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The Region That Has No Big Banks
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Current Cartographer: Terrasitrus
Contact me for a spot on the map, if you want a nation with it's own new landmass tell me I'll send the file so you can show me what the basic size and shape is and I'll clean it up.

No intercontinental empires, new nations that are just starting out in the region may have smaller lands (If the map gets a bit tight) nation cannot be separated by a large space without any connections(without any proper reason for it)

After we work out what space you'll inhabit it may take a day or two depending on my life at that moment, I'm a peepo too! Though most likely I'll just be here at my computer alone...Also can put your capitol if you want me to

Contact info:
if you message me on Discord then I'll be 10x's quicker at adding you Fam

Dedicated Map Work time
Okie Fam Fam I'll most likely not be able to get nations done on week days so most likely any map edits will be done on Weekends