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The Facts of the Mapperdonian World Volume II - Miracina [GEOGRAPHY]

This book will cover Mapperdonia from top to bottom. Not necessarily describing all nations.
Volume 1.Arilzspot & Mapperdonian Polynesia
Volume 2.Miracina
Volume 3.Rogue Island
Volume 4.Mapperdonian Artic
Miracina is the 3rd largest continent in Mapperdonia. The continent can be divided into three areas, the Southeast, the Savannas, and the Deadlands. The Southeast, inhabited by Zadar B, is filled in with Rainforests and a lot of rain. The tropical climate is noticeable here. Going north the air starts to become dry, and the Savanna biome begins. It spans from the end of Zadar to the borderlines of Masorpia, this biome is filled in with wildlife, such as lions, deadly scorpions and elephants. The coastline is noticeable more rainy than inland, as inland there's a weird climactic phenomenon credited to the Mapperdonian World, where a plant known as the Climates sucks the air dry. This species of plant is trying to be stomped to a point where the Savanna climate is maintained, so the Rainforests don't destroy the wildlife. Then, Westwards, the climate turns desertic, in the Deadlands, this area of the continent is the warmest on the planet, hitting 60 degrees celcius in some ocasions. The desert is semisurrounded by a mountain range that is credited for the whole air vacuum, as the coast of this area is filled with Rainforests that get the most ammount of waterfall in the world. These storms are formed in the Vast Ocean. In this area, there's a weird Gulf known as the Trio Gulf, where storms tend to form water tornados. This is a huge touristic attraction in the area.
This finishes the volume for Geographic Miracina.