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(Devourer originally wrote up all the descriptions, if that means anything.)

  • An Omniversal Incident
    Significance: This was OGM2's very first regional RP. Although it experienced minimal success, it spawned hype for the region and the multiversal RP genre in general. The potential for its creation also united the vast majority of the current and former FFT+ community under one regional banner.
    Status: Closed

  • Entropy and Order
    Significance: E&O was An Omniversal Incident's successor, and was far more successful overall. The final posting sequence (unofficially dubbed the 'R0-0-8' or 'many scales' posts) irreversibly changed the course of OGM2's canon and inspired a new posting format with a wide variety of possible uses.
    Status: Closed

  • Of Gods and Diplomats
    Significance: Despite being even shorter than the region's first RP, OG&D served its purpose in the regional canon and was the first RP in which Kataphractos regularly participated. It also saw the only posts by the now-deceased Many Armed Ones to date.
    Status: Closed

  • The Nth Crusade
    Significance: TNC is the region's current RP, and thus its link can as of now be found in the world factbook as well. Its very concept is drastic in nature, and the RP has the potential to become as influential as E&O. Since it is the beginning of a second story arc, it has reinforced the idea that the region is here to stay.
    Status: Open

  • The Apeiro-Archive
    Significance: The Archive is a new thread based on the 'anthology threads' of the Frencoverse and the NSFT community. It is designed to be used as a storage area for pieces of writing that regional members feel are worth posting, but are not relevant to the current RP and would be better suited for a thread than a dispatch. An ideal example of this would be a one-off account of an historical event.
    Status: Open

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