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ISTRAZINE - News Magazine of Istra

ISTRAZINE: The most irrelevant news you've ever seen!


Olympic games are a great way to boost competitive spirit in a friendly way!

In an effort to cease rising tensions between enemy nations in the Istra region, Agricoa is proud to announce it will be holding the first ever Istra Olympics! The Istra Olympics, more notably known as the “Istolympics” will be held in Agricoa’s capital Apeles on May 1st 2064. Each and every 21 nations of the region are welcome to compete. Each nation will compete using their stats. Stats will be chosen at random, and whoever wins will get a gold medal. Whoever gets the most gold medals will be able to choose a piece of unclaimed land anywhere in the region! If you want to participate, please notify the government of Agricoa through Telegram of Discord. Best of luck to all who compete!


Things seem to be even more ideal in IDEAL.

The Nations of IDEAL have decided to change the hierarchy in the league. With Transistria stepping down as leader of the league, a new nation had to step up. The nations voted to elect the nation of Clovir as the new president of the league and Cantucks was voted in as vice president. On top of this, the league has created a security council. The council has two permanent members while the third member is rotated on a monthly basis. The permanent members are Clovir and Cantucks and the first at large member was selected as Transistria. The league has left an option for more members on the security council as the league grows.


We are closely following the nation of Cantucks in their naval expeditions.

The navies of The Allied States of Cantucks have been on exploration missions to find suitable lands to expand its territory. During explorations, the teams have discovered 5 new islands off the north eastern coast of Linoki. Noticing its potential, The nation immediately submitted paperwork with the Regional Capital to claim those islands as their own. “The proximity to our nation on top of the start of a population spike makes these islands perfect for our nation.” Rutgdor Comilo explains. “These islands are mostly uninhabited and we intend on allowing the current natives to live in the same places they have been in without interference.” While the nation is hopeful its request will be approved by the capital, it is being cautious with any plans for the islands.


There is a wind of change, and Xerton is the one blowing it!

The Dragon Empire of Xerton is beginning to build memorials to the nation of Rargana. Under the motto “Remember our brother”, people begin to shout: ''Glory to Rargana'' and ''TCC will live forever in our hearts''. The government has announced that there will be a memorial in every province of the empire. Also, former high politicians of Rargana are getting new jobs in The Dragon Empire.
“That's what the people want. Remember a communist nation that helped us a lot. Not to mention that most of the people in the empire hate IDEAL.” - said Jenny Marta, a high ranking politician in Xerton.
But with that said, there are some good news coming from Xerton for IDEAL and Cantucks. After the governmental vote, it was decided that the empire doesn't claim the Cantucks-owned island of Linoki anymore. But in conclusion after giving the entire speech, the spokesperson of Xertonian government said: We don’t claim it anymore, although it was said many, many times and by lots of people during the voting that Linoki will forever be considered an island of historical importance to The Empire of Dragons.
With this claim being dropped, the South-East has finally gotten much more stable.


It seems like things are very ideal, but only for the IDEAL.

The good news in the region were so very rare lately, but thankfully there's IDEAL and their constant brainstorming about every single little detail. After the completion of the GigaBullet maglev line connecting the capital Bürgstadt to city of Ritom in Azazria, many wanted to see the Ritom (Azazria) - Poistever (Transistria) connection as well. Having this connection would technically connect Hanseata, Transistria and Azazria with the most modern and efficient way of transport and travel. With GigaBullet being much safer and cheaper than air transport, it is the most popular way of travel as well. The plan to connect the three nations is easily achievable and the connection has already been agreed upon between Transistria and Azazria, but now it seems there are others who want the piece of this cake as well. Nation of Endeia has deemed the underwater connection profitable for a long time now, even if means spending billions to connect to an existing infrastructure in a far overseas land like Azazria. But now Ragusium wants to be a part of the GigaBullet network, and is even better news for Endeia because it shortens the connection and the price for a rough third of the projected price. But with Endeia being so near, the large nation of Agricoa noticed a great opportunity to connect the mostly isolated area of the Southern Continent to the more densely populated Eastern and Western Continents. With that connection approved, the bordering IDEAL nation of Clovir has concluded that it's time to be a part of this great project, especially since they could continentally connect to Agricoa, for a cost that looks like a few pennies when compared to the prices of building underwater. This amazing project will make the IDEAL Alliance even stronger.
But as with every plan ever, there seem to be a few nations in the region who claim the entire project is problematic. Most of the complaints say that the nations of IDEAL are creating this to guard their incomes and get even richer, without a care in the world for how it affects the non-alligned nations of Istra.


