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Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish News)

Denmark Joins Sweden - 7/7/16

Denmark, a Nordic country absorbed by the Prussian Empire just months ago, has recently experienced a surge of pan-Scandinavianism in both literary and political movements. Most of the supporters of the movement looked to Sweden, which has come to dominate Scandinavia, as a symbol of their cause, and they campaigned for the Danish provinces to join Sweden.

After negotiations between good friends, Prussian Kaiser Wilhelm I and Swedish Prime Minister Arjun, Denmark was given a referendum to join Sweden, to which they voted "yes" (80-20). The benefits of joining are not only cultural since joining the Swedish powerhouse economy grants excellent access to trade, education, and welfare opportunities. Although Prussia no longer holds land in Scandinavia, it still remains a member of the Nordic Kontrakt.

"First we let in the blacks," said Donald Clinton, leader of the Swedish Nationalist Coalition, "Then we create a Scandinavian pan! That's [CENSORED]!"

"I'm very excited that we are all coming together," said Swedish Prime Minister Arjun, "The three brothers, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, have finally united under one banner. Only through unity can we persevere."

Sweden Introduces "Prussia Rekonstruktion Planen" - 7/7/16

Debt was ravaging the Prussian Empire, as the fifth-generation fighter project, a supercarrier purchase, huge purchases of arms, and large-scale recruitment into the military among others left its economy hurt. However, the Prussian Empire still had large potential due to its high population, developed land, and strategic position in European trade, which was yet to be exploited.

Swedish Prime Minister Arjun, understanding Sweden's close alliance with Prussia, began a project to reconstruct the Prussian economy so that it could become a powerhouse like Sweden. To help with the Prussian education system, Sweden has sent some government educators to Prussian colleges to train the next generation of students and teachers. Sweden has also provided not only permission but also incentives in the form of loans for its energy companies to build waste-to-energy plants in Prussia. In the short term, this creates thousands of jobs in Prussia and stimulates the economy. In the long term, this clears up landfills and creates biogas for Prussian companies to use as long as they pay a cheap rent. Prussia is already showing rapid signs of recovery and will continue to evolve as a powerhouse as the year goes by.

This plan will not only help the Prussian economy; it will also make Sweden's economy even more powerful. First of all, Prussian companies will become consumers of Swedish biogas, increasing the economic output of the Swedish energy industry. Additionally, because of the Nordic Economic Zone, Sweden's economy benefits greatly from the growth of Prussia, who is also part of the NEZ.

"I'm very excited to help our allies," said Swedish Prime Minister Arjun, "It really is a great thing to see our two nations grow side-by-side."

Sweden, Prussia, and Lendenburgh Sign the Nordic Kontrakt - 7/6/16

Sweden, Lendenburgh, and Prussia all hold lands in Scandinavia, Sweden holding the most land out of all of them. Seeing great prospects in allying with their neighbors for the safety of the Scandinavian region, economic growth, and international cooperation, Swedish Prime Minister Arjun invited delegations from the other two nations to Stockholm to negotiate a pact.

Establishes a mutual defense pact between signatories.
Starts joint-military exercises between signatories.
Encourages signatories to establish military bases in the lands of other member states.
Creates a Nordic Economic Zone (NEZ) to promote trade within Scandinavia.
Bans all trade barriers, including tariffs, between signatories.
Allows for limited plural citizenship between signatories.
Constructs embassies between signatories in each nation's capital.
Opens all borders between signatories.
Recognizes the Swedish kronor, the Finnish markka, and the Prussian mark as valid currencies in all signatories.

By uniting the region through mutual defense, a military alliance, a free-trade economic zone, limited plural citizenship, embassies, open borders, and a recognition of all three currencies, Sweden has founded a strong alliance that is a force to be reckoned with.

Swedish Leads In Waste-To-Energy Technology - 7/4/16

55% of Swedish homes are powered by biogas from the waste-to-energy plants all around Sweden. It is due to this that less than 1% of Swedish trash actually ends up in a dump. The process of turning waste into energy is cheap and relatively simple: it is burned to make fuel and any residue is filtered out before it can enter the air to be dumped into abandoned mineshafts. Thus, Sweden, a huge oil producer due to reserves in Norway and Ghana, ends up exporting almost all of its oil abroad.

