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Map of the Exarchal Republic [Draft]

Introducing Map Version 6: Now with 100% less Risk, 15% more Calcium, and if you order within the next 15 minutes, you can get a second one absolutely free!*
*must pay shipping and handling fee of: $3000 in five easy payments of $599.99. The Exarchal Republic or its affiliates are not responsible for dissatisfaction caused by this policy or failure to read it. To show you the power of FlexTape™, I sawed this boat in half!

How to be Added to the Map:
1. Apply to join the WA here
2. Wait until you are accepted into the WA. Remember that you can only have 1 WA nation at a time.
3. Post that you are a WA nation looking for land on our RMB
4. Wait until Prianthe can add you to the map or until the current RISK game is over
5. Enjoy