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★Roleplaying CISB Guide★ (RPG)

====CISB Roleplay Guide====
Last Updated: MARCH, 1, 2020
RPG Created on March,5, 2017

---------------SECTION 1 (Terms)--------------

Role Play - (RP)

Void - (When an action from an RPer is labeled "Void" are not valid and or ignored)

In Real Life - (IRL) Referring to elements that are in normal day to day life outside NationStates.

Out of Character - (OOC) Speaking OOC is when you break "character".

GM - God Modding - (GM) Is when an RPer present an unrealistic amount of high power in any given RP scenario.
Example: Having a 1 Billion strong army when the population is 4 Million. Or having a strong economy after 90% of the world nation's put an economic sanction on you.

OP - Over Powered - (OP)Similar to GM, OP is usually used to identify an unrealistic amount of power presented in a conflict event. Example: Nation A has a poor economy and military but launches 100,000 Bombers at nation B and claimed to win the war. But Nation B which has an airforce far superior to Nation A. Nation A's action would be voided and the conflict would be continued and monitored by RP Officers and other RPers like yourself to help prevent the GM and OP.

IRL and OOC sound similar, but however OOC are referring to only spectating and talking "Out of Character" during an RP scene.

IRL is also referring to conversations that involve a CISB Regional topic, such as World Assembly topics or regional voting polls.

KEY: Detail & Realistic

Detailed = Relating to a realistic and detailed Description of any News reports and Transportation/Movement of a foreign or local entity of any kind.

Realistic = Relating to any log or news report which is required to have a realistic number for any transported item which may include troops, supplies etc if there is one. It should also include a realistic amount of time to be transported. A nation's tech should be base on your NationState government census ranking. (More of this is explained in Section 2)

Any RPers that fail to apply ANY of the RP guidelines shall be voided or be asked to redo the log by the RP Officers, Administrators are not absent from these rules.

--------------SECTION 2----------

1.) Role Playing (RP) are only permitted to those who have at least one map territory on the CISB regional map. (With few exceptions)

2.) When speaking outside of characters (OOC) during RPs are advised to use parentheses (...) so that there would be little confusion during conversations.

Note: If a nation, for example Nation A says something that is OOC but you, Nation B would want to use what he/she said in the RP, you may request Nation A to incorporate it into the RP and only if Nation A agrees to it. It is optional if you Nation A would want to re-log the message in RP format.

This also applies to collaborated actions or events with two or more nations. The event/action must be agreed upon by all of the involving nations and should be broadcasted by one of the two or more involved RPing nations if the actions or event is agreed. ( The 2 or more parties must agree to the planned event. If not then the event or actions are null or voided.)

Example: Nation A (announces that there was a terror bombing caused in Simple City International Airport of Nation B). 25 Casualties were reported.

3.) Roleplay actions when starting and ending an action, you should use the power * or bold your actions.

GOOD Example: *She walks up to the stand to speak.* or He reaches for the ringing phone.
BAD Example: He sits down on his sofa.

How to bold? Check out the RP Tips at the bottom of the page.

5.)Do not cause unprovoked and unreasonable war without reason. If done those actions may be voided.

OT President: I president of Oro tekand declare war on Saian.
Saian President: Why?
OT President: .....
OOC: Saian Propose to Void Oro tekand's action on "I president of Oro tekand declare war on Saian."
Reason: Random Declaration of War. Anyone who is present and or involved in the time may vote on the RMB. The majority has the final vote.

6.) You may void your own actions/announcement.

7.) If you make an announcement and action, you are expected to respond to it when someone reacts to it.

God-modding is when a player "nation" has just planned an absurd amount of self-recognized power.

Example 1: Saian has 100 Million troops with a population of 300 Million and nukes, a lot of nukes and I managed them with my wealthy economy. I also have very advanced in technology.

That is an example of God-modding, here's another one.

Example 2: I send 500K tanks and 650K Troops and 50K Fighter Jets to invade "Nation B"
(Nations Background)
Population: 50 Million
Background: Economy Moderate, Defense Ranked 50/50 regions last.

That's OP.

NOTE: Just be realistic and reasonable. Don't worry if you broke any of these rules. We will happily point it out to you or you'll just fix it. It's no big deal. (Unless you make it one...)

9.) ANY transportation of any kind shall take a realistic and reasonable IRL estimate time for Object A to Location B.

Example: Saian will be sending 2 ZFB05 Light Wheeled Armored Vehicles on a Xian-Y 20 from Hong Kong, USSSRS to Daetonglyeongsi, PRX.

Estimated Arrival Time: 2 IRL Hours

You may transport more objects and etc at the same time, as long as the logs are realistic and very detailed.

------------SECTION 3-------------

1.) Please keep a mature attitude once you role play, if not your rp log will be voided.

