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Swedish Power Index

International Power Rating: TBA

Soft Power
- The Scandinavian culture has been extremely influential in Iceland (DCT) and Greenland since the days of the Vikings and will never be forgotten in Western Europe either, especially in regions such as Normandy. The Germanic culture is influential all across Europe
- Sweden is #1 in education and research, attracting thousands of international students to campuses such as the Royal University of Stockholm.
- Sweden is #1 in happiness, according to the World Happiness Index, due to its high level of social support, trust, living standards, wages,
- Sweden is #1 in gender equality, according to the Gender Inequality Index.
- Sweden is tied with Finland as #1 for environment.
- Sweden holds a patent on the coveted waste-to-energy technology.
- Sweden has free-trade agreements with other economic powerhouses that bolster its economy as well as with small nations to draw raw materials from through free trade in order to manufacture and sell abroad for quadruple the price.
- Sweden is the founder of the Nordic Kontrakt, allowing it to dominate Scandinavian affairs through diplomacy.
- Libertarian leftism has spread to superpowers such as the Losco-Unionian Commonwealth, France, and the British Empire, so the Nordic model social democracy that Sweden's government is based on has global support.
- All the superpowers and great powers have friendly relations or are allied with Sweden.
- Mojang, a video game company best known for creating Minecraft, is based in Stockholm, giving Sweden influence over the world's nerds.

Hard Power
- Sweden owns, in addition to its own lands, Norway, Denmark, and Ghana (434,000 square miles).
- Sweden is an economic powerhouse, with a GDP of $4.1796 trillion and a GDP per capita of $82,578 per person.
- The Nordic Economic Zone gives Sweden lots of economic influence.
- Waste-to-energy plants around the world, which the largest countries in the region rely on for biogas, are owned by Swedish companies.
- Superpowers such as the Losco-Unionian Commonwealth, France, and the British Empire have established military alliances with Sweden.
- Sweden has about 210,000 active duty military personnel, 96,000 reserve military personnel.
- The Swedish Armed Forces possess UI-51V1 air superiority fighters and a Nimitz-class supercarrier.
- More than half of the raw material output Commonwealth of Latin American Republics is funneled into Sweden due to a trade agreement gone awry for the LAR, putting them at the mercy of Sweden's government.

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