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Congratulations on being today's featured region!


I leave soccer balls, some shirts of their favorite teams, a fruit basket and the Recognition Plate for being the standout.

Hi I was in the black hawks. But I dont like the way they invade and take over. I can help you lot out a lot. it was fun at the start being in black hawks but now its awful.

I only joined this game a day ago I joined the black hawks but that was a mistake I'm not going back

Hey Hey! You're Featured Today! Congratulations my friends! :D :D :D
\_O_/ Yay! :D

LinkI bring benevolence from the stars back to you.

I pass through your solar system (or regions, as you call them) in this manner:
1. I shall follow whoever should move out of a region first after I move there
2. If I should end up the only nation in a region, or no one has moved out of the region in 28 days, I shall return to The North Pacific.
3. If I should be ejected, I shall continue unhindered in my mission of rules 1 and 2.

Region Record:
8-17-19: The North Pacific
8-17-19: The Black Hawks via Kurryans Wiggaakelfi
8-17-19: The Mystical Council via Vedan
8-23-19: Greenland via New vedan
9-5-19: Indonesia via Romanov Alaska
9-5-19: Fjord via -Allemeine
9-6-19: Selene via RMSboatymcboatface
9-7-19: New Dinosaurtopia via -Allemeine
9-8-19: The Sawiskera Space Colony via -Allemeine
9-9-19: Coalition of Authoritarian Nations via -Allemeine
9-10-19: The Featured Region Followers via The Gold Camel
9-12-19: Asrina via The Gold Camel

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