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Frieden-und Freudenlandian businessman claims he may have found evidence of Santa's existence

The Frieden-und Freudenlandian business magnate and billionaire Chris Krumble, who has recently travelled to Greenland for a "change of air" following his doctor's advice, claims to have found evidence of Santa's existence. "I saw the incontestable proof with these very eyes!" he exclaimed, even as he pointed to his eyes. "You know I am too smart to be fooled, and I would not lie to you to attract attention. Look at me, do you think I need any publicity?" he solemnly declared at a press conference.

According to his official statement, Mr. Krumble found the "evidence" in a snow cave (pictured below) located in an uninhabited area in Greenland, about 200 miles northwest of Tasiilaq.

The "evidence," handed over in transparent plastic bags to a team of scientists for inspection includes some shiny pink dust that Mr. Krumble claims to be "pixie dust" - which is supposedly sprinkled over gifts by Santa and his elves to make the gifts more appealing to the recipients, an elf's hat, reindeer poop, and colorful ribbons, allegedly used for wrapping gifts.

After the press conference was concluded, Mr. Krumble immediately left the room, leaving the questions of the journalists unanswered. His wife Anita Krumble, whom he have reached by phone, declined to comment. A spokesperson for Good Spot Real Estate (the flagship company of Mr. Krumble's conglomerate) told Friedenspost that Mr. Krumble had lately been afflicted with a mental health issue and requested that the press be mindful of its social responsibilities in reporting about this event. "We sincerely hope that Frieden-und Freudenlandian media sources will not use Mr. Krumble's statements at the press conference to defame him or his company which he has worked hard to build. [...]Otherwise nothing less than a lawsuit will follow to set the record right." stated the spokesperson.