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Supporting Characters, Locations, and Organizations

Alldale, Ebenezer Jack: A right tubby fellow and lifelong Tubbian since confirmation at birth, Ebenezer J. Alldale is a reporter for the Treadwellia City News. He is known for an ongoing gossip column focused on the exploits of the Tubbius family at large. The Alldales are a family line that has been extremely close to the Tubbius family for centuries; His Immensity's biography mentions having known a Jack Alldale many years ago. Jack Alldale was a town crier in the village where Tubbius was once mayor, and he was also one of the earliest of the Tubbian faithful. According to His Corpulence, Ebenezer has certainly inherited his ancestor's physique and penchant for reporting.

The Bellies: A group of six elderly, fat men who serve as guards for the Tubbius royal family, they range from 375 pounds (the lightest of their number, Reginald) up to a heftier 430 pounds (their heaviest, the twins Mortimer and Madigan). They are easily recognized by their grapelike appearance, as all of their attire (whether suits or robes or bathing suits or anything else) is a brilliant, royal purple. Mortimer and Madigan play the roles of Bess and Jess on the children's program Pinky the Portly Piggy, the best friends of Mrs. Pinky Piggy Porker, while the third fattest of the Bellies, Wilson (at 427 pounds) plays Horace Horsey, best friend of Pinky Piggy Porker himself.

Big and Tubby: Chief clothier for Tubbius the Rotund and Benevolent. The largest men's wear clothing chain in Treadwellia. Given the scarcity of skinny people in the kingdom, the usual issue of "big and tall" clothing stores being hard to find is reversed. Big and Tubby stores are present in every single major shopping center.

Biggenbottom, Alvin, M.D.: A gray-haired, very portly man who is the personal physician for a royal family that is kept in perfect health by the Tubbius Magic, Dr. Biggenbottom finds great humor in how his charges have reached truly exorbitant sizes yet show no ill effects, particularly for Mrs. Tubbius, who maintains the ability to conceive, carry, and birth children apparently on demand due to the Tubbius Magic. His job is, therefore, an easy one, as he has no other clients. He is paid very well by the royal family for his services. His wife, Martha, is equally round and aged. Despite this fact, the two approached Tubbius and Mrs. Tubbius in September, 2017, requesting a Tubbian fertility blessing. They received more than they bargained for; a healthy boy and girl, Tubbius and Tubbia Biggenbottom, will be born safely to their mother June 25, 2018. As of April 4, 2018, Dr. Biggenbottom has been personally blessed by Tubbius, being given an infusion of the Tubbius Magic, resulting in his feeling The Hunger and taking on priestly vows under Tubbius Himself. That same afternoon, Alvin and Martha, as well as their unborn babies, were further invested with the Magic and The Hunger, making them, officially, part of the Tubbius family (with the right, if they wish, to go by Biggenbottom-Tubbius or just Tubbius for their last names). Both the doctor and beloved wife, who are now legally brother and sister to Tubbius and to His older brother Langley, are ballooning out quite nicely even beyond their naturally sizable girths.

Biggenbottom, Martha: Wife to Dr. Alvin Biggenbottom, Martha is a fat, older woman possessed of plentiful pudginess, gray hair, and a desperate urge to be a mother. After many failed attempts with Dr. Biggenbottom, a planned meeting with Tubbius saw the fertility blessing and subsequent pregnancy she long desired. See Biggenbottom, Alvin, M.D. for more details.

Blake, Bob: See Brother Bulbous.

Brother Bulbous: Formerly slim and desperate Bob Blake of Treadwellia City, Brother Bulbous' life was changed when Tubbius caught him red-handed trying to kidnap Baby Tubbius from the royal nursery in December 2017. He was then blessed with The Hunger by a small infusion of the Tubbius Magic and sent to join the Monastery of His Mountainous Majesty in Treadwellia City, near the palace. Within the first year of his service, the once lean Bob Blake will find himself becoming a very devoted Tubbian monk, packing on the pounds to reach a forty-four inch waist (with some trace, occasional growth beyond that) and growing out a fluffy brown beard in emulation of His Immensity's great white one.

The Church of Tubbius: The proper name of Tubbianism, the state religion that deifies Tubbius, Mrs. Tubbius, and Their children.

The Fluffies: A Tub-Pop band in Treadwellia known for their light, 1980s-influenced, easy listening style. Radio hits include their songs "(I Found) Love at Tubbabies" and "Tubbian Tempo (Slow and Easy)".

Gangsta Fat: The most popular Tub-Hop artist in Treadwellia, Gangsta Fat is best known for his hit singles "Big Butt Cheeks" and "My TubBra's Too Tight," both of which sing about the ever-enlarging Tubbius the Rotund and His Immensity's challenges in dealing with the basic restrictions of clothing.

