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Department of the Seven Sins

I. Department of Lust
-Hell's Bells, Hell Radio
II. Department of Gluttony
-Department of Gluttony: Foreign Affairs
-Hell's Bar: The Iceberg Lounge
III. Department of Greed
-The Trials to join Hell
-The Department of Greed: Underworld
-Hell's Outpost: Underworld
IV. Department of Sloth
-RPG Department
V. Department of Wrath
-The Department of Wrath
VI. Department of Envy
-Annual NS events
-Zombie Army: Zombieland
VII. Department of Pride
-The Kingdom of Hell
-History of Hell

Department of Lust
Devoted to cultural production, including the monthly publication of Hell's regional newspaper Hell's Bells, Hell Radio, and spreading the lustful word of our lord.

Codex: Hell's Bells, Hell Radio

Demonic Editor-in-Chief: The Stalker
Twisted Advice Columnist: Freddland
Senior Authors: Buer the Demon (15), Theistic luciferia (10)
Authors: Laveyan inferno (3), Zen beatitudes (3), Ingskalla (2), Domination republic (2), Assanria (2)

Department of Gluttony
Ambassador network established to strengthen relations with other regions and build alliances. Additionally working to annex and colonize likeminded regions and communities into joining Hell, and expanding the Kingdom.

Codex: Department of Gluttony: Foreign Affairs

Department Head: The Stalker

Official Bar of Hell: The Iceberg Lounge

Owner: The Stalker AKA Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
Manager: OPEN

Department of Greed
Department of Immigration, devoted to growing the Kingdom of Hell through recruitment, oversees the Trials to join Hell, maintains Hell's outpost Underworld.

Codex: The Trials to join Hell

Department Head: The Stalker
Co-Heads: Big Jim P, Freddland, Cynical Alcoholics, Kyraina

Underworld: The fiery shores and entrance to Hell.

Codex: The Department of Greed: Underworld

President of Underworld: The Iron Helm
Overlord of Underworld: Daisy Johnson

Department of Sloth
Looking for a devoted member to establish a Hell Role-playing Game, and/or regional map.

Map: N/A
Codex: N/A

Department Head: Kyraina
Party members: The Stalker, Zen beatitudes, Laveyan inferno, Ingskalla

Department of Wrath
Hellion army, a subsidiary of The Kingdom of Hell, is an interregional provider of military protection and sin punishment.

Codex: The Department of Wrath, LinkHell Forum

Vice President of Wrath: Altmoras
Members of the Demonic Guard: All World Assembly nations in Hell providing the King endorsements.

Department of Envy
Handles the annual NS events / mini games including; the April Fools event, Nuke Day, and Z day.

Nuke Day: The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Codex: The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Z Day: Curing Zombies
Codex: Z Day Protocol

Zombieland: Z Day Zombie Army, Catch the Infection today!

Codex: Zombieland Z Day Protocol, Z Radio

Mayor Z: Mr Zombie AKA The Stalker

Department of Pride
Head department run by the four rulers of Hell, dedicated to leading the region and maintaining the established regional hierarchy.

Codex: The Kingdom of Hell, History of Hell

King of Hell: The Stalker
Lord of Hell: Big Jim P
Gatekeeper of Hell: Freddland
Magister of Hell: Cynical Alcoholics
Prince of Hell: Kyraina
Hell Elders: Boolaroo, Sathan, Sabana santa, War-salvaged soldiers, Mc johnny, Donkervader