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Map Rules and Notes

1. All full citizens of the Empire have the right to a piece of land in the map. Non-citizens cannot claim and occupy lands, until their citizenship is approved.
2. Having a spot in the map is mandatory for playing in the RP, for obvious strategic reasons.
3. Nations that ceased to exist, are inactive or left the region (unless they still play in the RP) will have their map lands removed.
4. Active and new nations will always have priority in map claims, if the lands in question are occupied by inactive citizens.
5. All territorial changes and invasions (that happen in the RP, with the consent of other players) should be reported to the Cortogipher, so they will be applied to the map.
6. Unclaimed lands that can be controlled by any willing player in case of wars and diplomacy with them.
7. A nation that already has a spot in the map cannot claim more 'free' land, unless permission is given from the Emperor or High Chancellor.
8. If a new citizen claims a spot that is already occupied (non-controlled Imperial territories will be counted as unoccupied) by another active player, a trial will be organized between the two nations.
9. Extremely large territories (or territories that cover more than one cultural/racial region) are not allowed, unless conquered in RP.
10. Distant territories owned by the same player are not allowed, unless conquered in RP.
11. Not having some (at least) small form of RPing will count as inactivity and lead to your land being removed.
12. Nations need to have an allignment in order to be placed in the map. The possible allignments are the Griffin Empire, the Treaty of Stirk, and neutrality. All decisions covering allignment should be reported to the Cortogipher.

RP NOTES (Not official at this Time)

1. If a piece of land has stripes in the color of a player, it means this player has partial control over this spot, or is occupying it (although it is not officialy theirs).