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The Sky High Project

Sky High Project

Date of Project Launch: June 18, 2016
Amount Invested: $0.274 trillion
████████████ -> Basic Improvements Completion Status
████████████ -> Basic Installations Completion Status
████████████ -> Ultra High Speed Rails Completion Status
█████████░░░ -> New Skyscrapers Completion Status

The Sky High Project is a program created by the former Swedish Realm, now the Kalmar Union, that focuses on major investment to push Scandinavia to the future in terms of infrastructure. Existing infrastructure in Scandinavia prior to the commissioning of this project was clearly on the level of Western Europe and America, with high-speed rails connecting Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish lands, good roads, an efficient metro system in the city, lots of hospitals owned by the Swedish National Healthcare Service, several modern airports, great schools and colleges, etc; however, this project was a push to compete with the New Age infrastructure in the Middle East and East Asia.

Proposed on the floor by the Prime Minister himself, with the justification that investment into infrastructure returns about 200% of the amount spent, the Next Generation bill was quickly passed by the Swedish Riksdag (controlled by the Swedish Social Democratic Party), which set the new infrastructure budget to 14% of the government's budget and laid out a plan to improve existing roads, subways, bridges, schools, skyscrapers, airports, and railways while also creating entirely new infrastructure with next generation technology in order to lead the world in development (later, this bill was renewed by the Kalmar Union's Riksdag. These new installations are set to include the 112-story Stockholm World Economic Center and a surrounding complex along with multiple other skyscrapers commissioned in all major cities and the addition of 1,500 kilometers of new high speed track for the 300 km/h Regina train.

So far, most of the basic infrastructure changes have already been completed, with basic maintenance now being done around the clock with the generous budget; this allows for huge economic activity all around Scandinavia. The additional new high speed rails for the Regina train have also been completed, with most of the skyscrapers finished - the Stockholm World Economic Center in its finishing stages.

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