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The Novus Lucidum Space Cooperative Agency

The Novus Lucidum Space Cooperative Agency

Founding Region: Novus Lucidum
Type: Space Agency
Region Members: Novus Lucidum
Director General: Odinburgh

The Novus Lucidum Space Cooperative Agency is the official space agency of the Novus Lucidum region. The Novus Lucidum Space Cooperative Agency is a inter-regional organisation focused on the exploration of space and the future. Through contribution of nations to the agency coming together through funding, equipment, and resources to seek to ease international tensions. To explore to find new life and civilizations that is the mission that drives us to strive to understand our place in the universe.

The technology that is used is post modern tech aka somewhat closer to what is in the real world by a decade or two but not quite yet to technology you might see in Star Trek or Star Wars at least not yet though. Future tech nations/regions may be allowed to participate and assist The Novus Lucidum Space Cooperative Agency since its not quite advanced as the average FT nation and any lesser advanced nations or regions such that are of MT level may do so through our affiliate program.

The NLSCA International Space Station

The NLSCA Planet Observation Center headquarters are officially open for research. Leaders from the Radiant and other allied regions are invited to visit the complex. Citizens and tourists are allowed to visit, but only on the first and second floor.

The NLSCA Planet Observation Center headquarters

NLSCA main complex building

Communication Sattelite GSAT-08 Info
For: Union of Democrats
Sattelite type:Communication Satellite
Spacification:Internet Technology
Weight:1 ton
To be placed at:73 West
Contract Estimation:$0.8 million

NLSCA Administration

NLSCA Headquarters
Propulsion System Testing and Research Center
Space Research And Technology Center
Planet Observation Center
Space Operations Center (Mission Control)
Space Tracking Network (connected to Mission Control)
Space Astronomy Center
Spaceport and Training Center (primary spaceport and training center for the NLSCA)
Colonization Center
International Space Station

Membership Form

National Space Program Agencies and Private Companies whether its regional or individual nation based may apply to become a space agency member of the NLSCA. Please fill out the form if interested. Other regions may apply to become a regional space program affiliate

How to send membership form: Below dotted line copy, paste, fill out and return to Odinburgh.


Name of Nation:

For ( please check that apply to you):

[ ]Inter-region Region Affiliate (for regions) [ ]Space Agency Member (Must be Novus Lucidum Member)

[ ]Private Company (either inter-regional or individual nation(s) )

Space Agency, Private Company or Inter-regional Affiliate Name:

Tech level: [ ]MT [ ]PMT [ ]FT

Space Program Agency Members

Odinburgh Intergalactic Space Administration, Administrator Monika Hackenholt (Odinburgh)
Hadoniacesher Astronomy University (Hadoniacesher)
Shreminovian Space Program, Nahum Shcherbakov (Shreminov)
Scientific University of Shreminov, Nahum Shcherbakov (Shreminov)
Cybran Space Administration, Director Visari Brackman (Cybran States)
Interstellar Command, Admiral Matthias Wrenner (New Nationale Einheit)
Zhukovian Space Agency, Lennart Ehrenstein (Zhukovian)
RCSA (Rajput Communication and Space Agency) Republic of Rajputana

Private Companies

None Listed

Inter-Regional Affiliate Members

RCSA (Rajput Communication and Space Agency) Republic of Rajputana, Union of Democrats
All space tech and comm. handled by our mini-space and comm agency.