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Amendments to the Wimply Constitution

Amendment 1: In the great country of Wimply, the Federal Governments rule and law shall be absolute. The rule of the Federal Government shall supersede any and all State/Provincial laws as necessary and relevant. However, the Federal Government views Provincial rule as incredibly important. With this in mind, the Federal Government shall not put undue stress on local Governments, and will seek to interfere as little as possible. The goal is that each Province or State is self governing, with the National Role to offer support and assistance.

Amendment 1(A): In the absence of a Federal Law or Ordnance, States and Provinces shall be expected to Govern on their own. In the event that an issue requires the Federal Government to take a stance;
- Where there is no Federal Law
- Nor does the Government seek to make one (with the effort to not interfere with State/Provincial rights)
the Federal Government shall offer an official Guidance. This Guidance will be the Federal Governments opinion/goal on resolving the issue; but the State or Provinces responsibility to interpret and implement their own laws locally.

Amendment 2: With regards to personal freedoms; to include, but not limited to: Freedom of Speech, Religion, Expression, Press, Peacefully Assemble, Petition, and Redress Grievances... The government shall endeavor to allow the greatest amount of freedom for each citizen. This however does not superseded the law of the land. This is to say that citizens will be given any and all freedoms that do not interfere with governing laws, and laws shall encroach upon this freedoms as little as possible.

Amendment 3: With regards to military service in Wimply- All citizens of Wimply (regardless of sex, background, etc.) will enter mandatory military service at the age of 18 or completing their secondary education, whichever comes second. Citizens over the age of 16, who have completed their secondary education, may voluntarily enter the mandatory military service early, if they so chose. This mandatory military service is one year in length, consisting of Boot Camp, General Defense, Gun Safety, Government Education, and other topics. This will constitute a small portion of with Wimply military, which will still hold a majority of its force in the form of a voluntary military that all citizens may join. No political agenda will be put forth in the curriculum for these youths. The goal of this is to give all Wimplians a through understanding of how the Nation and it's government operates, to foster discipline, and encourage the growth and stability of the Nation.

Amendment 11: To be eligible to run for Grand Public Office in the country of Wimply, a candidate must be a Citizen in good standing, who has been a citizen and resident of the Republic of Wimply for at least 35 years continuously. This is to include natural born citizens and non-born citizens both.

The Republic of Wimply