There really is nothing permanent except for change.

With regional communists in tears, there seem to be even more reasons for them, but everyone else as well to be worried. After Rargana, the self-proclaimed fatherland of TCC went on a kamikaze mission and damaged our communication satellites for a while, both Rargana and his beloved TCC became obsolete and vanished from the region. IDEAL member nations have celebrated with fireworks and chants. "Ding Dong, the witch is dead" was chanted all over IDEAL nations in a celebration of what is perceived as a victory against the communism.
But what nobody knew was that three members of Istra were already able to proclaim the creation of "RIGHT". And as the name itself says, these nations are (extremely) right oriented. And this is how Methan, Ahklaq and Otorinian stole the show as the new regional alliance. It seems like the IDEAL has rushed a bit with their celebratory dance.


The chains of claims in Cantucks are too heavy to carry, especially when expanding own territory.

This week The Shield, one of the bodies of the tricameral congress in Cantucks, voted 28-2 in favor of using its vast navy to start to explore other lands for colonization. “As our population rises, our islands have started to become over crowded.” Rutgdor Comilo, leader of the shield, stated at a press conference following the historic vote. “We need to start searching for new lands to increase our borders now before over population strips our islands of all of its natural resources.”
Sources within the national government have declined to state which lands it is looking toward but they do point to the powerful navy at its disposal. With the 5 years mandatory military service, the navy of the nation is quite advanced and powerful. Some sources have stated that the new lands would be used to welcome the LGBT refugees fleeing the lands of the quickly declining TCC.
While this vote was made this week, the government is quick to point out that no actions will be taken yet. It reminds its citizens that any additional lands must also be approved by the entire region before it is granted to the islands.
Also this week, The Shield, voted unanimously to no longer recognize the claims placed on its lands by its neighbor The Dragon Empire of Xerton. “Too long we have lived with this claim over our lands!” Rutgdor explains, “We are an independent nation and as such we no longer recognize the territorial claim placed by Xerton!”
The claim from Xerton was first called into question at the regional summit. While IDEAL has supported Cantucks demands for Xerton to give up its claim, the nation has not yet commented on the matter. The entire region will be watching the nations in the south-east closely over the next few days and weeks to see if this situation evolves any further.


The nation of Rargana, once respectable nation and one of the Regional Staff went rogue.

Region of Istra has been faced with yet another shock after the discovery of Rargana's act. Many members briefly lost contact as the Discord Channel ended up deleted by Rargana, its original creator and administrator. All of this was done without a word said or bullet shot, and that is why the entire Region was pretty puzzled by what happened. The investigation about the case has been concluded and as a result, Rargana's future in the Region and the Union is being Linkvoted as we speak - and it looks bad for Rargana. It is also important to take notice of the fact that Rargana was also the founding member and president of TCC, an alliance that will most likely soon end up without its founder and president. All of this will, without a doubt, leave TCC in chaos. Some political analysts claim that the nation of Xerton has been ready to take over for a long time now and continue the already paved path of the Alliance. On the other hand, many analysts say that this is an inevitable end of TCC as it will most probably cease to exist, thus leaving IDEAL as the only functioning alliance and defacto the political engine of Istra. Does that signalize the final fall of communism in Istra, or is it maybe a sign of some possible wars in the Region?
As it is, everyone is replaceable, and so is Rargana. The Linknew Discord Channel is already active, and our Region is looking for potential candidates to replace Rargana as our Executive Ambassador.
Word on the streets is that anyone can apply to Istra capital district, especially if the application includes a program for the Regional future as well.


With everyone wondering what happened, we're here with an exclusive!

