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SPN Fake News Edition I

Fake News Edition: Taoiseach for Delegate
He Want's To Tango

After being told I was spreading fake news when I was not and was told to "go away" I decided I would go away. And write this article. Delegate "candidate" Taoiseach (Ifreann fuilteacha) (Indepednent) has stated that he wants to see this region brought back to the average people who should run this region. As a noted TSP-NEXT (TSP-NEXT) sympathizer we can only assume he wants to overthrow this regions coalition and ban us all. Should he be elected we can expect him to quickly use the raider logic of "the delegate is in charge so you can't stop me" and then cozy up next to regions like Osiris, the UDoL and Balder, all of which have elements that believe delegates, not governments are in charge. 

This is why SPN is happy to endorse Taoiseach for delegate for a simple reason: chaos leads to good ratings. It is our editorial boards' opinion that Taoiseach is the future for this network and his delegacy, full of insanity will be perfect for our own ratings.

Let's talk some more about why we believe his delegacy will be chaotic: we expect the banjection of members of the CRS and government. We expect TSP-NEXT to become the only state-sanctioned party in TSP. We expect the Charter which he has claimed to have "read" to be overlooked and ignored. We expect that our laws, which he doesn't understand are passed, to be ignored and for the courts to run wild. We expect TSP-NEXT will get to run the courts, as a central committee that will accuse you of a crime if you simply disagree with them. All of these reasons are we want to see Taoiseach as the next delegate because just think of the ratings. It will be beautiful. So this election day vote Taoiseach noted independent but clear TSP-NEXT operative.