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[center][img][/img][/center][background-block=#29435A][hr][center][size=200][font=century gothic][url=/page=dispatch/id=913590][b][color=white]Welcome![/color][/b][/url] [color=bea000]★[/color] [url=/page=dispatch/id=913600][color=white]Laws & Government[/color][/url] [color=bea000]★[/color] [url=/page=dispatch/id=925466][color=white]Embassy Requirements[/color][/url] [color=bea000]★[/color] [url=/page=dispatch/id=828821][color=white]The Force Flyer[/color][/url] [color=bea000]★[/color] [url=/page=dispatch/id=822692][color=white]Roleplay & Map[/color][/url] [color=bea000]★[/color] [url=/page=dispatch/id=1024176][color=white]Territories[/color][/url][/font][/size][/center][hr][/background-block]
[box][font=century gothic][size=200]First off, welcome. Thank you for joining; we're happy to have you here! As a newcomer, you're probably interested in knowing what there is to do here and how this region works.

We have an elected government (an up to date list can be found in the Government tab), who oversees Force and its territories.

We have a Discord Server full of people where you can talk to fellow nations any time, day or night; ongoing Roleplay among nations where you can open up diplomatic relations, declare war, trade, and get on our map (among other things); the opportunity to run in elections which occur every few months; a military always ready to defend Force and its allies or go on a mission to conquer; the opportunity to participate in government which is open to anyone through the civil service; and special events where there will be games, contests, and more.[/size][/font][/box]
[background-block=#29435A][hr][center][size=200][font=century gothic][color=white]Important Links[/color][/font][/size][/center][hr][/background-block]
[box][font=century gothic][size=200][url=,31]Constitution[/url]
[url=]Discord Server[/url]
[url=]Army Discord Server[/url]
[url=]Roleplay Discord Server[/url]
[url=]Register on our Forums[/url]
[url=,67.html#new]Join the Civil Service[/url]
[url=]Get a Spot on the Map[/url]
[url=,63.0.html]Apply to join our Official Roleplay Community[/url][/size][/font][/box]

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