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First Address of Rigia as Emperor

My fellow Rhinians and Westphalians, it appears that I have ascended to the throne, and have been named Emperor by Actias. I just want to say that while he was only here as Emperor briefly, he was a delightful and friendly ruler. I hope he stays a while longer, and becomes involved with the region, at least for a while.

But now, we enter a new age, where we live in interesting times, where we have fled the Motherland, and where we have set up a community in exile. I hope that in the future, Westphalia can be returned to her rightful rulers: Us! But for now, we will live and make our livelihoods here, where it is safe from raiders, and we can live a stable and tranquil life.

As you all know, we have just had elections for Prime Minister, and I hereby congratulate the Republic of Altos and stratis for his win in the election. I also congratulate all other government ministers for earning their positions, and I hope that this government will be a successful one. Thus, I hereby give my blessing to the government, and ask all to keep the people in mind, those here and in Westphalia.

One day, we will return to Westphalia, drive the invaders away, and grind the stragglers into the dust. But before that, we will have built a successful region that will last just as long and be just as grand as the Motherland, and will have created so many memories. I end this first address with Hope: Hope for the now; Hope for this region and it's new government; Hope for those still in Westphalia and remind them that we still remember them; and Hope for all those who are weary of fighting the good fight, and tell them that they may rest their weary heads here in RHINIA.

Good Night Westphalia, Good Night RHINIA, Long Live them both.

Free city of rigia