As the leader in this new technology, Sweden is accepting trash from other countries to make even more fuel, clearing up landfills in these countries. It has also made deals with the two highest populated nations - the Losco-Unionian Commonwealth and the British Empire - for Swedish companies to build massive waste-to-energy plants all around their lands, which will be rented for use. The waste-to-energy technology is expected to grow the world's economy by clearing up land and producing more green energy, especially the economy of Sweden which benefits from the patents on this technology, the rents given by the two largest superpowers in the world, and the biogas from Sweden + other countries that is used to power Swedish homes for competitive prices.

"This is complete s**t," said Donald Clinton, leader of the Swedish Nationalist Coalition, "It's disgusting. Our energy is coming from waste. I'll only use oil. Look, I have great relations with the planet, but I don't like 'green energy'. I don't want my lightbulbs to have trash in them."

"This new technology is beneficial to the planet, the economy, and the common man," said Swedish Prime Minister Arjun, "What could be better than that?"

Sweden Accepts LAR Deportees - 7/1/16
Earlier, the LAR announced its agenda of ridding the land of unemployment - through an unorthodox method. Their goal was to drown 2 million people in the Pacific ocean, the majority of whom are actively searching for a job. Seeing this as an an attempt at an institutionalized mass killing, Sweden has intervened.

Through diplomacy, Sweden forced the LAR to deport its unemployed people, if necessary, to Sweden rather than drown them, which the LAR grudgingly accepted. Sweden, with its sparse population, huge raw material availability, and plentiful land, is having job growth on an unprecedented level, so the unemployed people from the LAR can easily find jobs to support themselves and their families.

"They don't understand the value of human potential," said Swedish Prime Minister Arjun, "Thankfully, we do."

"Those scum," said the LAR General Secretary, "Whether they're drowned or in Sweden doesn't concern me. They're gone from my lands."

Sweden Sends 5th Generation Fighters To Defend Paraguay; LAR Forced Into Funneling Raw Materials To Sweden Regardless - 6/28/16

Earlier, the General Secretary of the isolationist Commonwealth of the Latin American Republics and the Prime Minister of Sweden arranged a trade agreement set to last twenty years with the following terms: LAR provides raw materials, Sweden provides an amount of money equal to their market value, and that a side is relieved from holding up their end of the bargain if the other declares an unjustified war. Recently, LAR has declared war on Paraguay under the pretense of "WMDs" proven to be inaccurate.

Due to the terms of the deal, the LAR is now legally obligated to provide a large amount of minerals (including 0.5Mt of copper, 100t of gold, and 330Mt of iron) with no compensation from Sweden due to the fact that the war on Paraguay is unjustified. Sweden, acting on its conscience, is sending 10 UI-51V1 5th-gen air superiority fighters to clear the skies of any LAR pilots who invade Paraguay.

"It's a tragedy," said Prime Minister Arjun, "There are no weapons of mass destruction in Paraguay - this is a war of expansion. They have to give us raw materials regardless of our effort against their imperialist agenda - a pleasant irony."

The Industrialization of the Swedish Gold Coast - 6/28/16
Sweden's only overseas province, the African Gold Coast, was ripe with poverty when it joined Sweden, but it also came in with lots of potential due to their massive gold reserves, large oil fields, huge population, and lots of infrastructure - including factories and mass Internet access - established by the dictatorship, whose introduction of iPhones ironically proved to be its peaceful demise. Upon Ghana's entrance to the nation, Ghanaian Governor Nkrumah and Swedish Prime Minister formulated a plan to finish the industrialization of the province that had been going on for a century during the dictatorship in order to take advantage of its raw potential for the benefit of everyone.

As a result of mainland Scandinavia's relatively sparse population, many Ghanaians found jobs there and moved along with their families for more opportunity, increasing the economic output of mainland Scandinavia and easing the pressure of population density from the African Gold Coast. Next, many Swedish corporations, acting on market incentive and aided by the government's large budget for industry, have begun buying up factories that were established by the dictatorships and employing hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians, increasing the economic output of the province considerably. The Swedish government has begun establishing even more infrastructure and public transportation as well as top-tier, free, nationalized public schools and universities for an additional investment into the economy. The plan has been extremely successful, boasting a 0.5% unemployment rate in the African Gold Coast (down from 5.2%) and considerably more economic output throughout Sweden, both on the mainland and overseas.

