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PROFILE: Administrator Relixia

Orra Ikara Relixia
Appointed Leader of Anexora

Orra Relixia during a LinkPropaganda Broadcast Recording - 1st January 2018

Orwell Administrator

Assumed Office:
December 1st, 2017

Vice Advisor: Daniel Reyes (2017-_____)
Preceded by: Saxton Kane (2015-2017✝)

Personal Details


Orra Ikara Relixia
September 1st, 1985 (age 33)

Political Party:

Orwellian Administration (2017-present)

Other Political Affiliations:

Reformative (2015-2017)
Centralist (2007-2015)


Zolen Qvarr (wed. 2012 - div. 2015)


Alaye Relixi (2015*-2015✝)


Konar Relixi Avina Relixia


Relixia Family


Orwell Administration Central (primary)
Fort Prospero (winter)
The Silver Shard (private/secondary)

Alma Mater:

The Axiom Elite School (BS of Psych.)


Institute Founder
(Orwell Administration)

List of Awards:

-to be compiled-

Net Worth:

ANȻ 4.1 Billion (March 2018)


Orra Relixia

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Orra Ikara Relixia (born September 1st, 1985) is the 14th established Leader of Anexora, and the Founder of the Orwell Administration, both since December 1st, 2017. She entered politics as part of the family heritage with the aid of her excellence in psychological studies.

Relixia was born and raised in Prospera, the capital of Anexora, and earned a psychologics degree from the Axiom Elite School of Prospera. She entered the family heritage tradition in 2007, being integrated into the Centralist party. Relixia also starred in various side-ventures, including branding her name for luxury consumer products and beauty applications. She was a key figure in the Anexoran House of Order until her 2017 inauguration. Relixia also gained prominence in media, primarily state propagation. She co-authored several official books such as "The Guide of Thought", and from 2018 onward became the primary propagation figure of the ANX-TV channel. Relixia heavily reformed and reconstructed the previous government peacekeeping unit into what is today's Orwell Administration. Her name outside of Anexora also appeared in the DATES magazine of 2018, under the title of "The Protector is Watching". According to figures by Aurum, she is the world's 31st richest person, with an estimated net worth of ANȻ 4.1 billion.

Relixia entered the 2016 Appointment Race as a Radical Reformist, and defeated eleven opponents in the initials. Commentators described her political positions as assertive, capitalistic, and grandstanding. Her campaign received extensive public media coverage; many of her public statements were labeled as suspiciously ahead of their time or lacked background evidence sources. Relixia was elected the Leader of Anexora when she defeated Libertarian opponent Charles Goldstein, stunning expectations of polls and voters alike. She became the wealthiest person to assume presidency, the first female leader of Anexora, and the second to have won the election despite falling short of losing the popular vote. Her election and policies sparked numerous civil protests, which have been quickly ended by the intervention of the Orwell Administration forces.

In domestics policy, Relixia appointed the functional Orwell Administration to majority control in the Supreme Court. Citing security concerns, she ordered enhanced civil monitoring on citizens from several Bigtopian-Majority countries before extending such onto the whole populace; furthermore she approved passing of a revised emigration policy limiting the amount of emigrations yearly and basing the emigration rights on civil standing in Anexora. In March 2018, she signed Inmate Repurpose legislation which reformed the rights of state prisoners and abolished the Humane Death Penalty Act of 2015. In foreign policy, Relixia withdrew Anexora from the Trans-Regional Reserves defense force and the WA Web Agreement on orbital network sharing, partly reversed the Maxto-Bigtopian Chill, pressured Maxtopia over the acceleration of their arms manufacture and missile defense program, and recognized Atlantasia as a lesser Brother Nation.

After Relixia installed Daniel Reyes as vice-advisor of the Orwell Administration in 2017, the House of Order was appointed their own department within the Orwell Administration to connect the information networks with state archives allowing quicker and more just trials in the Capital Court.

Family and personal life

Ancestry and Parents
___Further information: Relixia Family

Relixia's ancestors originated from the Anexoran city of Narim on her father's side, and from the city of Meyor on her mother's side. All of her grandparents were born in East Anexora.[1]

Relixia's parental grandfather, Vanner Relixi, has amassed a fortune working for the Government Peacekeeping Units in the Internal Logistics sector during the unrest era of Bigtopia.[2] On a visit to Narim, he met Ayina Termani and married her shortly after. The couple permanently settled in Protopolis a short 3 years[3] before the Bigtopian uprising during which he was killed in line of duty.[4]

Relixia's father Konar was born in Prospera. Konar started working as an adviser in the House of Order when he was 20, shortly after his father's death. Konar eventually built a successful career upon his speech craft[5] and progressed into the higher layers and directly into the top-seat branch.

