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The Nordic Kontrakt

We, the undersigned nations, have hereby reached an agreement to ensure the protection of Scandinavia to improve the economies of member states, fend off imperialism in the region, and cooperate on an international scale to achieve prosperity.

This pact...

Establishes a mutual defense pact between signatories.
Starts joint-military exercises between signatories.
Encourages signatories to establish military bases in the lands of other member states.
Creates a Nordic Economic Zone (NEZ) to promote trade within Scandinavia.
Bans all trade barriers, including tariffs, between signatories.
Allows for limited plural citizenship between signatories.
Constructs embassies between signatories in each nation's capital.
Opens all borders between signatories.
Recognizes the Swedish kronor, the Finnish markka, and the Prussian mark as valid currencies in all signatories.

- Imperialist sweden (Founder)
- United Democratic Christian States (Member)
- Lendenburgh (Member)

Imperialist sweden