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Did you know that war crimes don’t exist yet?

Figueria wrote:Did you know that war crimes don’t exist yet?

They did exist they simply lacked the modern classification granted to them by later historians.

The Electorate of Trier wrote:They did exist they simply lacked the modern classification granted to them by later historians.

*This is true, but Spicy Wind remains legal.*

The 409th triannual Zachlandiash senate meeting, October 20th, Khujand

*The senate comes into session*

First minister: Order! Order! The senate convenes today in the triannual meeting! First on the agenda, our searches for Talant Ergeshov have been futile, and we are becoming desperate for a new way to find him.

Senator: How do you know you will find him!? We have no guarantee!

Other Senator: We can't go on with this investigation!

First minister: We have a way to solve this!

Nationalist Senator: This is just goning to be a which hunt! How will we

First minister: Don't worry! I got a telegram earlier today from the Nogodia Czar, as they have sent an agent to help track him down. He arrived yesterday Gentlemen, meet Agent Viktor!

*Agent Viktor walks into the Senate, The First minister comes down to shake his hand.*

Viktor: Greetings.

First minister: Thank you. Have you been briefed on the situation yet?

Viktor: Yes. My sympathies to the families of the afflicted.

First minister: I will escort you to the police station where the evidence is being kept. Recess for six hours!

One hour later...

Viktor: Is this all the evidence?

Lieutenant in Chief: Yes. What we know so far is that Ergeshov organized a National political rally in Bishkek and called for his "final solution". People where so moved that they tried his "final solution", and I think you know the rest.

Viktor: I do. I will begin investigating. Keep me updated on what has happened so far.

Balthor's Hand: Agent Files

Name: Viktor Stahle
DOB: 14-2-1868
POB: Vorte Bay, Magrick

Stahle was born in the West Rose neighborhood of Vorte Bay before his family relocated to Hell's Landing. At the age of 20 he left the marine corps to serve as a trainee for the intelligence service. Stahle served with the NAI's foreign division for 3 years before being recruited into the Hand for his skills in finding missing people. Stahle was assigned to the Kingfisher division of the Hand, and remains one of its top agents, with 8 years of service under his belt.

Nyasalia wrote:Nyasalia have proposition for Wanasnaswa


Mathorn wrote:hey!

Wat is up my dude

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