"It's disgusting," said Donald Clinton, leader of the Swedish Nationalist Coalition, "Blacks. They're taking our jobs. They're taking our tax dollars. I am going to build a wall, and Ghana's gonna pay for it!"

"We're seeing the beauty of our system right now," said Swedish Prime Minister Arjun, "We're investing into an economy with so much in store, and it will soon unlock its potential as a result - in fact, it already is starting to show lots of results. I can't wait to see the African Gold Coast's true economic output once fully industrialized."

Ghana Becomes a Province of the Swedish Empire - 6/24/16

After the Provisional National Defense Council, a stratocratic government in Ghana, was overthrown by rebel forces from the Convention People's Party, Chairman Nkrumah set to lay out a plan for the future of Ghana. Most other countries in Africa who gained independence, whether from imperialists or dictatorships, were set up to fail due to corruption, undeveloped technology, etc. His solution was to make Ghana an equal region of a developed nation - not a colony - to learn from them, join their democracy, and share in their prosperity as equals.

After a referendum, the people of Ghana voted to join the Swedish Empire because of its Nordic model social democracy, which guarantees free education, social security, free healthcare, etc. as part of the system of the welfare state. The official name of the province is The African Gold Coast, whose truly vast reserves of gold and petroleum will fuel lots of internal trade between raw material suppliers in the new province and manufacturers in the mainland. The people of the new province have elected Nkrumah as governor and are excited to finally vote and attain civil rights. Because of a national policy of open borders in the Swedish empire, there is migration from the densely-populated African province to the sparsely-populated mainland provinces for more economic and social opportunity.

"I welcome the African Gold Coast to our democracy and see great economic prospects for all provinces involved," said Swedish Prime Minister Arjun, "Governor Nkrumah and the people of the African Gold Coast have made the right decision."

Sweden Makes Important Steps In Finnish Reconstruction - 6/21/16

As a result of the Finnish Liberation War, Finland has been absolutely devastated. As 750,000 Finnish people died in the slaughter, their lands have reverted to the government, all of whose members have been assassinated by the old regime. The fear caused by the Finnish Liberation War has also fueled ethnic nationalism among survivors and refugees of the crisis, who believe that they can restore order by killing innocent minorities.

As a result of the crisis, Sweden ran a proposal through the DRS which proposed putting Finland under military occupation by Sweden until a later resolution in order to keep the peace and assure a smooth, democratic transition and also allowed Sweden to annex the Aaland Islands, a culturally, ethnically, and linguistically Swedish region belonging to Finland due to an annexation by Russia, as a semi-autonomous region to prevent nationalist bloodshed between ethnic Finns and Swedes within Finnish borders. The vote was unanimous, and the proposal passed unscathed. "I'm happy that this proposal went through as planned," said Prime Minister Arjun in an interview, "This way, we can more easily prevent bloody ethnic brawls that don't need to happen."

Because of extremely low land costs in Finland following the genocide, many Swedish multinational companies such as Saab and Volvo as well as real estate firms have purchased swaths of land; Swedish corporate property in Finland now totals 30%! This is a major concern to many who believe that this is a form of neocolonialism, but Prime Minister Arjun disagreed with their analysis, facing criticism even from his own party. "This is the free market," said Prime Minister Arjun, "There's a lot of unused land over in Finland due to population loss, and these companies are planning to use it. Sweden has lots of regulations on multinational corporations in order to make sure that they don't work to exploit but to achieve mutual benefit between the economy and their company."

In an effort to end ethnic nationalism in Finland democratically, the Prime Minister Arjun, a strong social democrat of the United Progressive Coalition, has given out huge government loans to the Finnish Social Democrat Party, allowing it to be extremely competitive against the True Finns; however, Sweden now has control of the Finnish Social Democrat Party's purse strings, and, additionally, many key officials of the Finnish Social Democrat Party who died in the war, such as the chairman himself, have been succeeded by people with Swedish loyalties, giving Sweden almost total control of the party. "It's disgusting," said Donald Clinton, leader of the Swedish Nationalist Coalition, in a rally, "The United so-called "Progressive" - but I think they're really regressive - Coalition is puppeting a government: this is collusion, folks!"

