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GBS NewsHour - Edging Closer to a 33% Tax Rate

Gabe Hasohn for the GBS NewsHour,

In this edition of Politics Today, we dive into the threshing floor of the Goldenson flat tax rate and its recent quick rise, we now turn over to our Chief Political Correspondent, Lesah Dezchadahn.

Thank you Gabe,

Concerns among many citizens in Goldenson have been directed toward the quick rise of the tax rate to 30% and above, not going lower it seems.

A petition was signed by 10,000 Goldensonians and the National Voting Service was triggered to release a vote according to its terms. It stipulated that the King go before a public audience and answer as many questions as possible for 1 hour. The vote reached a 76% yes vote and the King obliged. Here are some of the questions:

Q: Will you raise the tax ceiling?
A: Never. Even in times of crisis, we'll find a way, thrive, and be effective against the crisis.

Q: Why has the tax risen so quickly?
A: There were some laws and procedures I had tabled until now. I've made my decisions and the tax has changed accordingly. It's just recognizable because it was a lot of needed change and tax burden.

Q: Will the mission to stay under a 33% tax rate stifle proper government function.
A: Alright, listen, I messed up in my first years. I supported way too much businesses subsidization and as a result, when I axed a lot of government departments, sure, I cut the tax rate from the 40s to the 7s but I also tanked the economy because businesses lost their support. I changed my policy and now want the government to do what it is supposed to do: govern. I don't need to prop up businesses and artificially create competition. Let's just let the free market reign free while having strong and strict consumer protection, health, and safety regulations in place with a strong and quick enforcement wing.

Q: Will it stay near or above 30% consistently? It's getting a little difficult.
A: Under perfect circumstances, I would have set the ceiling to 17% but that's just impossible due to the fact of my tax-heavy legislation from before. It's changing though and we're seeing a shift from last here. I see that the 40s from last year will be the 30s of this year and hopefully, by next year we can see 20s. So the baseline pattern of the highs and low of our taxes have lowered dramatically. I really hope the usual big cut is coming soon. I really want to get the old energy subsidies out of the way. I tell ya, I still support renewable energy to the nth degree, but I should have been directly funding research, not subsidizing businesses to hopefully innovate.

Lesah Dezchadahn reporting live from Legislature Square. Back to you Gabe.

Thank you Lesah. In our coming segments: Reports of tacos laced with caffeine, the story of a heroic family fighting drugs in their city, and regulation concerning home-run businesses. Coming up next on GBS NewsHour.

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