Relixia's mother Avina Relixia was born in Prospera as well, at age 18 she valiantly enlisted into the Government Peacekeeping Units as a Field Agent[6]. Konar and Avina were married in 1979 and raised their family alongside them in Prospera.[7]


Relixia does not drink alcohol; this decision arose mostly from her own will but also in part due to the effect of the Maxtopian Alcohol Monopoly[8] on Anexora which she heavily opposes. She also confirmed to have never smoked cigarettes or consumed drugs, including marijuana.[9]

In 2016, Relixia's personal physician, █████ █████, issued a medical report that showed Relixia's blood pressure to be fluctuating in ranges as the only medical item of note.[10] It also showed correlation to high amounts of overworking and sleepless nights spent keeping Anexora safe and well.[11] In January 2018, Relixia was examined by Orwell Administration physician ██████ ████, who deemed her in most excellent health,[12] stating that her endless devotion to her duties have no chance of causing medical harm. A cardiac assessment revealed no medical issues.[13] Several prominent physicians who have not examined Relixia have commented that her weight, lifestyle, and test results do not indicate excellent health.[14] Only four days following this statement, the physicians have collectively written a formal apology[15] after being put on medical probation and having failed this test with a shameful score of 68/120.[16]

As the Leader of Anexora

___Main Article: Administration of Relixia
___For a chronological guide on this subject, see Timeline of the Leadership of Orra Relixia.


___Main Article: Leadership initialization of Orra Relixia

Newly appointed leader Relixia awaiting
the arrival of ex-leader Saxton in the
Silver Shard Office on November 20th,
2017, two days after the election.

Two days after election, Relixia had her first ever personal meeting with former leader Saxton to discuss plans for a formal Initialization of Authority. The Prospera Press wrote "It was a by-the-books show of impassiveness and respect between a man and woman whose perspective on the world and politics has been a diametrical opposite."[17] The ANX stated that "Relixia's lack of emotional expression was barely concealed" in "blank photos" of the meeting.[18]

Pre-Inaguration Events

On November 7, Prime named Relixia as its "Anexoran of the Year".[19] In an interview on The Tonight Show, she said she was honored by the award, but she took offense with with the magazine for referring to her as as the "End of the Anexoran Era", stating she will "not be allowing parodying or demotivational magazines to continue for very long." [20][21] On November 13 she was named Financial Ranks Person of The Year.[22] In December 2016 Aurum ranked Relixia as the most powerful and compassionate Anexoran in the world.[23]

First 100 Days
___Main Article: First 100 days of Orra Relixia's Administration

Orra Relixia pledging allegiance to the
Code of Anexora while on ANX-TV LIVE.
November 31st, 2017, House of Order.
Relixia was inaugurated as Anexora's 14th Leader on Friday, December 1, 2017. In her first week as a Leader, Relixia issued five executive orders. Her first order as Administrator set out interim procedures in anticipation of repeal of the Humane Death Penalty Act (ProtectoRate). The same week, Relixia withdrew Anexora from the Trans-Regional Reserves, re-instated Press Proscription Policy, reopened Annex 1 and Atlantasian Access Pipeline construction projects, and issued an executive order to begin planning, designing, and constructing the ORION Satellite System to reinforce Border Security.[24]

On December 30, Relixia officially appointed the Orwell Administration, described as an extensive security and state enhancement organ, to majority functions in the Supreme Court.[25] The appointment officially passed processing on January 1, 2018, with a 86-14 acknowledgement, even despite Reformists invoking the "terminal decision" which allowed refusal of acknowledgement unless met by full majority.[26][27]

Domestic Policy

Economy and Trade
___Main Article: Economic policy of Orra Relixia
___See also: The Cold Curtain

Relixia identifies as an "Open Trader", but says that trade must be "always in profit of Anexora".[28] She has often been called a protectionist[29][30][31] because of her criticism of WATP[32][33], the Trans-Regional Reserves (TRP)[34], and her proposal to significantly raise restrictions on Maxtopian and Bigtopian exports to Anexora for the betterment of the local economy.[35][36] She also has been critical of the World Assembly Trade Organization, forcing them to pleasantly accept her proposed tariff increase on natural resources.[37][38] However, Relixia has been very keen to support a "blank-check" trade deal with Omnum,[39] which Relixia rightfully analyzed would be "profiting both Uncle Sam and the Orwell Administration".[40]