The Hermey Family: Middle-aged couple, Herbert and Helen Hermey, visited the Tubbabies in Piggy Cliff to buy the seven-months-pregnant Helen a new dress on June 18, 2018. A photo opportunity with a jumpy Tubbius led to Herbert's being doused in Tubbius Magic. This causes the already pudgy Herbert to begin gaining weight rapidly. By Christmas, the family moves to Piggy Cliff permanently, and a much plumper Herbert Hermey takes up Tubbian vows to become Brother Hefty Hermey.

Jellybelly, Myron: Manager of Piggy Cliff Mall, loyal Tubbian, and the mall Santa before Tubbius came along to work there.

Lazarus Luigi's Ristorante: A small Italian food restaurant in Piggy Cliff that the Tubbius family members have taken to frequenting as of late May, 2018. However, their booths are far too small for the great girths of Tubbius and Mrs. Tubbius.

Makowski, Mega Mike: Blond-haired, muscle-bound owner of Mike's Muscles who until December 15, 2017 was completely ignorant of the identities of Tubbius and the Bellies. He accosted His Immensity, mistaking Him for a random, extremely overweight citizen who needed to be able to cross His ankles and touch His toes. Tubbius solved the situation with a resounding slap and a temporary, month long investment of the Hunger of Tubbius. Until January 15, 2018, Mega Mike's metabolism nearly bottoms out, and the excessive hunger leads him to eat almost constantly, putting on a great amount of weight in so short a time. After the month is over, Mega Mike will be back to his old, lean, muscled self in short order, but he will have a new appreciation of all things Tubbian.

MaTubbity: A line of fashionable men's wear by Tubbabies, patterned after maternity dresses, blouses, skirts, and trousers, created in June 2018 after an advertisement for Tubbabies showed the entire royal family wearing the store's maternity wear as a joke. His Immensity and all other men in Treadwellia have welcomed the comfy, light, airy, and colorful clothes quickly and completely, leading to frightened scrambling by Big and Tubby executives to create matching, corresponding fashions for men and to open the doors for Treadwellia's women.

Mike's Muscles: A gym in Treadwellia City at 215 Tub Street, Mike's Muscles is owned by one Mega Mike Makowski where some of the merely moderately round of Treadwellia work out. After the events of December 15, 2017, Mike's Muscles received a hefty influx of royal funds as a reminder that Mega Mike ought to appreciate the portly in Treadwellia.

The Monastery of His Mountainous Majesty: The primary seat of the Church of Tubbius solely due to its proximity to the palace (merely two doors distant), this particular location is a favorite of newcomers to the faith who want to be as close to His Holy Belly as possible. Known especially for its aggressive "Food Therapy," which is a high intensity program of excessive eating, minimal or no exercising, and regimented napping to ensure rapid weight gain in new Tubbians. Formerly in Treadwellia City, by July 1, 2018, it has relocated to Piggy Cliff.

Piggy Cliff: A small town in eastern Treadwellia, Piggy Cliff was once, several centuries past, a home to one of the early Church of Tubbius locations, founded by Tubbius and Mrs. Tubbius when They went around uniting and founding Treadwellia. Their early missionary efforts led to a local baby boom among the citizens as They emphasized Their roles as fertility god and goddess along with Their usual focus on gluttony and obesity. After the Two Tubbies left, the Church site and much of the community suffered severe damage in an earthquake. The Church and faith were mostly abandoned for centuries until the return of Langley Tubbius on March 23, 2018 to reinstate the faith and welcome all of Piggy Cliff into the fold again, leading to an unexpected surge in the Tubbius Magic for Tubbius and Mrs. Tubbius. As of March 28, the remains of the destroyed Church site have been found as part of an archeological dig, uncovering statuary tied to the early fertility worship. A second, modern baby boom in Piggy Cliff is in progress, the result of the people of Piggy Cliff taking commands to grow in size and number quite seriously. As of June 23, 2018, Piggy Cliff has been named the new capital city.

Pinky: Pet sow of Tubbius and the most basic inspiration for Pinky the Portly Piggy, she has won numerous prizes in the local fair for everything from fattest pig to greatest litter. Unlike Doggy Tubbius, however, she has not been blessed with the Tubbius Magic, so she, her mate Hoggum, and their litters (which are donated to pet shops and piggeries) do not share in the fluffy puppy's immortality. The latest Pinky is the most recent in a long line of Pinkies. There have been multiple Pinkies over the years, with each mother being replaced with one of her newest daughters whenever the mother passes. That daughter, of course, then receives the most fattening food and most desirable mate available for the rest of her days.

