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Cormac Convited of Treason

Cormac Convicted
Just as he retires

[Fudgetopia Government Center] Earlier today Permanent Justice Kringle delivered a guilty verdict on the charges of treason in the trial of Roavin v. Cormac (HCCC 1701). Cormac has now been found guilty of treason for statements he made promising to "overthrow the Coalition of the South Pacific, and I absolutely won't stop until it is overthrown and [Sandaoguo], along with [his] supporters and enablers, are purged from TSP ". These statements were cited in the case as direct evidence and while the Defence argued that intent could not be used to show guilt, an action was required for that.

The Court has however found that it believed there to be no doubt that Cormac did intend to overthrow the Coalition and found that his actions did constitute "plotting against the Coalition" which is part of the definition of treason according to Criminal Code. When asked about the difficulty in returning a verdict in the case Permanent Justice Kringle said "[t]his was a difficult case. There was an awareness of the historical significance, given how it was the first criminal trial since Coalition v. Milograd, and the first ever under our current laws. There was no point of reference, no precedent which the Court could consult, so the only guidance was what the law said and what evidence the Prosecution and Defence provided."

The outstanding question was: would there be an appeal? Defense Counsel Belschaft said he did not know at this time if an appeal would be filed for but that it was "unlikely I would be involved" due to RL circumstances. Evidently, should Cormac wish to appeal he would need to either represent himself or would need to find a new Counsel. 

Yet an appeal seems unlikely given how Cormac announced on Sunday that he was retiring from NS as a whole saying " I can't find anything fun or worthwhile to do here at this point". This is not the first time Cormac has retired from the game however long time friend of Cormac's, Koth, said "His reasons for doing so always change but this one is different because this time there's no emotion behind it, not stepping away for his health or anything, none of that[.] He's just bored by the game and doesn't get any entertainment from it anymore, and it's good that people can walk away from situations like that[.]" It can be assumed that this is the end of Cormac's career here on NS. 

And should he choose to come back Cormac will be faced with an indefinite ban from the TSP forum and game side region.

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