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The International Waste-to-Energy Project

Waste to Energy Project

Date of Project Launch: July 4, 2016
Company: Avfall Sverige

It is an undisputed fact that Sweden has been the leader of the green revolution, with ecologically aware citizens who recycle appropriately and are taught to waste little, 55% of its homes powered by biogas (energy that comes from incinerating waste), and absolutely no landfills as a result.

With Avfall Sverige's patent on the waste-to-energy conversion process and incineration plants all around Sweden, it is no wonder why the nation benefits so much from this revolutionary technology. The process of waste-to-energy conversion is relatively simple. First, trash is burned to create biogas in an incineration plant, which is then pumped to nearby homes and companies for money. Next, a dry filter cleans out the smog coming out so that the air is not polluted; this is mandated by the environmental legislation to continue a stable economy and a high standard of living. Finally, the sludge left inside of the dry filter afterwards is thrown into abandoned mineshafts, saving money.

To benefit its economy even further, the government allowed for Avfall Sverige to build plants all over the British Empire, the Losco-Unionian Commonwealth, and the Prussian Empire - officially beginning the International Waste-to-Energy Project - being able to take the countries' trash, turn it into biogas, and then sell it to foreign citizens at international tax rates.

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