Ronald Rump, a fierce conservative as well and PM candidate of the True Finns, is known all around Finland for his inflammatory rhetoric and hate speech; however, he went too far at his most recent rally. "I'll get rid of the bloody Muslims through forced deportation or the fun method: summary execu-" said Rump at a rally before being shot in the head by Corporal Mohammed al-Rashid, a Swedish sniper standing guard. Conservatives all around Sweden and Finland alike are in outrage over what they say is a violation of the right to free speech, and they are suing Al-Rashid for what they say was an act of terrorism in the guise of military action. "Ronald Rump? That horrible person - and I think we can all agree he's horrible," said Prime Minister Arjun, "He was inciting violence - that isn't covered by free speech. This is a sad event, as with any death, but I have no regrets for what happened. What's unfortunate is that the corporal is being sued for doing his job; I am personally going to award him a Medal of Honor for his bravery while facing such violent crowds." Rump is going to be replaced as the PM candidate by Jeb Tree, a so-called "high-energy" person by the former PM candidate for his use of marijuana.

The Swedish Bureau of Polling has revealed that the True Finns are now in the lead in the race for Finnish Prime Minister but by a slight margin (49 - 48.5) and that the Finnish Social Democrat Party are in the lead in projections for the Finnish Parliament.

Prime Minister Arjun Announces the 'Sky High' Plan - 6/18/16
Sweden's impressive GDP per capita, a shocking $98,800 per person, has resulted from the work of Prime Minister Arjun, a fierce proponent of the Nordic model who is nicknamed "the Tiger of the Scandinavia" for his aggressive and strategic international trade deals and methods. However, the country only has a population of 17 million, to this date. In an effort to increase the population - and therefore the capacity for economic growth - of Sweden as well as space for industry, Prime Minister Arjun introduced the "Sky High" plan.

Based on the goal of a tall, militarized empire focused on a high GDP, the Sky High project invests lots of money into infrastructure to create more and more skyscrapers in all major cities and introduces programs to make it much easier to become a citizen, whether a refugee or a migrant, in addition to Sweden's open borders. The scope of this program also implies that further Swedish border expansion will be minimal, perhaps with a few territories here and there through diplomacy.

"It's disgusting," said Donald Clinton, head of the Swedish Nationalist Coalition in an interview, "Refugees and migrants, they're the worst. They're rapists, they're killers, and some - I assume - are good people, but we can't have them. When these countries send their refugees and migrants, they're not sending their best: they're bringing crime. We must preserve Swedish cultural heritage. I'm gonna build a wall and make Finland pay for it."

"This plan is going to take the Swedish Empire to new heights," said Prime Minister Arjun (United Progressive Coalition), "Our nation is sparsely populated and the rest of the world has quite a bit of overpopulation, so why not kill two birds with one stone? We can get so many more workers that way to develop the land."

The population is expected to keep growing until around 77 million, according to the Swedish Bureau of Immigration and Citizenship.

Barriers in Finnish Reconstruction! - 6/17/16

Finnish reconstruction has faced multiple challenges along the way, including: many Finnish companies moving to Sweden to cut economic losses, the rise of extreme Finnish nationalism, and a Finnish region requesting Sweden to take it back after more than 200 years of annexation because of minority fears.

Because of the economic devastation in Finland due to huge population losses, little to no infrastructure, vandalism, etc., many Finnish companies are moving to Sweden for more economic opportunity and safety. These moves really rub salt in Finland's wound and damages its economy further, encouraging more Finnish companies to rebase.

Refugees and survivors alike of the crisis have truly been scarred by the ordeal. As a result, a majority of the Finnish people have started supporting radical conservative nationalist political movements, including, most notably, the "True Finns". When democracy is restored to the region, it seems obvious that the True Finns will win; as ethnic nationalists, they have advertised very regressive policies. Inspired by Finnish nationalism, so-called "counter-terrorists" have taken the liberty of committing hate crimes towards minorities, especially Muslims. "Whether they call it 'terrorism' or 'counter-terrorism'," Swedish Prime Minister Arjun said, "We will not hesitate to shoot anyone who commits unnecessary violence, especially hate crimes, during this period of instability." Meanwhile, Donald Clinton, head of the Swedish Nationalist Coalition, has endorsed the True Finns. "I have great relations with the Finnish," he said, "The Prime Minister hates the Finnish. But I love them, I really do."

