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The Legislature of the Elemental Galaxy

Article 1 - Position of Power, Position of Duty

The regional Founder of the Elemental Galaxy, hereafter referred to as EG, shall hold unhindered and unlimited legislative and executive power and may distribute power to persons.

The WA Delegate of EG shall be elected by means of direct democracy via the endorsement system. For each resolution of the General Assembly and/or Security Council the WA Delegate shall hold a poll with "For" and "Against" options to determine what the majority will of the Residents of EG is concerning the WA resolution. The poll shall last one day yet shall not be posted within one day of the resolution's vote closing.

Article 2 - Bills and Voting

Residents of EG who wish to submit bills to the Legislature of EG shall post the bill in it's entirety on the Regional Message Board starting the post with "Bill: "

The Bill shall only be put up for vote/poll by the WA Delegate after receiving five Likes if the population of EG is below 50. If the population of EG is at or above 50, the bill shall require the amount of Likes equal to 1% of the population of EG. If the percentage results in a non-whole number, the Resident shall round down to the nearest whole number if the non-whole number's after-decimal value is .5 or lower. If the non-whole number's after decimal value is greater than .5, round up to the nearest whole number.

The vote/poll for a bill shall immediately begin after it has reached the required Likes target. The poll shall last 5 days. If the majority of the Residents of EG approve the bill, the text of the bill shall be entered into Article 3. If the majority disapprove, no Resident may submit a similar bill within 15 days.

Article 3 - Laws

The following format shall be followed when posting poll decisions in Article 3: "On [DATE OF POLL CLOSING using this format: Day, Month ##st/th, YYYY], the Residents of EG voted into law the following bill: [Bill Text].

Source: [Source for poll link]"

On Sunday, January 14th, 2018, the Founder of EG decreed into law the following legislation: Non-WA member residents shall not be able to vote on WA-related polls held here.