful craft into combat, testing each others' ships and strategies while perfecting the use of their own. The original universe (in which Zylia Alpha existed) ended up being destroyed from inside by a vacuum-decay bubble and then from outside by a Ravagery "universe eater". This universe eater was baited into attacking a seemingly vulnerable universe and then killed using an entire galaxy funneled into a four-dimensional death ray.

To seek revenge for the damage the eater had caused, the VCMR deployed a Weaponized Mathematical Platform (and a Shellcraft, but that was quickly destroyed) into a Ravagery-occupied universe. The fractal spaceship rapidly defeated a Ravagery "Mayhem Fleet" using psychological attacks combined with a vortex of interuniversal munitions, and then destroyed the entire universe with an "enthalpic storm" generated using an Exponential Enthalpy Apparatus.

At approximately this point, the Ravagery realized that the VCMR were actually becoming a threat and launched a full-scale invasion into the universe of R0-0-8. The battle lasted multiple days and finally ended when the VCMR dropped in a Trans-Dimensional Sleeper Platform and threatened to lock onto and destroy every Ravagery craft in the universe if they did not agree to peace talks.

Of Gods and Diplomats

These peace talks were then successfully conducted, with the Ravagery receiving the remains of R0-0-8 and sovereignty over a multiverse cluster, and the VCMR withdrawing all their forces from hostilities. However, planck-length-scale robots from Kataphractos infiltrated the Sleeper Platform and nearly restarted the war by starting up the firing sequence of one of the Platform's superweapons; this appeared to be ineffective as the Ravagery did not open fire, trusting that the VCMR could shut it down. Simultaneously, Many armed ones entered R0-0-8 and they engaged in small-scale combat with the Ravagery. This came to an abrupt end when the Ravagery deployed a colossal fleet to occupy the universe permanently, but R0-0-8 then collapsed thanks to a superweapon dropped in by Kataphractosian planckbots that crushed the universe into a singularity.

The Nth Crusade

Some time after this series of events, the Ravagery accidentally re-discovered their old enemies, the Domination, from a conflict known as the Aeon War, who used gigantic protists and "warbirds" among other spacecraft. They reasoned that a colossal omniversal war was about to begin, so they immediately began mobilizing massive fleets of spacecraft. As part of this, an Eternity-Class Total Destruction Vessel began attacking a backwater universe in an attempt to gain mass-energy for the war effort. VCMR forces arrived to try to scan down extrauniversal jump signals (not aware of the Domination's existence), and tense negotiation failed when they decided to open fire on Ravagery ships sent to order them out of the universe. Meanwhile, Thinking Machines arrived in extrauniversal space with a fleet of kilometer-long spike-shaped craft and began approaching the Eternity and the smaller jellyfish-like craft around it.

Conflict erupted within a small dwarf elliptical galaxy when the Domination and the Ravagery clashed, bringing more and larger ships in until the entire galaxy was filled with a haze of plasma. VCMR Injection Craft attacked and destroyed the Eternity-Class TDV, buying them time to scan down the Domination ships and also to form a type of military alliance, at least against the Ravagery's imminent threat. This galaxy's universe was promptly destroyed by a Domination gravitational weapon, so as to prevent the Ravagery from gaining a foothold within it.

The Second Aeon War, as it was soon named, initially involved two critical events. The first was a full-scale invasion of Domination space by the Ravagery, using a quantum sinkhole as a long-distance teleportation system. By doing this, the Ravagery hoped to force the Domination to fight a defensive war and avoid tedious millions of years pushing each other back and forth across the Omniversal Background Haze where the conflict occurred. The second was the resurgence of the VCMR's ancient enemies, a species of extremely integrated cyborg spacecraft known as the Iknun.

However, it would soon turn out to be part of a series of events carefully orchestrated by The Evermind, which was organizing civilizations around the multiverse according to a secret set of plans. Its subordinate nations launched infectious viral attacks into a VCMR Citadel and a Ravagery War Forge, easily consuming the latter, and sent a ship into a VCMR-occupied universe where the Domination were building a garrison (the two factions had allied temporarily against the Ravagery).

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