The Aaland Islands, a Swedish-speaking region that was seized by Russia and given to Finland over 200 years ago, has asked to join Sweden following the genocide and utter ruin of Finland. The vast majority of the people of the islands consider themselves ethnically, linguistically, and culturally Swedish. With Finland in such a weak state and extreme Finnish nationalism on the rise, it makes sense that the Aalandish people would want to join an economic power which recognizes Swedish as a national language (in addition to Norwegian) and believes in being race-blind. "We want to join our true people again," said Governor Peter Lindback, "The annexation has gone on long enough, and the True Finns are just outright scary." The Aaland Bureau of the Census shows that Aaland's GDP could increase by at least 50% if it joins Sweden. Prime Minister Arjun said that he is not only open to the idea but is ready to welcome the Aalandish people to Sweden as equals. Most Finnish nationalists seem satisfied with the idea of the Aalandish leaving for the sake of ethnic purity.

Reconstruction of Finland - 7/16/16

The Swedish Bureau of the Census officially published these statistics about the Finnish genocide: 2.5 million returning refugees, 1 million non-returning refugees, 1.15 million in-border survivors, 0.75 million dead. While these may be subject to change as more information is uncovered, these are a show of how devastated Finland is by this disaster.

Finland is currently under Swedish military control, with many cities half-burnt and sacked by the Islamic State. Sweden administered a referendum to Finnish returning refugees and survivors, asking whether they wanted to join Sweden. With a strong economy and Nordic-model social democracy, statistics show that Finland would fare much better if it joined Sweden.

"Everyone should remember," said Prime Minister Arjun, "The war on terror has just begun. We will fight hard to assure that secularism overcomes extremism."

Sweden Declares War on Argentina - 6/16/16

Following Argentina's endorsement of a terrorist group and declarations of war on Argentina by Losco-Unionia, Akksum, and Zackaroth, the Swedish Riksdag has formally passed a declaration of war on Argentina, citing them as authoritarian extremists who threaten democracy, secularism, and libertarian leftism.

The Prime Minister has sent the South Atlantic Fleet in an effort to blockade Argentinian Angola.

Grim Statistics Overshadow Finland - 7/16/16

The Swedish Bureau of the Census has reported one million Finnish refugees, 500,000 decapitated bodies, yet only five thousand rescued survivors. For a nation with only 5.4 million people, this is grave news. "I don't know whether Finland will survive this," said Swedish Prime Minister Arjun, "We can't give a ton of land and razed cities to a small number of people who just went through a genocide, expecting them to stand on their own two feet and create a flourishing democracy out of it."

Sweden Stands By Losco-Unionia; War Against Argentina Being Discussed In the Riksdag - 7/16/16

After a declaration of war on the anti-democratic state of Argentina, an endorser of the Islamic State, by Losco-Unionia, the Swedish Prime Minister said that he supports the war effort. A bill is going through the Swedish Riksdag to officially declare war on the authoritarian state.

Sweden Condemns Argentina - 6/15/16
Prime Minister Arjun condemned Argentina for using religion over reason in its political decisions and for supporting perhaps the most brutal genocide in recent history. "That endorsement honestly surprised me so much that I spit out my tea," said the Prime Minister, "It's plain obnoxious for a power such as Argentina to support extremism."

Sweden Thanks Intervening Nations - 6/15/16

Prime Minister Arjun formally thanked the Losco-Unionian Commonwealth, Akksum, Eurasia, and France for their help in the effort to defeat the caliphate. "We really need all the support we can," said Prime Minister Arjun, "It means a lot to us that these nations are stepping in and providing help."

Sweden and Prussia Declare War on the Caliphate - 6/14/16

Swedish intelligence recently uncovered a telegram sent to Prussia from the so-called "caliphate".

Do you want to ally secretly? I will do terrorist attacks on key Swedish places, and then you can swoop in for the kill and take the territory, as long as you secretly give us ten Lutherans a day to kill.

This proposal, as well as the genocide of Sunnis in Finland and the terrorist attacks in Stockholm, is unacceptable in the eyes of both Sweden and Prussia, so they have jointly declared war on the caliphate. They are not only launching airstrikes but are also preparing for a ground invasion of the caliphate to take back Finland, bringing back the home of the refugees.

Sweden has mobilized the 1st and 2nd Mechanized Divisions and its 1st Infantry Division for the ground invasion. It is blockading key ports of the caliphate with its North Atlantic Fleet and Baltic Fleet.