Relixia addressing Anexora regarding
impeding changes as part of the ISA.
ANX Propaganda of December 24, 2017

In December 2017, Relixia signed the Indenturent Servitude Act of 2017, which cut the corporate tax rate to 18%, allowed Orwell-Certified private corporations to adopt indebted labor workers[41], nationalized the 3.1 billion Anexoran Credits worth of individual debts to the state, and severely lowered the subsidization of state prison facilities. While people from libertarian interests were put into unrest, many low income and homeless people became employed on private owned property and began increasing the net worth of the economic output directly while also returning to the social ranks. In January 2018 Relixia came forth stating that this bill will remove 83% of Anexora's national debt by the year 2023.[42][43] Relixia praised this bill for increasing the overall Anexoran economy, after announcements of bonuses from many companies. These bonuses have unlike previous bills not been judged as negatively,[44] as the opposition of the Orwellian Party has come into a slow yet steady decline in rise of economic maturity.[45][46]


Relixia has stated her opposition for school choice and local control for primary and secondary schools.[47] She supports the Main Intellectual Standards Initiative for primary and secondary schools,[48] and has called it "a necessity of promoting discipline and a healthy universal mindset" that must be preserved.[49] She has stated she will extract the Ministry of Education and appoint their functions to the Orwell Administration.[50]

Energy and Climate
___Main Article: Environmental policy under the Administration of Orra Relixia
___See also: The Mega-Grid Project

Relixia's energy policy advocates domestic development of nuclear power and condemns renewable energy sources in order to establish stronger trade bonds with Uranium exporting nations in the Pacific and turn Anexora into a net energy exporting mega-grid.[51] Her appointed Orwell Advisers also favor a less energy regulated market and, because climate change poses no effective threat to Anexora, see no need for immediate action.[52]

Relixia does not interact with the scientific consensus on climate change.[53][54] In 2015, she said that global warming was a phenomenon which would have no adverse effects on Anexoran environment.[55][56] She has called the Environmental Climate Agency (ECA) a "dampener to the employment of the people" and has threatened to disperse its budget.[57] Relixia pledged to eliminate the Clean Power Project[58] and withdraw restrictions on the Manufacturing Defusal Act, which calls for reductions in carbon emissions in more than 180 countries.[59] On January 17th, 2018, she announced the withdrawal, making Anexora one of the three progressive nations which have opted out.[60]

Foreign Policy
___Main Articles: Foreign policy of the Orwell Administration and Foreign policy of Orra Relixia

KEM-9 Rocket used to instantly halt
further construction of the Bigtopian
POW camps. January 1, 2018, 11:30.
Relixia has been described as an interventionist[61][62] and protective nationalist.[63] She has repeatedly stated that she supports her foreign policy "Anexora or Annexora".[64] She supports increasing the Anexoran manufacturing industry through the extensive military industrial complex,[65] but favors decreasing Anexoran spending on WA and the Pacific region.[66] She says Anexora will be looking inward, as the "first nation to rise and last nation to fall",[67] and re-orient its resources towards domestic construction and military.[68] As a candidate she questioned whether she, as the Leader of Anexora, would hold among the top seats of power in the WA,[69] and suggested she might leave the WA unless changes are made to the assembly in profit of Anexora.[70] As administrator she has officially secluded Anexora from the WA and labeled their policies as "progressively impeding".[71]

In order to confront the 5-year-war of Maxtopia and Bigtopia, Relixia in 2016 called for seizing all manufacturing and industrial facilities in respectively occupied territories, using Anexoran Air Forces and the Valiant Victory ground troops.[72] In 2017, Relixia advocated sending 20,000 to 30,000 chemsquads to the region,[73] a position she has not elaborated on as of yet.[74]

During her campaign and as an Administrator, Relixia repeately said that she wants a good relationship with Omnum.[75][76] Relixia has pledged to hold a private meeting with Uncle Sam.[77] She added that Omnum could help Anexora in spreading the "united way of thought".[78] On January 1, 2018, Relixia ordered a chemical missile strike against a Bigtopian under-construction POW camp as retaliation for the Bigtopian Snatcher Attack.[79][80]

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