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So you want to create a (simple)Dispatch ?


You want to create a dispatch?
I think I can help.

To create a simple dispatch, first click on the 'Dispatch' button located on the left hand side of the screen/window. When it opens, it will take you to a list of dispatches already published(default). In the upper right corner is a button:+Write Dispatch, click on this button to open your dispatch creation page.

The next step is to choose your 'category', for this lesson, choose the option 'Meta'.
Then you are asked to choose between gameplay or reference, choose 'Reference'.
(these choices are somewhat arbitrary, for this lesson choose the options indicated so everyone is on the same page)

You are now set to begin creation of your monster.
Select a title, for instance: My Fav Tunes!.

Then, clicking on the main window, you can begin adding your links*.

To add a link and post it so that anyone can click & be sent directly to the video, you should use the following basic format(copy/paste, then replace the example's 'addy' with your youtube link and 'Name of song' is obvious).

[url=Youtube link]Name of song[/url]

For example, this:

[url=]Sing Along[/url]

Becomes this:
LinkSing Along

If you want a fancier link, you can:

Color it:

[url=][color=royalblue]Sing Along[/color][/url]
LinkSing Along

Hide it in a spoiler:

[spoiler=Sing Along][url=][color=royalblue]Sing Along[/color][/url][/spoiler]

Color the spoiler:

[spoiler=[color=blue]Sing Along[/color]][url=][color=royalblue]Sing Along[/color][/url][/spoiler]

Click 'Preview' to see what your posted work will look like, correct any mistakes/errors, then click 'Post' and you're done !

A dispatch covering 'How-To' put images in your Music dispatch coming soon!

Please note that this tutorial is aimed at those creating a dispatch for the first time.
If you've created other dispatches, you know which/where to find the Dispatch button directly linking to yours.