Many of the previous member states received their eviction notice today, and while some of them were very surprised - most of them were very indifferent. This exactly is the reason for today's purge in Istra. We've talked to a high ranking governmental officer from Azazria and he gave us an exclusive about what stands behind this great shock. "Azazria was disappointed, alliances were disappointed, independent members were disappointed. The only ones that seemed satisfied were the states that never gave any input on the Regional business. Istra is a Region, but we must never forget that Istra is a Union. The word union is the most important here. How can we be a union if 50% of the members never speak out, let alone give any useful input? Istra was on a wrong path and we were all concerned. We could have let the entire Region and Union become quiet, inactive and, in the very end, totally obsolete. Instead, we've decided to fix the leaking boat by applying patches and throwing all the unnecessary weight over the board. Is it radical? Yes! Is it necessary? Yes! And both Rargana from TCC as well as Transistria from IDEAL agreed about it. When two alliances with nothing in common agree about something - that means that it's real, necessary and unavoidable." - said the government official and asked us politely not to ask any more questions about the matter, at least for now.
With the purge being such a large scale event, many remaining nations wonder if they're next. We have talked to our administrative center, Istra capital district, about this. They claim that the event was supposed to be a one-of-a-kind thing, but that new rules are being implemented that will help the states to maintain their position in the Region: "Activity at our regional board, activity at our Discord channel and activity in Factbooks; these are the magical three solutions to any problem that concerns our member states. We will not force anyone into doing all three of them, but even one activity is enough to show proactivity and interest for our Region. If someone doesn't like it, then maybe it's time to leave on their own behalf.".
The ISTRAZINE crew discussed the new rules and the events that occurred. We've all agreed that change was necessary and that it's good that something happened - but we wondered: Wasn't it a bit too harsh on some?


The Summit wasn't that bad for Cantucks, as they managed to show that even a small nation can be influential.

The Allied States of Cantucks burst onto the regional stage in a big way today during the summit. In response to TCC’s persecutions of LGBT citizens, the three houses of congress voted to open its borders to refugees seeking protection from TCC. Zelandia Apitech, head of The Tower, spoke out saying “this is an opportunity to show TCC and all of Istra that Cantucks accepts all people and will become a beacon for civil liberties and freedoms.” Rutgdor Comilo, head of The Shield, talked about the beginning stages. “We are a small nation, so we must control how many people enter. We will be working closely with Transistria and the other members of IDEAL to make this process as smooth as possible.”
In other news from Cantucks, the ambassador to the regional summit, Flovana Bowlirt, delivered Cantucks hard stance against Xerton. “With the departure of Cres and the potential start to territorial expansion by Xerton, Cantucks demands that they relinquish all claims to any parts of our territory. We are a sovereign and independent nation, we will not stand by and allow another country to claim our lands. We denounce and reject any current and future claims to any of the islands of our nation. This will include any neighboring islands if they wish to join us.” We have reached out to Xerton for comments but have not received a response yet. We will follow this situation very closely.


Instead of solving issues, the Summit has raised even more issues in the Region.

After a big Regional Summit turned out to be just another day on the calendar with more or less only 5 nations present, the Region was puzzled by the serious question: Do our Regional states even care about what happens next? But, until that becomes more clear, let's talk about the issues that were addressed at the Summit. The nations have discussed trash and pollution, and an agreement was reached to construct a Regional Center for Recycling at one of the northernmost islands. An issue between Cantucks and Xerton was also discussed and the solution of allowing Xerton to claim the territory of ex-nation Cres was reached, but only under the terms that claims on the territory of Cantucks get dropped. The new map was finally picked and publically announced. It might seem like a lot, but the problem of the low number of participants and constant distractions were more than obvious. The representatives of TCC and IDEAL aren't very happy as well. The Headquarters of both alliances weren't available for any other comments than: "We're not satisfied and we're looking for a solution for our future.". With both alliances unhappy, we can only say that the future is uncertain - but maybe not in a very good way for some.


Is the new map really the only reason behind Cres leaving the region?

