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Kalmarian Economy

Kalmarian Economy

GDP (nominal): $7.717798 trillion
GDP per capita (nominal): $43,807 per person
Population: 176.173 million
Tax Rate: 46%

Famed for Nordic model capitalism, the Kalmarian economy is based on a revised framework of capitalism wherein the free market is combined with a welfare state to create a social democracy for the benefit of the people and efficiency of the macroeconomy.

With the government prioritizing both sectors which promote direct economic benefit such as industry loans, infrastructure, and public transportation, as well as those which promote indirect benefit such as education, socioeconomic welfare, healthcare, and environment, it is no wonder that the Kalmar Union's economy is prosperous and continues to grow every day.

The acquisition of Norway has provided access to the huge oil reserves in the North Sea, boosting the economy of the Kalmar Union to new heights. In addition, the new province of the Swedish Gold Coast (Ghana) provides labor, raw materials (lots of petroleum and gold), and another market for internal trade to the Kalmar Union, as well as more human potential to unlock with the Kalmarian top-tier, free, nationalized education system.

Electronics, automobiles, petroleum, timber, medicaments, and gold are the leading exports of the powerhouse economy. Major multinational companies based in the Kalmar Union include Saab, Statoil, Volvo, Volkswagen, Daimler A.G., BMW, Metro, E.O.N, IKEA, Panavia, and many other great companies.

The Kalmar Union has free trade agreements with the following states: the American Union, France, Zemsta, Turkey (except petroleum), Puertollano (except petroleum), Austria-Hungary (except electronics), Eurasia (except petroleum), Orostan, the Far East Collective. It hopes to open up even more FTAs later on to expand its economic capacity.

Additionally, the Commonwealth of Latin American Nations, an isolationist group of nations that shirk external trade, has gotten stuck in a one-way trade agreement where they are legally obligated to provide millions of tons of raw materials to the Kalmar Union for no compensation just to be manufactured and sold by Kalmarian corporations for quadruple, or even quintuple, the market value.

The Kalmar Union is working to expand its population (and therefore, its labor force) not through working to increase fertility but by opening borders, accepting refugees, and offering a quick and easy path to citizenship so that more people can work and contribute to the Kalmarian economy.

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