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The Independent Manifesto

The Independent Manifesto

We, the undersigned governments; cognizant of our shared identity as Independent regions; committed to elaborating and clarifying the common elements that characterize Independence; and determined to promoted our shared ideals and objectives in the NationStates world; do hereby affirm:


I. An Independent region is characterized by its emphasis on a strong and vibrant internal community and a political system that encourages stability, participation and growth. Regional life and identity are driven primarily by the political and cultural elements of the region, and not by a focus on military activity for its own sake.

II. An Independent region rejects the Raider/Defender dichotomy and does not take a position in the middle of the spectrum. An Independent region instead identifies separate, more complex and nuanced, interests for their community, which do not fit in the Raider/Defender dichotomy, such as: maximizing regional activity and stability; increasing the regionís influence and impact in the interregional stage; developing strong ties with like-minded communities and regions; and protecting the sovereignty of friendly and aligned regions.

III. An Imperialist region is functionally also an Independent region in terms of possessing the characteristics outlined in this statement. However, Imperialist regions have additional characteristics that do not apply to all Independent regions, and Independent and Imperialist regions have had at periods separate historical traditions, despite sharing common origins.


IV. An Independent region adopts a pragmatic approach towards diplomacy. An Independent regionís diplomacy is not guided by dogmatism or intransigence. The ultimate objective of an Independent regionís diplomacy is to maximize utility for the region, as defined by the regional interests. Therefore, the fundamental principle of an Independent regionís foreign policy is the rational evaluation of decisions on an issue-by-issue basis, based on how they serve the regional interests.

V. An Independent region has a vested interest in pursuing an active and prolific foreign policy, staying at the forefront of the interregional diplomatic scene. An Independent region does not a priori or universally favor neutral or moderate positions, and does not shy away from engaging in interregional events.

VI. An Independent region is not averse to collaborating with Raider, Defender, or other regions that do not subscribe to the Independent ideology. Such collaboration can exist on the basis of shared mutually beneficial interests, and on the condition that the other parties will acknowledge and respect the Independent regionís freedom to act in any capacity its self-interests dictate, and will not try to impose their own ideology on the Independent region.


VII. An Independent military is an instrument of foreign policy, at the disposal of the government of the Independent region. An Independent region is not averse to using its Independent military, and does not recognize any external and universal moralistic elements as dictating the use of its Independent military. Rather, an Independent region employs its Independent military in order to effect the military objectives dictated by the regionís diplomatic interests, and in any way necessary to achieve these objectives. This includes offensive, defensive, reinforcement, or refounding operations.

VIII. An Independent military does not a priori and universally take a position against any type of military operations for external moralistic reasons, nor does it commit to conducting a single type of military operations for its own sake. Furthermore, an Independent military is not under any burden to try to balance the amount of operations of different kinds. Rather, decisions and guidelines on the types of military operations an Independent military may execute are adopted on the basis of regional interests and can be reevaluated on a case-specific basis.

IX. An Independent region has a vested interest in maintaining an active and versatile Independent military, capable of executing both offensive and defensive military operations. An Independent military endeavors to participate in military operations of all kinds that are appropriate for training purposes: missions representing realistic military conditions and which do not constitute hostilities against other gameplay regions.