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Second Speech as Emperor


I come to you today, to say that Westphalia is lost. All natives have been ejected or banned, a password set up, and a small attentive group remains to eject those who are able to return somehow. All in little over a month. I would like to say that those in the government at the time leading up to the invasion failed to keep you safe, I failed to keep us safe, and I will, for as long as I'm on this site, forever bear the blame for allowing this atrocity to happen. Today is a dark day in our history as People, as a Community, and as Friends.

Westphalia is not lost forever however. Nothing is forever. A second liberation proposal is in the works, and I hope that it succeeds. If passed, it would take down the password and allow us to take it back one last time. Looking at the poll, it appears the sun will set after nearly Seven Years after it's founding. I'd like to think that those were some happy years we've all had together.

We all came to Westphalia at one point, and left our mark in it, by taking a government post, being part of a Role Play, or even being among the top ten in the statistics for that day. It doesn't matter how, but we left a bit of ourselves in it, and the region gave a part of itself to us. When we take back Westphalia, a new password will be set up, and one will remain behind, probably me or a puppet. The region will keep the memories of us over the past seven years, and keep them there for another seven.

We are not done fighting the good fight, not yet, not ever, and we will learn from the mistakes of the past, and WE WILL REMEMBER. We will remember our good times and bad, we will remember our friends and enemies, we will remember those who have desecrated and mangled our old Motherland, who dragged us through the mud, who ejected and banned us from our ancestral home. This is not the end, not yet. Just the beginning of a fresh start.


Free city of rigia