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Prime Ministers of Westphalia to Date Coutesy of (New) Rahambia

Prime Ministers of Westphalia up to 2018

1) Vendoora-- 02/20/17 > 04/20
2) Rahambia-- 04/20/17 > 08/28
3) Vlandia1-- 08/28/17 > 09/10
4) Tetros-- 09/10/17 > 09/11
5) Prosperios-- 09/11/17 > 09/25
6) Wenceslas-- 09/25/17 > 11/28
7) Free city of rigia-- 11/05/17 > 11/28
8) Richard b uttlantis-- 11/28/17 > 01/19/18
9) Tetros-- 01/27/18 > NA

Chancellors of Westphalia to Date
10) Xiulens-- 04/20/18> PRESENT

DPM;Free city of rigia

Vendoora was the first Prime Minister of Westphalia. Entering office following the Impeachment of the Liamese Empire, Vendoora faced several raider threats during his term and was forced to close the borders for the duration of his time in office. He also established the region's first democratic cabinet, saw the reestablishment of the region's roleplay and revived the Parliament. His entrance into office marked a new chapter in Westphalian History. He served one term.
DPM;Ravkania, Free city of rigia, Vlandia1

Rahambia was the second Prime Minister of Westphalia. Entering office following a vote of 10 - 8 against RidalphLand, he reopened the borders and saw an early influx of new comers, rising the region's population from 89 to 145. He worked with several nations to revamp the Roleplay and saw two reelections into office, serving a total of three terms. Upon entrance into his third Term, Rahambia was plagued with several controversial issues and situations, resulting in a government vote of no confidence. He served 2 full terms and half of his 3rd term.

Vlandia1 was the third Prime Minister of Westphalia, entering office following the resignation of Rahambia. He begun the regions expansion of embassies and was a key figure in the restructuring of the region's politics. He served interim for 13 days while the next elections begun.

Tetros was the fourth Prime Minister of Westphalia, entering office with a 7 - 8 vote against Ravkania. He was in office for the shortest amount of time, serving for less then a day. Upon entrance into office, Tetros was plagued with the Circumspice movements and the retaliation of his DPM, Rahambia. These series of events led to the break down of the Westphalian government, Roleplay, and society, forcing Tetros to resign and seek asylum in Circumspice.

Prosperios was the fifth Prime Minister of Westphalia and was the third in less then ten days. He inherited a crumbling region, which lost the majority of its active members (303 - 210 citizens), its roleplay, and its founder. No real activity was evident in this time period due to the fact that the remaining government had gone innactive. He served interim for 11 days before departing the region for Circumspice.

Wenceslas was the sixth Prime Minister of Westphalia. Entering office unknowingly on the 25th of September, Wenceslas spent the majority of his term offline, most likely not knowing the position he was in. With the position of Prime Minister diminishing and the founder going inactive, many people looked to the future for hope during this time period. Many past Westphalians returned and began to discuss plans for rebuilding the region. He served interim for 41 days before being dismissed.
7)Free city of rigia

Rigia entered office after a region wide agreement to elect him as interim PM, following the founders CTE. By this point, the regionís population had sunk to a mere 94 nations but had begun to rise again by the end of his term. He, along with several others, secured peace as the citizens prepared for Westphalia's first democratic polling since the September elections. Many deemed this the start of Westphalia's reconstruction and others, the ascension of the region's next regime. He served interim for 23 days until the next PM was elected.
8)Richard b uttlantis
DPM; Free city of rigia

Richard B Uttlantis was the eighth Prime Minister of Westphalia, being elected after winning the election against Britannia1 with a vote of 6-3. He gave plans for the future of the region, and was expected to lead Westphalia differently compared to his predecessors. Many had hoped that he would build the foundation for a structured, friendly region for new and old nations alike. He was also the first PM of Westphalia to not be a member of the WA at election, with his many accounts stretched across several different regions. He is the founder of Agora and holds a government role in The Bar on the corner of every region and many other places. He served one term and achieved his goals, but declined to run for a second term.
*This is the point where Rahambia stops recording and Rigia picks up*

Tetros is the ninth Prime Minister of Westphalia, winning the election unopposed. But on the eve of his inaguration, one of the largest coallitions of raider nations descended on Westphalia at ~9:30 PM Pacific Time. He was made PM in a ceremony conducted over a group telegram including all senior members of government. He was however banjected by the invading "delegate", and currently resides in the region of Agora. It is hoped that he will not be the last PM of Westphalia, and will hopefully return from exile soon.
*Beyond this Point, Free City of Rigia is Writing*
*Also Prime Minister has become Chancellor*

Will get description for him.

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