New Islamic Caliphate Recognized As a Terrorist Group By Sweden - 6/14/16

Recently, Middle Eastern migrants toppled the Finnish government and replaced it with their own caliphate. Prime Minister Arjun of Sweden quickly denounced them and declared them as a terrorist group. A bill is going through the Riksdag to officially declare war on the regime.

Finnish Refugee Crisis - 6/14/16

Finnish refugees are flocking to Sweden for shelter. Sweden is allowing all refugees but is keeping close surveillance on all of them, regardless of religion. Sweden is recruiting some of the refugees into the armed forces and is allowing the other refugees to do community service to pay off their board. Because Sweden is a welfare state, the economy is fully prepared to flourish in the wake of this crisis. Prime Minister Arjun not only is opening his arms to them but even vows to take back Finland for the refugees some way or another.

Swedish Census Calculates Shockingly High Economic Figures - 6/14/16

Sweden has been using the Nordic model of social democracy, creating a welfare state that rewires the framework of capitalism rather than overturning it. In addition, as a result of the Norwegian referendum, Sweden absorbed Norway, along with its people, businesses, and national resources such as petroleum, which strengthened the economy of Sweden. The GDP (nominal) of Sweden is only $1.2 trillion; however, the GDP per capita (nominal) is a whopping $96,200 per person, which is believed by Swedish officials to be the highest in Democritus.

Sweden-Prussia Relations Take a Good Turn - 6/14/16
Sweden and Prussia, originally very cold towards each other, have officially signed a free trade agreement, which will benefit the Swedish telecommunications industry and the German car industry, and joint-military exercises, which will bolster each nation's military strength.

Sweden Begins a Total Embargo on UKGA - 6/11/16

After UKGA fabricated a referendum in an attempt to annex Guatemala and Belize, which was met by international resistance, Prime Minister Arjun joined in and levied an embargo on UKGA. "Sweden has a huge telecommunications industry, as well as a well sized automobile industry," said Prime Minister Arjun, "Because telecommunications and automobiles are essential to the movement of supplies and people, we can help to cripple the military advance of UKGA by making sure it is logistically unable to carry out operations necessary to annex these sovereign nations."

Sweden and the Losco-Unionian Commonwealth Sign Military and Trade Alliance - 6/11/16
Leaders from Sweden and the Losco-Unionian Commonwealth met yesterday and established an alliance to ensure the continued security and stability of Scandinavia after the crises that befell it following the collapse of Fridur. In it, a mutual defense pact, joint-military exercises, a Losco-Unionian embassy, and free trade were agreed upon.

Swedish Leaders Fly to Buckingham - 6/11/16
Prime Minister Arjun and King Gustavus Adolphus have flown to Buckingham to meet the Prince. No one knows what they've come to discuss.

Prime Minister Responds to International Outcry Over... Penguins? - 6/10/16

After the Turkish State brought Sweden to international court for their treatment of Aptenodytes sapiens as legal persons who may apply for citizenship, claiming that it is a "loophole" in the Antarctica Act, the Prime Minister has officially decreed by executive action that sapient species native to Antarctica will no longer be allowed to apply for citizenship because of international law; however, scientific research will still be conducted to study interactions with the penguins, and all sapient species will continue to be treated as legal persons with human rights.

"It is unfortunate that international law contradicts a ruling of our Supreme Court that grants civil rights to those of us who are most vulnerable - intelligent non-humans; however, I am forced to decree that Sweden must deny these people citizenship, at least for now." said Prime Minister Arjun, "It's a shame that Turkey is against the extension of civil rights to sapient non-humans just because of their race, but Sweden will, regardless, continue to extend our love to these people by learning their language and way of life rather than dissecting them like the average animal. I hope that the Democritus Regional Senate will eventually come around to recognizing this species as people, but, until then, it seems we are ahead of our time."

Scandinavian Referenda Held - 6/10/16

After referenda in Norway and Finland were held on the question of whether to join Sweden, which liberated the two countries from the Communists, the people of Norway decided to be absorbed by Sweden while the people of Finland voted to become independent but their government remains close allies. Prime Minister Arjun said in an interview, "Look, I have no hard feelings about what happened in Finland. It was close, but the people as a whole exercised their right to self-determination. Anyway, I am excited to join the Norwegians in this spectacular merge of our peoples, as well as to introduce civil rights and the Nordic model to a place which was recently rife with radical authoritarian leftism."

