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The Facts of the Mapperdonian World Volume I - Arilzspot [GEOGRAPHY]

This book will cover Mapperdonia from top to bottom. Not necessarily describing all nations.
Volume 1.Arilzspot & Mapperdonian Polynesia
Volume 2.Miracina
Volume 3.Rogue Island
Volume 4.Mapperdonian Artic
Arilzspot is a vast continent, filled with riches and nations of wealth, that rule over Mapperdonia through their age and power. This continent is home to the Triarchy of Mapperdonia, Ryukuza, Brabrantium and Roschndilatia. But for now we'll talk about the Geography of the continent.
The continent is divided by the Equatorial line, which cuts straight through Okinawa, in Ryukuza. It is classified as really tropical up to north Brabrantium and halfway through Rutban inland. Although the Rainforest is cut through by a thin, but tall Mountain range, which makes lands like Belfrug's and Tisilia's have mild temperatures, forests and beautiful plains. A noticeable landmark on Arilzspot would be the MOAP Lake, a vast lake that spans kilometers in width. It is surrounded by cold Taigas ; These identify the north of Arilzspot, which quickly cools off as the warm winds of the Mapperdonian Sea don't make it so much up north. The Southeast of the continent is identified easily by it's small and short Mountain Range, known as the Lil'Appalachians, which make a natural barrier for the warm winds of the north, making it really cold. In this area resides the Eeri Peninsula, where the lowest temperature in the continent was registered, being -43 Degrees Celsius. The well-protected rainforests of Arilzspot host about 50% of the total fauna worldwide, a stunning number.
The Mapperdonian Polynesia is not a continent, and is considered a part of Arilzspot, it is a chain of islands that hosts two sovereign nations. It's filled in with plenty of good quality fish and beautiful beaches and jungles, It's a top touristic destination, which nations like Ryukuza use for their tourism.