With the Regional Summit nearing, the final decision about the new map has been made by the transparent voting system, and only the nation of Cres has been against it. But is this one vote against really the reason of them deciding to leave the Region for good? We have asked the political experts from both TCC and IDEAL to comment on recent events of Cres’ departure.
“The government of Cres has really felt angry about the territorial claims that Xerton has on their island and without a strong ally to lean on, the fear amongst the citizens has allegedly brought the autocratic government down to its knees. IDEAL has approached Cres a few times, promising them to keep their territorial issues under control if they bring free elections to the land in return. The discussion was short and non productive.”- Said mr. Regibald Dower from IDEAL.
We have asked TCC to make a statement about the situation as well and did not have to wait long for the answer: ”This entire situation is an attempt to pin the blame on us. Sure, Xerton is our member and they are ranked high in the TCC, but our organization has always been completely dedicated to peacekeeping in our great Region. We are respectful of the Regional Laws and Policies that are enforcing a pacifist approach to all of the issues, one of them being territorial claims as well. We’ve had our intel about the government of Cres being unable to control their citizens for quite some time, and instead of fixing their internal problems and disloyalty, they’ve obviously decided to throw false promises like moving to a new region to settle the claim as a populist attempt to make a diversion from their real problems.” - said the TCC informant who wanted to stay anonymous.
While the entire region got shocked by the sudden departure of Cres, many are wondering what’s going to happen with the territory in the future? The Summit is in a few days and it looks like there will be a territorial claim to settle.


Istra is soon about to hold its first Regional Summit, so what can one expect?

It's Summit time in Istra, and many are wondering if the Summit will answer all of the burning and important questions in the Region. Many have objected the current state of mapping in the Region, so this will surely be addressed. Furthermore, the issue of LGBT persecutions in communist states will also be an important topic, most probably coming down to exchange of opinions between IDEAL and TCC as the issue has so far been solved or at least "patched up" in a way that leaves most satisfied.
You still don't know what IDEAL and TCC are? Well, the Summit will answer all your questions. So far the two declared themselves as parties, blocs, alliances,... So the exact terminology of this should probably be clear by the end of the Summit. It is also an ideal place to meet the both and maybe decide to join or stay neutral. There also might be some newcomers to the stage of political parties / blocs / alliances / insert_name_here / ... . So, the Summit is definitely something you don't really want to miss out on.
You must ask yourself, when is this Summit and how can I participate? Well, to participate - you must be a member nation of Istra Region. Now when that's out of the way, let's get the facts straight:
Where? - At the LinkRegional Discord!
Date? - Tuesday, December 19th, 2017!
Time? - 21:00 (9pm) GMT / 22:00 (10pm) CET / 13:00 (1pm) PST / 16:00 (4pm) EST
(if your time zone isn't listed here, please use the LinkTime Zone Calculator.


TCC asks the LGBT population to leave, IDEAL opens the borders to the refugees.

The LGBT population of TCC has been under terrible persecution in most of the TCC states, but after long discussions and efforts from both sides, the happy end has been achieved. Well, sort of. We can say it is the happiest end for the LGBT people of TCC states currently available in order to avoid imprisonment or death.
The efforts of IDEAL to change the opinion of most of TCC has been largely unsuccessful when it comes to decriminalizing of homosexuality. Although some members of TCC have no problems with homosexuality and have it legalized, the organization as a whole isn't that fond of that in the bigger picture. A deal has been made between the states of Rargana (leader of TCC) and Transistria (leader of IDEAL) that allows all of the LGBT people wanting to leave TCC states to come forward and apply for refugee status in their homelands and finally get transported to one of the two border checkpoints (Transistria-Rargana border and Istra capital district-Rargana border).
This, however, has raised some eyebrows among IDEAL members, particularly Clovir warning Transistria that most of their economies can't handle the increase of welfare. After a short discussion, Transistria has agreed to take all of the refugees, at least until some of the IDEAL members expresses the possibility or will to take a percentage of refugees.


Southern Islands in our Region have always had their differences, are they becoming a time ticking bomb?

The islanders have been mostly well known for two things: their amazing scenery and their incredible hostilities towards neighboring countries. Generalizations aside, this part of the region proves to be a tricky one with Xerton announcing claims on territories belonging to their neighbors. In their factbook, they claim the northern parts of The griffin kingdom, the entire island of Cantucks and 90% of the island where Cres is located. But as if that wasn't enough, the TCC member nation of Caziilia seems to be going through some sort of a revolution. The amount of information that we were able to gather so far hasn't been plentiful, but it seems like the nation has had enough of the totalitarian regime and demands democracy. TCC is fully mobilized, watching closely what is going to happen in Caziilia in order to both help the current regime but also to defend their own if the violence starts to get too close to the borders.

Istra capital district