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TSP Coalition Day Festival, Day 2: 1001 Fudgetopian Nights

The oldest democracy in NationStates is turning 13, and that needs to be celebrated! From June 2 to June 7, we are holding the Coalition Day Festival. Next to fun and games, there will be quite a bit to learn about historic moments of our regions past: great festivals, exceptional leaders, and tumultuous battles fought and won.

Today is Day 2 of the festival, and our topic is: 1001 Fudgetopian Nights, or the History of Fudgetopia.

How to participate
- Read about history and news of the time below
- Take the LinkTrivia Quiz! (Previous answers and scores are here)
- Join the Linkforums to play spam games, roleplay, and ask history questions!
- Play some TSP-themed games, and post your results on the RMB!
- Talk with others on LinkDiscord or LinkIRC.
- Have fun on the RMB! Celebrate with us by drinking some of our legendary SPIT (South Pacific Iced Tea)

History Lesson: Fudgetopia's Legacy
brought to you by Roavin

No history of the South Pacific would be complete without mentioning the longest-running Delegate, who benevolently guided our region for an astounding record of 1276 days. Fudgetopia was Delegate from July 7, 2006 to January 3, 2010. As fate would have it, much information of her reign is lost in the mists of time due to forum crashes, leaving regional archeologists clueless to many details that may shed light on her ascent and historical tenure.

Founded just after the the Coalition, Fudgetopia had long been a well-liked and respected member of the South Pacific. She had been in the DSP (Defence force of the South Pacific), the first military of the region, and had subsequently held several offices, such as Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Secretary of the Region, and Secretary of Intelligence. How she finally came to be Delegate on July 7 of 2006 is unknown. What is known that she declared non-intent to run for delegate on June 4, 2006, just over a month prior to becoming the Delegate afterall. We can assume that she surely didn't expect to become the longest-serving TSP Delegate by far.

Of course, three and a half years of Delegacy aren't without challenges. After nearly 6 months in office, Fudgetopia found herself in a bind. Due to a forum crash, the laws of the region were lost, and the nation Cherque Farm was rapidly gaining endorsements. In an incredibly brave step, Fudgetopia briefly declared martial law in the region, ejected Cherque Farm, enacted an endorsement cap, and prohibited challenges to the Delegacy. In her usual manner of utmost transparency, she clearly laid out exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it, ending her statement with this inspirational message:

Please note that this is a temporary, if extreme measure. This region means a lot to me, and I will do my utmost to protect it, it's laws and my people - especially my friends and those whom I have fought alongside to keep it the free, fun and sage region we know. I've been here a long time, and seen many come and go, but those who know it best are those who have put a piece of themselves in. I am protecting it for you.

Looking back, many might assume that she received some backlash to this measure, but this was not the case. The community fully supported her decision, trusting her to do the right thing (which she did, of course). And it's exactly this that defines her legacy in our region - beyond her generosity, her general kindness, her contrasting capacity for well-meaning sass, her apt sense of sarcastic humor, and her incredible likeability that led the region to celebrate every birthday of hers as well as the 555th and 1001st days of her delegacy, it's trust that stands at the core of what Fudgetopia has meant and continues to mean for the region. Without an immense amount of trust, a nation cannot be the democratically chosen Delegate of a region for well over a thousand days, or receive the full support of the community for decisions made during very trying times. Her legacy of trust continues to this day - in fact, Fudgetopia was the first person Tsunamy contacted during the regional conflict in early 2016, and when asked why, Tsunamy simply stated "Fudgie was — and is — the most trusted person in the region".

-- Roavin

News from Back Then
Journalism was alive and well very early in our region. In this segment, we are reprinting some noteworthy news article from around the time of our history lesson.

Announcement; regarding Martial Law
January 2, 2007; by Fudgie

Dear Nations of the South Pacific,

Last night I found out that a nation called Cherque Farm had slipped through our intelligence net and was amassing endorsement at an extremely fast rate.

He had managed to climb to 275 endorsments, which was 81 % of my own count, so swift action was necessary.

There was no time to question his motivations and wait for his response. Further, he was not eligible for delegacy under the Law of Succession, and there was no other way for him to fall back to an acceptable amount of endorsements in a timely fashion.

Considering the above arguments, I saw no other choice than to eject this nation from the region.

As you are all well aware, the recent invision crash has destroyed many records of our laws and our history. There is no up to date safeguard for the delegate, leaving my position rather vulnerable, as the law we had no longer exists.