The fate of Denmark, which Sweden also sent troops to, is unclear; however, Prussia seems to be trying to exert influence upon the nation in an effort to absorb it. Prime Minister Arjun had strong words to say about this in an interview when he stated, "Look, the Kaiser is, frankly, a clown. Even I fear the hell that he could cause in Denmark. He'd be better off as an entertainer at a kid's party." The Prime Minister has already called for all Swedish troops to be pulled out of Denmark immediately, but he clearly continues to be apprehensive about Prussia's influence over Denmark.

Prime Minister Promises Modernization Until Superpower Status with the 'Three Goals' - 6/10/16

Soon after Norway joined Sweden to officially define the borders of the growing power, Prime Minister Arjun (United Progressive Coalition) delivered an inspiring speech that has not only set up the new political battlefield between the United Progressive Coalition and the Nationalist Coalition but has also made it clear to the world that Sweden is attempting to head to the very top.

"Swedish citizens and all others of the world who are watching this address, note that this is a historic day in the world's history. Sweden has redefined its border and, along with it, its government and goals. We will no longer sit in the background and watch the superpowers play tug of war with the world. We will no longer be blind to the people who suffer because of where they were born, their ancestry, their sexual orientation, their gender, or the socioeconomic class that they were born into. We must cooperate and intervene internationally to ensure that freedom and equality are protected around the world, not just at home. For this, there are three core goals that we must embrace: education, social democracy, and militaristic internationalism. [This was followed by cheers from progressive internationalists and boos from conservative nationalists.]

Free, high quality education is vital not only in the interests of social mobility and fairness to the People, but it is also a necessity for the economy of the nation. Free college and top-notch, nationalized education will help the government to invest into the People, who are the backbone of the economy of tomorrow.

We must defend the civil liberties of all citizens and ensure that the economy works for the welfare of the People rather than that of a few corporate fatcats. I will work towards the creation of a welfare state which invests money in a fair money and keeps economic order through a strong nationalized banking system, universally accessible public services, and programs to curb social inequality. I believe that in order to address inequality, the government must work with the framework of capitalism to promote social mobility. Soon, Sweden will be known all around the world as the land of opportunity. I call it the Nordic model: a way to preserve capitalism by addressing its worst aspects.

We must take the fight for social and economic equality beyond the universities and the markets. So many people in other countries are being oppressed by authoritarian governments or scraping to survive in anarchy. We must save them through intervention - whether diplomatic or through force - and make the world a better place. We must realize that we, the Swedish, are part of greater body of global citizens and should build bridges rather than borders.

Education, Nordic-model capitalism, and militaristic internationalism are the three goals that can make Sweden, and the rest of the world, experience a Golden Age. I look forward to the plan's success. Thank you all for joining me in this mission!"

Species of Penguin Achieves Legal Citizenship in Sweden! - 6/10/16

One month ago, Swedish scientists in Antarctica found and brought back a three dozen members of what they found to be a new species of penguin - distinguished from the emperor penguin only from its brain size. Because of an executive order from Prime Minister Arjun, a federal grant was given to study this new species. Their findings were astounding: these penguins have the same mental capabilities as that of a human! As soon as the Prime Minister heard of this, he named the species Aptenodytes sapiens, suggesting the similarity between these penguins and humans.

The term "person" was never defined in the Swedish Constitution, as it was never thought before this that there were other animals out there capable of human mental capabilities. As such, Prime Minister Arjun took the matter to the Supreme Court, and it was ruled, because of scientific evidence of their mental capabilities, that these penguins could apply for citizenship like any human. No Aptenodytes sapiens has applied for citizenship yet because none of them have learned Swedish, or any language, yet, which is why instructors are intent on educating the penguins about our language and ways. It seems that the penguins have their own language system, and many are excited to learn their tongue as a foreign language.

Donald Clinton, head of the Nationalist Coalition, expressed his disgust about the Supreme Court ruling, saying, "Look, these things are animals. That's what they are. You can't degrade humans to the level of animals." Progressives are striking back by mentioning that the argument being made against citizenship to sentient "animals" was the same argument made against giving citizenship to people of color. "Look, I have great relations with the penguins," said Donald Clinton, "But we just can't have 'em - they're animals."

"The Aptenodytes sapiens are sapient beings, just like us," said Prime Minister Arjun, "It's not fair to deny legal citizenship to an intelligent being just because they don't look like you. Donald Clinton and the rest of the conservative nationalists should learn what it means to be tolerant."