Pinky the Portly Piggy: The top-rated children's program in Treadwellia, this stars Tubbius as the titular porker living it up on his farm. Mrs. Tubbius co-stars as Mrs. Pinky Piggy Porker, with the three heaviest of the Bellies joining the royals in supporting roles on the series.

The Round and the Voluminous: One of Treadwellia's most-watched soap operas that is uniquely Treadwellian, this series emphasizes the lives of the well-to-do crowd surrounding the show's lead character: the young, fat, rich, and single Beauregard "Ellery" O'Leary, III. As of mid-January 2018, Tubbius is cast in a supporting role as "Beauregard" Ellery O'Leary, the wealthy family grandfather who owns an international doughnut store chain, and Mrs. Tubbius is Beauregard's beloved wife Lavinia "Vinnie" Elizabeth O'Leary, newly pregnant in her advanced age. This pregnancy proves a source of contention between the grandparents and grandson, as prior to the child's conception, Ellery was set to inherit everything when the eldest O'Learies passed.

Swollen Middle: One particularly distant town in Treadwellia to which Langley Tubbius has traveled for missionary work.

Treadwellia City Hospital: Home to Dr. Alvin Biggenbottom's practice and site of any necessary medical visits for the Tubbius family.

Treadwellia City Mega Mall: The local mega mall, as the name shows, just a short trip from the backup palace in Treadwellia City. This particular Tubbabies and Big and Tubby are both frequented by the Tubbius family.

Treadwellia City News: The chief news source in Treadwellia City, place of employment for reporter and gossip columnist Ebenezer Jack Alldale.

Tubbabies: Treadwellia's largest maternity wear chain, the store has also (on creation of the TubBra) expanded its wares into men's and women's undergarments, especially given the social acceptance of the TubBra by both men and women once it was acknowledged as having been prescribed to Tubbius as a way to deal with back pain. Tubbius and Mrs. Tubbius are frequent customers, and Mrs. Tubbius is the chief celebrity spokesperson for the company.

Tubbex: A stretchy cloth alternative to Spandex in Treadwellia, Tubbex is notably more flexible and is one of the top clothing fabrics in the kingdom.

TubBook: A social media website unique to Treadwellia, it focuses especially on blogs, images, and videos about the exploits of the royal family.

Tubbi: The newest design of yellow cabs in Treadwellia, specially built for the soft, cushiony masses who populate the kingdom.

TubBra: The trademarked name for a popular line of male and female brassieres in Treadwellia, created almost immediately after Tubbius was prescribed wearing a bra to help alleviate back pain from His having a bosom far too ample.

TubBraces: A form of suspenders that clip gently to the straps of the TubBra and to an interior button on one's trousers. It's for those days when a Treadwellian man might need the comfort of securely snug pants but might want a supporting garment that's less visible than ordinary suspenders.

Tub-Hop: A subgenre of hip-hop music in Treadwellia focused on the Royal Rotundities, Their family members, and Their places in Treadwellian society. One particular noteworthy artist is the portly Gangsta Fat, popular artist behind "Big Butt Cheeks" and "My TubBra's Too Tight."

Tub-Pop: A uniquely Treadwellian genre of music that combines elements of pop/rock and the rare dubstep song. Like Tub-Hop, "T-Pop" focuses strictly on the Treadwellian royal family in all its daily pursuits and concerns. Perhaps the largest and best-known Tub-Pop artist is a band known as The Fluffies, who write light, airy, 1980s-style pop music.

Tummy, Professor Stanley: Orphaned as a young child, Stanley Tummy devoted his life to the studies of genetics and genealogy in hopes of learning about his own heritage. On May 30, 2018, the elderly, paraplegic professor challenged the Royal Rotundities from his wheelchair on national television, demanding They come forward and prove by DNA testing his theory that Tubbius and Mrs. Tubbius were in fact the distant ancestors of all Treadwellians. Tubbius and Mrs. Tubbius agreed, and testing did indeed find that the Fat Father and Mountainous Mother were indeed such, with some Treadwellians being the descendants from four children from two of Tubbius's first three marriages and the rest being born of the six mortal children that the Two Tubbies delivered before They took on the Tubbius Magic and guaranteed unaging immortality for Themselves and Their children from then on. As a birthday present on June 1, 2018, Professor Tummy sent the Two Tubbies, in appreciation for Their support in proving his theory, two lavishly plush and comfortable motorized wheelchairs with clip-on dining trays molded with curved undersides to better accommodate the curvature of the Great Girths and to help the Royal Rotundities lead even more leisurely lives.

YouTubb: A social media website unique to Treadwellia, YouTubb is strictly available for Treadwellian citizens. Membership requirements include active belief and good standing in The Church of Tubbius, as well as age requirements that vary based on the sort of media one wishes to see.