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Bax-Landian Galactic Cluster Species (Incomplete)

Milkyway Galaxy

Humans - Founders of the Empire and most complex species.
Stats in the empire
average Height: 1.83 Meters
average Mass: 90.72 Kilograms
Delegation Status: Active(founders)

Covenant (Extinct)- more formidable than the Khett, the Covenant was a challenging opponent with greater tech than the Khett and the empire, as the Covenant beat the empire to Andromeda leaving the entire Milky Way as they were in a losing war.
Origin: Milky Way

Rachni - a powerful, yet tribal species that is constantly throwing nukes at each other in a constant war, if it was not stopped by the Empire. The constant nuclear war devastated the planet into a desert. The Species was at first admired by the empire for its brute strength and preparedness for war. The Empire eventually settled things out within the species mostly by sending children away from warring tribes and moving peaceful tribes off the homeworld to a nearby viable planet. Over time the species has gained Delegation membership with one member from each tribe being a delegate. Birth children and patches of a few eggs at a time( normally 3-6) and requires a male to fertilize the eggs before they are out of the women(so it requires intercourse)
Origin: Milkyway
Average Height: 2.14 Meters
Average Mass: 200 Kilograms
Delegation Status: Active

kolag gar: A bipedalism reptilian species, observed that the mating patterns are very similar to the Rachni, its been determined that they evolved from the same species. As language barriers were recently cracked thanks to the help of the Rachni and other species, they received delegation status. Unlike the Rachni they are a relatively peaceful species with not much history of any wars in their records with only a few having been recorded. They only have one delegate due to species-wide peace. However, they elected 16 consuls to the delegate in which they hold a small vote between all 17 of them to represent the species.
Origin: Milkyway
Average Height: 1.83 meters
Average Mass: 22.68 Kilograms
Delegation Status: Active

Ahmkara - a creature with an exoskeleton and an interior skeleton. Possibly due to the planet's radiation as it is found that the exoskeleton is great at blocking/absorbing radiation. The Exoskeleton is also rumored to hold the spirit of that Ahmkara or holding the worst fear of those who wear there exoskeleton as armor, and for that reason armor made form the Aharmkara is banned throughout the Empire and is punishable by 25 to life in prison to death. Mating patterns are the same as many of the birds that are known on Earth
Origin: Milkyway
Population: estimated at 3 billion on homeworld(there have been some move to classified planets to ensure survival from poachers)
Average Height: Unkown
Average Wingspan: 15 meters
Average Mass: 255 Kilograms
Delegation Status: Protected species

Andromeda Galaxy

Khett(Extinct) - a formidable opponent, but as easily defeated with the destruction of their homeworld(notes: possible hive mind species)
Origin: Andromeda

Angar - A species that were battling the Khett long before the Empire arrival, by the time the empire arrived. Relations at first were complicated, but The Angar were the first species from Andromeda to have a delegate serve on the BLS Delegation. Relations furthered when the empire found a cure for what is called Khettification by the empire but recognized as a cleansing by the Khett. Similar breeding/mating patterns to humans where it requires a male and a female to reproduce with the female carrying the unborn child
Origin: Andromeda
average Height: 1.93 Meters
average Mass: 120.66 Kilograms
Delegation Status: Active

Brilliant Packrat: It's with its feet and tail is covered in scales and the main body consisting of a vibrant green fur, more resembling of feathers, is squashed under hard Brown Scales. It bears 4-inch long Canines to chew through their prey, and claws that resemble an eagle's but are nulled down to stubs by the end of there life as they do not grow after adolescence. They are best known for the bright orange light that emits from the end of their Tail that is used to attract prey and with no eyes being visible it is presumed that they use echolocation to find and eat their prey. Although typically not in a pack, they will come together to hunt larger prey with the most dominant male deciding how the bounty is split. The eggs are comparative to that of a frog's and with the newborns being amphibious until they are about the size of a full grown coachroach although it has been documented that some stay amphibious longer than that.
Origin: Andromeda
Average Length: 1 meter(with Tail)
Average Mass: 2 Kilograms
Delegation status: Permitted to be hunted

Ianvian Galaxy