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Tubbius Gets Great Support!

Treadwellia City News
5 February 2018
Afternoon Edition

Ebenezer J. Alldale, Reporter

In the last week, all of Treadwellia has burst into great noise and uproar over the leaked news that Tubbius the Rotund and Benevolent was, due to sudden weight gain, prescribed a bra to help alleviate back pain.

Men and women across the kingdom have been just as supportive as the brassieres now in His wardrobe, with loyal Tubbian men joining the ranks of those seeking respite.

As of the Church service led by His Holy Hoggishness on the fourth, the faithful have even taken to showing their devotion and allegiance by a solemn double pat to their own bosoms. Not only does the motion express solidarity in identifying the wearers of what, after only a week, is no longer just a women's undergarment in Treadwellia, but it also shows a recognition that Tubbius blesses more than tummies and tushes. His Dumpy Divinity can bless any fatty parts, even His own "girls."

The Obesotocracy of Treadwellia