2.)Be respectful to other role-players (You know what I mean)

3.) Keep IRL conflicts out of RPing.

Example: " Ugh I hate the recent polls, I wanted the Togo flag to be Pascala, not the NATO flag! I'll just unleash my frustration on whoever voted for the NATO flag in the RP Map."

Please reframe from doing that, if you wanted to state your opinion about poll elections or something that concerns you, then bring it up peacefully in the RMB (Regional Message Board). The administrators would happily listen to your opinions.

Example 2: " Ugh Saian is a socialist in the RP, I will go against him in every which way in the CISB (IRL). Hmmm I will vote against him on the World Assembly issue. haha! No liberation for the Puppy Kingdom!"

I may be a socialist nation in the RP world, it does not mean I am a real one and or believed that everyone should follow my system. Its Roleplaying, we role play what we want. And who is really losing here? Me or those puppies?

--------------SECTION 4 (Getting involved)-------------

1.) Once you received a territorial claim on the CISB map then you can just jump right into the RP scenario.

Note: If you do not have a map claim, then you may ONLY be allowed to make news report within your nation internal affairs and or reports ones own opinion about the current international situation such as Ex: "Global Warming Issue". One may NOT be allowed to participate in major international involvement such as sending international aid because you do not have a specific land of origin on the map. Therefore receiving a plot claim is HIGHLY recommended. Or else you are only permitted to announce national internal affairs and news of your OWN nation.[/b]

Note: "Map claims must comply with the TRA"
Here is the TRA Link: page=dispatch/id=785804#5

2.) RP logs should be Ralistic, Detailed, Reanonable (This is the R.D.R Rule)

GOOD Example: "The Socialist Republic of Vietnam sends 20 EMT and 15 Coastguards to aid the Singaporean Coastguards in the Singaporean typhoon crisis. They are due to arrive in 4 hours at Singapore City International dock."

BAD Example: " Saian sends 5,000 troops and declares war on Singapore, we thought it was a good time to strike while they are at the there weakest point." 24h later we took Singapore. The End " (This would also be a "Voided" action if deemed unrealistic.)

3.) It is recommended to get to know another country well enough until you make any major international decision.

Note: Most of the time, nations in the RP are fixed by their CISB Census report rankings. [/float]

------SECTION 5-------

1. A nation's military should be reasonable and realistic while still being consistent with one's own nation's census data, economy, and NationStateTracker's data.

=★=2. To help find a reasonable number. Your nation numbers should be influenced by the NationState Tracker (NST). How advanced and amount your tech and etc should be represented by your rank on the NatsionStates Census Ranking or the NST.

3. As of this RP Guidelines rule, edited (July 15, 2017), all nations must have technology that exists in 2017-2020 (IRL). Weaponry/projects that are currently being developed in 2017-2020 to early 2021 may be completed and possessed. (Only applies to Modern RP scenarios)

4. Every nation that has a military is expected to have a factbook regarding one's own total national military (NationState Tracker). Which should include a realistic amount of a military population of all but not limited too armed fields (Naval, Land, Air) and the specific types/details of the weaponry in which the military consists of. There is no need for this if you use NST.

=NOTE=: Any nation that has a somewhat questionable data will be asked to change their data. Any nation may request the Minister of Roleplay or any RP Officers to review any given data of all sorts to avoid any unnecessary possible future consultations.

Summary: A military Factbook should include the population of the nations armed forces and types of all weaponry, troops, etc, in very specific detail. Unless a nation uses the NST site, then the only thing that is required is the technical information of the military.


BAD Example: Land: 5 Tanks, 4 Jeeps, 10 Armored Vehicles

GOOD Example: 5 German Leopard 287, 4 Jankel's LPV, 10 German GMW Grizzly

Failure to present military data will lead to removal or void of one's nation's ability to possess or be involved in any RP military affairs until there is data provided and approved by an RP Officer or by the MoRP.

Nation States Census Ranking Colors
(Nations that are corporations and are not a nation could trade and be involved in international affairs, they can ONLY claim 1 map plot or be stationed in another nation without a plot claim with another nations approval.)
Light Green + Have modern 2017 military technology

Not Green or Red but greenish Have Early 2000s military technology

Anything not green and below (Red, Brown, Goldish brown, etc) have Cold War Era military technology

Numbers will be determined by the NationState Tracker. Which you can find here, you are responsible for describing what type your weapons are. It can also be found on the Regional Factbook.

Note: Remember to explore all the options tabs of the NS Tracker.

NOTE: RPers cannot attack an inactive nation. Why? It's pretty obvious.

NOTE: Remember, to win wars numbers are not always your best friend. A nation can be powerful in military numbers but you must keep in mind to add in your own citizens moral and your internal issues (Be imaginative and think to the very last detail) Nobody can escape from these internal issues such as protests, and as a true RPer you must master the arts of applying realistic amounts realism. If you've been in a lot of international conflicts or when to experience economic decline when your main trading partners enact a trade embargo or when your people conduct mass protests because your government decides to enact a controversial law. Most importantly to become a true RPer, you must know when it is realistic to win and when to lose in a war.

