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State of the Region VII- A Region Divided

SOR VII: A Region Divided
We need to admit it already

Good morning and welcome to State of the Region, I'm Omega(United Federated States of Omega) and today I will talk about the divisions we still see in out politics. But first, in our Local Council Elections Feirmont and Pencil Sharpeners 2 have been elected to the LC. We will be looking to call the 3rd round any minute now.

Also in the news, we recently dissolved our treaty with Balder, a move that has led to fierce arguments on site between TSP Legislators and Balder Citizens. The arguments have to some proved why the treaty needed to be ended, with some stating that it is clear the communities are divided. Due to the classified nature of the discussions, we can not actually report on them here.

But our main story tonight has to do with a recent proposal put forward by Belschaft that would have us put what he calls the "fundamental ideals and principles" of  TSP. These include things like democracy and equality. However, there was one that received criticism, pluralism. Pluralism is a state where, in this case, more than one gameplay ideology can coexist. The language used in the original proposal would have prevented any government organizations in TSP from adopting an official ideology. However, people like Glen and Cormac have come out as opposed to this measure saying that if the majority wants an ideology we should have one. Belschaft has said that this will keep doors open for our military and will keep us diverse as a region. Ryccia even said that due to the fact that adopting an ideology would alienate a large chunk of the population, it would be a rather extremist action to carry out. Glen claims that this proposal would limit the ability of the SPSF to evolve organically because there would be some "line in the sand" that they could not legally cross.

But here's the big deal about this. Our region is still divided. We have people who wish to protect the status quo and those who wish to change it. We have rides, defenders, independents and non-aligned people here, all of whom see their own belief as correct and one we should encourage. We have people in parties who see them as good and we have people who are independents who see parties as an evil. We have people who have been here a long time and are making arguments we saw two years ago, and we have people who just got here and are still trying to understand what is happening. We have people willing to compromise and we have those who won't. But one thing you see when you travel abroad is that we don't have to be like this. We can find it in us to work together. We will have to compromise and we will have to work with people on the other side of the aisle.  We need to decide if we will try to bridge divisions. And if we decide we will we need to make a meaningful effort to do so or these divisions will break us.

For SPN I'm Omega wishing you a good day.

Note: SPN is not affiliated with the government of TSP in any way.