Prime Minister Arjun's Militarization Rolling Out - 6/10/16

Prime Minister Arjun promised in his 'Three Goals' speech that he would focus on increasing the power and technology of Sweden's military so that it could help in his quest to bring liberty and equality to the world. He indeed started programs in every military field.

The Army is undergoing massive technological upgrades - as infantry are becoming mechanized and armed to the teeth. Prime Minister Arjun has also ordered the creation of the Archaean Corps, an elite force of soldiers who are trained and equiped to fight in extreme environments - zero gravity, volcanoes, the North Pole, etc. It is truly a mystery why the Prime Minister ordered the creation of such a fighting force. In an interview, he only said, "They are specialized to fight in places where most people wouldn't be able to even survive. This gives Sweden an edge in New Age combat as we rapidly progress to the future. Who knows where we'll be fighting later on? It's always good to be prepared."

The Navy is being given the most funding out of all of the divisions. It is commissioning many submarines, several destroyers, quite a few cruisers, and four aircraft carriers. "This navy will be the pride of Sweden," said Prime Minister Arjun in an interview, "If there's one thing I can agree with the Nationalists about, it's that I'd like to re-invoke the spirit of the Vikings, at least as it pertains to our navy.

The Air Force is receiving the least funding out of the three, with a large commission of attack aircraft, a few fighter aircraft, and a minimal amount of bombers. "I just don't think it's going to be beneficial to make a ton of bombers rather than several attack aircraft, which can attack targets more precisely and with less collateral," said Prime Minister Arjun in an interview, "The point of my militarization program is to defend liberty, not to bomb innocents and corrupt regimes indiscriminately."

Some suspect a secret nuclear weapons program, but Prime Minister Arjun dismissed any notion of it in an interview.

Siege of Fredrikstad - 6/1/16

Fredrikstad is the most powerful Communist-held stronghold in Scandinavia. Prime Minister Arjun, in coordination with King Gustavus Adolphus, has launched an offensive to take Fredrikstad; however, he refuses to use air strikes in the attack in the interests of the innocents inhabiting Fredrikstad. Because of this aversion to collateral damage, this offensive could take months. Strategists estimate that thousands of lives will be lost in the siege, but they also point out that air strikes on the city would kill many more innocents. "I won't let innocents die in this effort," said Prime Minister Arjun, "They've already suffered enough."

Swedish Politics Takes a New Turn - 6/1/16

Swedish politics up until now has been a multi-party system; however, things took a turn when the Sweden Democrats, a right-wing populist party, united with various smaller parties to form the Nationalist Coalition. In response, the Swedish Social Democrats, a left-wing party who has control of the Prime Ministry as well as a large part of the Riksdag, created the United Progressive Coalition to counter it. The Moderate Party, which up until now has been the second most powerful party in Sweden, has now faded into a third party in the emerging two-party system in Sweden.

The United Progressive Coalition, spearheaded by Prime Minister Arjun himself, is currently in control of the government; however, Swedish elections are coming up soon, and it's very possible that the Nationalist Coalition could pick up steam, with all of the new voters in the occupied territories susceptible to their right-wing populism. The United Progressive Coalition seeks endorsements from other democratic nations, and any country that does so will be on good terms with the Swedish government, as long as the UPC stays in power, that is...

The Scandinavian Question Receives International Scrutiny - 6/1/16

At the Iceland Conference, leaders from Turkey, Puertollano, and Saudi Arabia expressed their desire for the Scandinavian nations to hold referenda to decide whether they wish to join Sweden, their liberator. King Gustavus Adolphus announced that inhabitants of Scandinavia have all been made Swedish citizens temporarily as well as the government's intention to administer the referenda after Scandinavia has been completely stabilized by Sweden, which could take months.

Stabilizing Scandinavia! - 5/31/16

The Kingdom of Sweden has begun expanding throughout Scandinavia in order to stabilize the region, assure civil liberties, bring democracy, fend off communism, and introduce the Third Way to the area. Most of the acquired territory has come through diplomacy, sometimes underhanded; however, it has used military might to take down several key Communist strongholds in Scandinavia. All inhabitants of conquered areas are being made full citizens of the Kingdom of Sweden rather than colonial subjects. Prime Minister Arjun told the press at a news conference that he, King Gustavus Adolphus, and the rest of his government denounce communism, totalitarian principles, and bigotry.

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