★ Spies
Spies are allowed. but Weapons of Mass Destruction are banned from any RP Scenario. That includes Nuclear Warheads, Chemical Weapons, and Biological weaponry that can causes death in a nation's population.

If you plan to implant a spy within another nation, you will need to comply with the following.

PART 1: Spies

1. You must announce them to your targeted nation.
2. You must state their intentions, specific details such as location, and their well being/active state.
3. You must state how many of your spies are residing in your targeted nations.
4. You must state their specific location. Such as capitals or cities that are known to their nations. If you do then what place in the city? City Hall? Military Base? (Note: Provide known names of areas in the nation or ask the targeted nation what places do they have within the area of the spies that are IC PUBLICALLY known such as City Hall, Police HQ, etc. A targeted nation does not have to give you any top secret or secret places in the spies' vicinity. more explanation in Section 2.)
5. You must state how long they have resided in the targeted nation (IRL Days).
6. You must state how they are receiving their resources for missions.
7. You must state how information gathered by the agents are transmitted back to your base of operation. (keep in mind, some nations may have strong security than others. Also, remember that you cannot receive any information that is considered "high level" if a nations defense force is superior to yours.)
(Each nation is different in every way, receiving information may vary from each nation)
8. For every mile away from your capital to the city/place of operations, it will cost 1,000 Dollars of your currency to maintain them.

PART 2: What the Targeted Nation has to do

1. Knowing where the spies are OCC does not give you the right to find them immediately IC.
2. If the nation is targeting you do NOT provide specific details of the spies locations you are allowed to find them at any place within your nation within 5 IRL hours regardless.
3. If the hostile nation followed all the required] procedures of letting you know of the spies presence [b]OCC then you must comply and give them the specific files that they would realistically find or ask for if it makes sense that they could find information in that particular location.

4. You do NOT have to give the spies full documentary, you can blur some of the keywords out on your log. But you'll have to give them something.

Here is an Example:

File: 034█
Date: N/A

The ██ will be activated when there is a possibility ████ to all or any ███ ██████. Under no circumstance should the ████ be activated unless █████ gives the appropriate order under ████████ ███████ by a ███-██ member. Once activated the ████ will be able to ████ ████ any ████ or ████████

-████████,█████ █████

(Information depends on how active, well equipped, the location, and the type of information the spies were looking for.)

How to get rid of spies in your nation?
Here are the options,

You can have a specifically anti-spying organization. You'll need to fund and maintain them, meaning you need to be realistic about the amounts of the staff population and pay. If you fund 1 Billion dollars then you'll need to edit your military budget on a number of troops that are affected.

You can ask for foreign aid from your allies to assist your search. You can only find a spy within 15-24 hours. It also depends on how active the spies are and how aggressively active your defenses are.

No one wants their secrets to be unfolded but if there is a spy in your nation you must comply with all of these rules.
It is realistic to find spies after a war or during high global tensions, during those time you'll need to specify what type of alert level you are in "high" or "low". If your status during the time is high, regardless of what type of rank you are in the census of Nation Tracker you will be able to find at least 2-3 spies within 6 IRL hours. If you're a powerful nation then 10 IRL hours. But you'll still have to provide censored information either way. Again those information depends on the location of the spies and intentions. That is up to you to decide what they found in the area. BE HONEST.

It is NOT realistic to immediately find a spy once a nation-state it OOC to you. You are to treat OCC information as if you do not know about them. If everything is at peace and you have to worry about was or any hostile nation, you may not find spies off the bat. If you are in a peaceful state, finding spies will take at least 4-5 IRL hours. You must have a reason of how you found them and the purpose of trying to find them. For instance, what gave you the motive to hunt spies if you are in a peaceful state? "Defense" is not a legitimate or specific response.

Finding Spies also determine how active they are from 1-3, 1 being inactive, 2 is active, 3 being very active.
1: You can't find them ever, they are inactive. Unless arrested by local police for any reason then you can find out but that is if the spy did some civil trouble such as breaking the law. They will broadcast 0 information back home.

2: They will be found within exactly 2 IRL hours if they do not turn back to level 1. They will receive moderate secretive censored information. Spies activated to level 2 may not turn to level 1 for a duration of 10 IRL hours. Before the strike of the 10th hour, spies have exactly 60s to switch back to level 1.

3: They will be found within 1 IRL hours. They will receive somewhat high censored information and they may not switch back to level 1 for a duration of 15 hours. They will have the 60s before the 15th IRL-hour mark to switch back to 1.

