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Kalmarian Politics

The Kalmar Union is a parliamentary representative democratic constitutional monarchy, meaning that it has a constitutional monarch who presides as the head of state, a Prime Minister as the head of government, and a legislature - known as the Riksdag. The Kalmar Union drives to the left in a two-party system.

Kalmarian Social Democrats (majority) - A socially and economically mid-left party, it supports the Nordic model of social democracy, also known as "cuddly capitalism". Notable members include Prime Minister Arjun.
Christian Democrats (minority) - A socially center-right and economically center-left party, it supports the system of Christian democracy. Notable members include Friedrich Wilhelm II, former Kaiser of Prussia.
Nationalist Coalition (fringe) - A socially far-right and economically center-to-far-right party, it is opposed to the merge, supports a breakup of the Kalmar Union, racism, sexism, bigotry, and hyperauthoritarianism. Notable members include Donald Clinton, a real estate tycoon who can often be found declaring bankruptcy.
The Communist Party (fringe) A socially far-right and economically far-left party, it supports the system of the Marxist state. Notable members include the homeless drunkard Mao Pot.

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