Therefore, effective immediately, the following restrictions on endorsements will be in place.

There is now a 50% cap on endorsements. Violators of this cap will be given one chance to either drop below this level or stop gathering before they are ejected to the Rejected Realms. The only exemption will be the Vice Delegate Elect.

There will also be no challenges to the delegacy at this time. Consider your moves carefully, as should it be discovered you are making plans to take the delegacy, you will be ejected.

This interim law will be in place until a full Law of Succession is up and running. Already there is a proposed law up and ready for discussion and vote here. This interim law will be effective IMMEDIATELY, and will be in effect until the new law is ratified by the assembly.

Once the new law is passed, this temporary law will be finished with.

Please note that this is a temporary, if extreme measure. This region means a lot to me, and I will do my utmost to protect it, it's laws and my people - especially my friends and those whom I have fought alongside to keep it the free, fun and sage region we know. I've been here a long time, and seen many come and go, but those who know it best are those who have put a piece of themselves in. I am protecting it for you.

The South Pacific decides...On Half a Government!..
March 27, 2007; by SPOT News

The polling booths have been open now for just over 3 days and a steady trickle of voters have been seen milling around the Town Hall...But they have only been able to vote for 3 candidates out of a possible 5 as there are no candidates for MoR (Minister of the Region) & MoFA (Minister of Foreign Affairs)...

Our exit poll seems to suggest that candidates Geomania (Minister of Security), Eastwales (Minister of Justice) and Kloister (Prime Minister), all seeking re-election, will be successful...SPOTs intrepid reporting team garnered the following comments...

'I really expected a bigger turnout.'
'I almost got knocked over by that tumbleweed over there.'
'Oh! Is that what we were voting for. I thought we were finally going to be rid of Conrad Crooner, the rubbish one from the reality TV show'...

With the results of the election seemingly not in doubt, the attention has turned towards the Delegate and who she will nominate to fill the vacant positions...It is unlikely that Caer Rialis and Tsrill will be tempted to resume their duties, as both have stressed a strong desire to step down from Cabinet for the short while, at least...

Attention will almost surely be on those members that have served in Cabinet before and are currently in a position to accept the call to serve...Mavenu, Htz3, KingJ, DickvanDyke, ParrrrTay and Polkstreet are names heading the list...

The newly formed government will surely have to address the clearly apparent apathy towards politics and democracy in TSP...Will this resurrect the calls for a move away from the constitutional monarchy style of government towards more of an authoritarianist dictatorship...

It's only going to get more interesting...Stay tuned to SPOT for the best news coverage...

Delegacy Challenge Fades... Contenders Withdraw...
March 4, 2008; by SPOT News

The South Pacific has seen two challengers for the Delegacy come and go over the past few days. The DOOP and Thonex (aka Vrtbovska Zahrada) declared their intentions to formally challenge Fudgetopia, the long standing Delegate of the region, with neither seeing their campaigns through to a conclusion.

It is believed that The Ministry of Security became aware of both challengers large number of ‘tarts’, (the common term used for describing the act of eliciting endorsements from fellow UN Nations), and had been under close surveillance for some time.

The DOOP caused some consternation to members of TSP, through citing their wish to postpone their campaign until additional challengers had declared their intent. A failure by The DOOP to fully understand the workings of a Delegacy contest and resulting security implications of such a statement led to a swift end.

Thonex, a far more engaging candidate, certainly stimulated more questioning from the members. To which they responded with energetic riposte. However, the fate as befalls many challengers, Thonex could not adequately convince the members of any clear advantages in them replacing Fudge. Add into the mix concerns over the raider/invader past of Thonex and the fact that they were holding down a Cabinet position in The North Pacific, members were quick to jump on the clear conflict of interest issue.

Both challenger’s UN Nations are no longer in the TSP.

Fudge’s reign as Delegate (607 days) is of course a matter for the members and they ultimately decide on who holds that office, through the time honoured standards of honesty, trust and faithful service. Something that any newcomer harbouring wishes for will have to take on board.

It’s not that TSP are an ‘Old Boys Club’. That could not be further from the truth. Members truly value friendship and the bonds of trust that subsequently develop when time is taken to get to know one another.

Joining TSP and expecting to wield inordinate amounts of power immediately is just something that is not going to happen. The members see the sense in not allowing that to happen to a region they have worked long and hard to forge.

The Nakari is my Medvedev of Roavin