NOTE: In order for this to work for both sides, both RPers or more must comply. Even if you're the targeted nation. Both Rper or more must be willing to give up censored information and give up exposed spies if caught. Rpers in this type of situation will need to be very mature as this is serious In Character offense and may cause wars or immediate deterioration of foreign relations. If you are sending spies to foreign nations, be prepared to receive the IC consequences if caught. [/float]

---------------ROLEPLAYING TIPS--------------
[spoiler=Just some RP Tips for RP Newbies.]

-1.) Observe the RP situation.

★-2.)Announce anything national/international that is broadcasted by your country as a news network


Saian Broadcasting Network-(SBN)
Breaking News:[.New SPhone 7!...]

"Good evening this is Yen Nguyen from SBN HQ in Hong Kong, Today the new Sphone 7 came out..."

Example 2:

"An article in this morning's edition of Le Temps de Missisquoi reports that the leaders of..."

-3.) Please be aware that anything you may say/do in RPs, will probably have a drastic influence on other nation's decisions.

★-4.) The more specific detailed you log is (Such as news and reports of military pop/type), the better others will have an understanding of the situation and location.

-5.) To bold you add [ b ] to the beginning of the sentence and [ / b ] at the end.

Notice: (these [ b ] [ / b] ones have been spaced out)

If you have any other questions for more tips, feel free to ask your fellow RPers on the RMB. They will be happy to answer them.
RMB= Regional Message Board

This is only an example, you can use this as an example or you can use the format if you want. 
Here is my nation's news network.

Saian's Broadcasting Network-(SBN)-Live
Breaking News:[
...New Aphone 3!...]
*camera zooms onto Reporter Yen as she bows before reading the news*

Good evening everyone from Hong Kong and beyond. Today the new iPhone 3 came out.........This is reporter Yen Nguyen from SBN Hong Kong, we'll be right back after a few messages from our sponsors.

*The screens transitions to the SBN Logo as a Sai Car commercial fill the screen*
Broadcasted Location: Hong Kong, USSRS

(Then it goes on if it's not Live then you don't have to add any actions like how I did to Reporter Yen, but you'll have to state their name when they greet the audience.)[/font]

⚖✯--------------------★RP OFFICERS ★-------------------✯⚖

👮 Roleplaying Officers: These brave men 🚹 and women 🚺 stand guard to enforce the RP Guidelines with extreme measures when necessary.🛂 ✍They are also responsible for enforcing the R.D.R Rule. 🚓 Their brave weapon is the "Void". Any RP Officer may void any log that is deemed unrealistic if an RPer does not comply with an officer's request for them to redo a log. Officers are appointed by only the Secretary of RP and are held to the highest standards🌟. Residents that are citizens and have stayed in the CISB for at least 7-8 weeks can apply for the purpose of getting accustomed to the region.

The status shows when applications are accepting or not.
Application Status: CLOSED

Application Questions
Full sentences responses are required besides the first one.

1. Are you a full citizen of the CISB?

2. How long have you stayed in the CISB?

3. Why do you want to become an RP Officer

4. Why do you think that you are the best candidate?

5. How would you handle an uncooperative RPer?

6. What is the R.D.R Rule? Explain

7. Can RPers call you out or your colleague out on any logs that you or your colleague has voided? and why?

8. What happens when you receive a reviewing request from an RPer regarding one's own military data? What do you do? (Be Specific)

9. How active are you on NationState from 1-10? (Please be specific)

10. What determines an RP Nations military number?

11. What are the RP Terms? Explain to them in your own words (OP, OOC, GM, IRL, Void)

Current RP Officers: N/A
Former RP Officers: Samwych, and God Tere Norld
Current RPO Head: N/A
RP Officers serve lifelong positions unless they retire and or relieved of duty from the SRP or the RPO Head.
The RPO Head is appointed by the SRP.


If you believe that an RP Officer has wrongfully abused their power, please call them out on it on the RMB and hold a public vote (Such as on Strawpoll) on an RP Log which has been voided. Or Send a telegram to the Secretary of Role Play providing evidence and an explanation of the reason. Any administrator could unvoided an RP log if the majority of the RPer's are present at the time and is in favor of doing so. This does not require a vote.

If an RP Officer is acting immaturely or is not doing their job accordingly, please send a telegram to the Secretary of Role Play providing specific evidence. Such as screenshots of the log that an RP Officer posted. If you have any further questions regarding this section, please telegram the Secretary of Role Play for clarification.[/font][/center]


(PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS FACTBOOK MAY BE UPDATED MONTHLY OR SOMETIMES WEEKLY, SOME RULES WILL BE CHANGED OR ADDED. KEEP A LOOK OUT.) - If you need some clarification on any of these guides please feel free to send a telegram to the Secretary of Role Play, requesting clarification to any of these sections.
Laste Updated: 2/1/2020: Fix NS Tracker link, corrected grammar