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History of Region and Union of Istra

The ancient history of the entire Region is little known, but the scientists agree that there were pre-existing cultures living on the current continents. Most of those cultures had no contact with one another due to being divided by the seas, but the scientists have determined that there are some similarities between cultures that were sharing the continent, or were very close to one another. For example, the Southern Continent has three known cultures that share a lot of similarities: Saisclotian, Tanclotian, and Beclotian. The Western and Eastern continent have two similar cultures that, even though divided by the Narrow Strait, still share similarities: West-Dorolytic and East-Dorolytic. It is believed that these two cultures once formed a great Empire, a first multicontinental Empire in the history of our Region.

The known, pre-flood, history of the Region is a mix of war, struggles, inequalities, and is commonly referred to as "The Age of the Dark".

After the "Great Flood of the World", all of the preexisting nations are destroyed, the old governments are in chaos and new countries form.

On May 22nd 2025., three years after the Great Flood, the population of Istra holds a unification referendum with the turnout of 86%. The referendum was considered as only a formality to comply the international laws and World Assembly. After presenting the results of 93% for, 5% against and 2% invalid votes, continents of Istra and nearby islands declared a new country called the Republic of Istra, thus officially dropping any dependence to and with post-flood weakened governments of previous nations on the lands.
The new Istran society is a melting pot, mostly mixed of various nationalities. But, since Istra maintained an open-border policy and gave citizenships to everyone who wanted to live in the State, there are many other nationalities becoming much more visible on the territory.

On December 3rd 2031., nine years after the Great Flood, Istrans held another referendum in order to federalize the country. This referendum was also considered as only a formality since the majority of citizens were already protesting a strong centralized government for a few years. With 78% of votes for federalization, the country of Istra was divided among three countries that were already acting as defacto states only without proper official government. Three new constituting federal states held their elections and formed new governments under the Federal Republic of Istra

Transistria acquired the northern part of Istrian island along with four large islands in the northern part of the Sea.
Azazria acquired the south-west part of Istrian island along with dozens of smaller islands in the vicinity.
Ragusium acquired the eastern part of Istrian island along with two large island and dozens of small ones.

On August 1st 2035., thirteen years after the Great Flood, after the extreme-left party AAF (Azazrians Against Federation) wins the absolute majority of seats in the Azazrian senate, the state of Azazria declares independence as well as the transformation of their political system to uni-party, autocratic socialism. As there was no referendum being held, Transistria and Ragusium objected and tried to solve the secession crisis by international pressure and World Assembly.

On January 1st 2036., Federal Republic of Istra ceases to exist as states of Transistria and Ragusium reach an agreement of dissolution of Istran Federation and both countries declare independence, thus acknowledging the independence of Azazria after 5 months of bad relations and occasional threats of war from each side.

On October 9th 2042., Transistria grants full independence to Hanseata, the previously autonomous region occupying two islands in the very north-west.

On February 2nd 2044., all four countries that seceded from the Federation proclaim a loose union of countries called "Region of Istra". The idea of "Region" was first pitched by Azazria as a monetary and trade union, but after the Azazrian Summit, the Region of Istra was formed as a union that doesn't involve in the political and military system of member countries.

On November 15th 2052., the nation of Methan proclaims independence from Azazria. The nation of Azazria accepted the independence, but there were territorial disputes that plagued the bilateral relations and regarding the smaller part of Methanís territory.

On March 1st 2055., the small nations of Endeia and Cres enter the Union.

On May 3rd 2056., the seven nations voted in favor of the bill that started the formation of an official Union capital, called Istra capital district.
The capital is used as a legislative and executive government, as well as a foreign relations ministry. It has no voting power in the Union.

On November 11th 2056., the nation of Clovir enters the Union and claims the southern land on the main island.

On November 15th 2056., the nation of Rargana enters the Union and claims the large portion of land in the central part of the main island with a coastline on the south-east.

On January 1st 2057., the nation of Xerton enters the Union, claims the western part of the southern island as well as the small island just near the coast of Cres.

On February 13th 2057., the nation of The griffin kingdom joined the Union, claims the eastern part of the southern island, setting a land border with the nation of Xerton.

On March 2nd 2057., the nation of Unyelda joined the union, but being mainly a nomadic nation, it hasn't claimed any territory in the region. The region awaits further information from Unyeldan leader.

On March 15th 2057., the alliances of IDEAL (Istra Democratic Economic Administrative League) and TCC (The Comunist Compact) are formed.

On April 25th 2059., the nations of Cantucks, Rustafel, Caziilia, Zyabellum and Erayland are accepted to the Union.

On September 15th 2060., Cres decides to depart from the Union.

On January 1st 2062., the various unlisted nations are ejected from the Union and will not be spoken of again.

On March 13th 2064., the nation of Rargana deliberately crashes the communication satellites, causing the comms to be briefly in the dark.

On March 15th 2064., the nation of Rargana is kicked out and banned from the Region of Istra.

On March 17th 2064., the nation of Xerton officially announces the dissolution of The Communist Compact alliance.

On March 25th 2064., the nations of Bohari, Otorinian and Agricoa joined the Region.

On March 29th 2064., the nationalist, right-winged alliance RIGHT is formed.

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