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Goldenson's War on Maxtopia

On Sunday, October 23rd, 2016, Goldenson declared war on Maxtopia.

"After repeated Civil Rights abuses by the totalitarian government of Maxtopia, Goldenson has declared war on a nation for the first time. This is not something we take lightly." said King Luke Remington Davis. "We will work as efficiently and as mercilessly as possible to topple the evil totaliarian regime that controls Maxtopia and it's people. No quarter. Surrender or be annihilated."

National Happenings concerning Maxtopia:

"Following new legislation in Goldenson, the government is well known for declaring war on other countries for suspected slights."

"Following new legislation in Goldenson, rare art has become a significant factor in negotiating all foreign trade agreements."

"Following new legislation in Goldenson, the government raises tariffs on a weekly basis."