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Odinburgh Work Program


Visa and Green Card Approved Work Places

Life Tree World Bank

Thunderbolt Studios

Odinburgh Comic-Con International

Inhuman Solutions

International Parcel Express

Viking Roaster Company

Yggdrasil Tropic Spa & Beach Resort

Go Ryders Network Transportation Company

Blue Streak Fuel---Commercial Aviation Fuel Service & Provider

Eclipse Interactive Studios

Black Raven Book Publishing Company

Ericson Voting Machines

Odinburgh Trading Center Exchange
Marketplace where nations can buy resources and goods that come from Odinburgh and from other nations.

Odinburgh Trading Center Exchange

Odinburgh History TV Network

Yggdrasil International Protection Services

Odinburgh University

Great Odin Islands Airport- Jordkir, Odinburgh

Odinburgh International Airport- Thorheim, Odinburgh

Commercial Banking

First Federation Bank Balderton National Association
Import-Export Commerce Bank
Thorheim Bank and Trust Company
War Industries Trust Company International
Bank of Achzoria
Odin's Cross Health Group
Trust Bank of Hoderham

Savings Institutions

Transgalactic Trade Finance
Prime Property of Vidarapal
Odinburgh Federation Savings & Loan Association

Credit Unions

Odinburgh Credit Union
Odinburgh Mint Federation Credit

Credit Card Issuing

Planetstate Bank Altaris
Odinburgh University Small Business Development Center
GalacticWide Pharmaceuticals Inc

Real Estate Credit

Mortgage & Nonmortgage Loan Brokers
Raven Mortgage Corporation

Jungle Odin's Animal Store

Need animals for your zoo? Buy a animal today!
Please check regularly for new available animals!

Animal Store Administration

-CEO/Owner: Odinburgh

Employees (Salary 15.00 per hour)

Company Policy: We only deliver animals if you have a zoo.

Looking for suppliers in food, animals, cages, habitat homes, etc.

Komodo Dragon
A top recommendation for a good animal at your zoo!


Komodo Dragons NS $400,000

Toucans NS $6,500

Spider Monkeys $6,000

Orangutans $65,000

Chimpanzees NS $60,000

Ring tailed-Lemurs $5,000

Giraffes NS $45,000

Elephants NS $150,000

Sumatran Tigers (baby) NS $1,000

Penguins NS $20,000

Anacondas NS $30,000

Andean Bears NS $120,000

Brown Bears NS $80,000

Polar Bears NS $400,000

Caribbean Flamingos NS $25,000

Giant Pandas NS $1.3 million

Emus NS $4,300

Galapagos Tortoises NS $15,000

Hippopotamuses NS $4,100

Koala Bears NS $4 million

Rhinoceros NS $1 million

Warthogs NS $50,000

Gorillas NS $200,000

Zebras NS $150,00

Poison Frogs NS $70

Fiji Iguanas NS $55

Leopard Sharks NS $893

Cheetahs (baby) NS $25,000

Lions (baby) NS $15,000

King Cobras NS $500

Meerkats NS $1,600

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