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Hello friends. I am Tulenia, leader of the Tulenian league and at your service until you die, for when you die we shall be the ones that are next to you and protecting you.

Best regards,

State of flanders-wallonia

State of flanders-wallonia

LadyMorrighan wrote:How is everyone in the Alliance of European Monarchies? It seems rather quite here. My region has been as well at least on the surface.

Doing good, I guess....

Human nation

Are you monarchs or related to in real life?

Hello Everyone!!!!!

Greetings my friends of the European Monarchies ,
New Reich of Bunicken is re-opening its Music Night in the Tavern , Saturday at 8:30PM EST. on our discord server. The link can be found on our WFE. We do hope some of you will come and join us . Both Kaiser and I will be present for the event. We hope we can working on building a closer relationship with our other fellow Monarchies.

State of flanders-wallonia and Von flodnig

State of flanders-wallonia

Human nation wrote:Are you monarchs or related to in real life?

No. We’re not related to any real-life monarchs (atleast I think). But we are supportive of monarchs (well, the democratic monarchs [looks at Middle-East with angry face]) and, atleast I, do believe that some monarchs should be re-instated, as some were more stable under monarchs than under presidents...

Greetings Alliance of European Monarchies!
The New Reich of Bunicken Imperial Christmas Service will be hosted soon!


When: Friday, December 20th
Where: NRoB Discord Server - 3PM MT / 5PM EST
This Christmas Event consists of service by his Imperial & Holy Majesty Wilhelm von Wermarn-Anburg in the Royal Garden that consists of Christmas music and mass gathering. Afterwards, this mass is to bring everyone together in a warm and welcoming environment and to overall have a good time.
Hope to see YOU there!

State of flanders-wallonia

Post by Truth will out suppressed by a moderator.

Post self-deleted by Le parc beaudoin.

Die adria konfoderation

Hello, I just made my nation this morning but devoted hours on making its factbook. It would be very appreciated if you check that out. Also is there is discord server I could join by any chance?

State of flanders-wallonia

State of flanders-wallonia

On request of Acting Prime Minister Reginar, Biroa has taken office as Acting Minister of Home Affairs and Von flodnig has taken office as Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs.

State of flanders-wallonia

And excuse me for my long absence. I have been busy with school the last months, and didn’t have much time to log in, let alone try to do something new....

Germany nazi reich



Hello everyone I am the leader of the European commonwealth and I hope we will have good relations.

Hey! Yeah we will SURELY have good relations!

Italia unica

Hi, I am the King of Italia Unica, ours is a parliamentary monarchy, our public representatives are part of an agglomeration of cultures and various political ideas, fascism is not tolerated by us. I hope this can be the prelude to a long and dignified collaboration.