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We voted for the dissolution of an administration that resembled something like a government a while ago. Since the Founder took power and is now inactive it has caused a lot of problems although not all of them.

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I bless the rains down in Africa

Norcria wrote:I bless the rains down in Africa

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Africa
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had

(I'll becoming more active to try give incentive for people to join. My absence has been just due to general lack of time for Nation States)

With advancements made in industry, agriculture and housing the Military President could now sit on his throne with knowledge of the fact his population is at ease and no sudden military coups will spring in his absence as long as this retains. The Slándáil Stáit having made impressive leaps in building a intelligence network have cemented their place in Ireland's society enforcing religious, social and political values and keeping the remnants of the military in order with the new militarised police force, An Gardai. Law and order had truely been established in Ireland.

"The Provisional Government of Ireland will be brought to an end. In its place a Republic will be established. Free of foreign influence. Free of inner travesties and discourse. Free as the rivers which run through our lands. Nothing will change. Nothing other than a new adventure and title for our people to establish them on the international stage. Our Parliament was reopened for the founding of the Republic just this morning and was instantly closed again just in time for lunch.

Laughs would emerge from the masses of blueshirts despite the sinister meaning behind the light joke. The Irish government could boast about the low homelessness rates. Thanks to the sudden dissapearance of the foreign ethnicities who once inhabited them. Now families who once inhabited those houses are now in the midlands, forced to break peat and utilise it. Trapped on an island. No opposition. The only task now was for Ireland to look abroad and seek law and order on the world stage for Ireland...and Ireland alone.

+++ Map update: Sept 22, 2020 +++

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"Potato, Potato, Potato!"

the headlines would read. The People's Minister of Agriculture announced that farmers would be receiving state subsidies for producing the high yielding crop. Why? Behind the doors of the People President's grand estate in Phoenix Park talks of self sufficiency and autarky had come into effect. The people for the following years would live off of Irish produce grown at home. The soldiers would live off the meat however currently being moved in large amounts along with grain to be stored in the 'Curragh of Clare' (Military Base). The recalling of the Clare Foreign Brigade from Royal Nigaria after its economic and political collapse to tribalism leaves the people wondering what is next for Ireland? Most importantly what is next for Ireland's whipped military?

The Military President will be announcing these ambitions on RTE in two hours.

The Norwegian Question

The new, cheap and Irish 'Green Vision' TVs would flick to life as thousands turn on their nations to view the People's President speaking

"A message to the people of this grand nation. To all those who have taken the spoils of success from this prospering country. We have pulled this country from merely being a dream to becoming a country toiled with internal strife and now to a country of pride, of strength and of renown. Others however are not so fortunate. Others who shared common ideals but did not have the vigour nor the valour of the Irish people, you. They were not you. They were not us. They too had a dream however, a dream of a prosperous Republic. Sounds familiar."

Blueshirt claps and laughs would sound in thunderous applause

"We helped them. We did. We gave them the necessary means to attempt to accomplish this dream and we offered them our unconditional international support even though we were a young nation not even up on our own two feet. We gave them a crutch to stand on still however only after we had enough to feed ours. We gave them everything and what did they give us? Hostilities. I speak of the Norwegians who sold out to the Mathornian ambassadors and in times of trouble offered us nothing in return other than harsh words and a cold shoulder that we could not even lean on."

Shouts of anger sound

"Do not fear however. Politicians ruin countries when their interests are in lining others pockets and the Norwegian people seen this first hand and now where is their people? Without a government. A anarcho state run more barbarically than the cavemen savages who once roamed their lands. The Norwegian people are starving. Their cities deprived. Their fields as fertile as the Carthaginian fields where the Romans sowed their salt. They have no hope! I however made a promise to our old friends in Norway but did not make it to the two faced politicians drinking tea in Parliaments and other buildings of delay, I made it to the Norwegian people! The time has come for liberation!"

Screams of approval would erupt from the crowds as the President smiled smugly

"We have sent soldiers with food. Men, good strong men to do a man's job. A man's job that the foolish children of Norway's disestablished democracy has been doing. The Norwegian people haven't forgotten what we did for them, believe me and now a new Norway shall emerge from the ashes of the foreign influenced cesspit which formed in its place. A new Norway. What the Norwegian people deserve and we the Irish will bring our brothers and sisters of the revolution to their rightful place in the world. Assisting us. Hand in hand. Away now with the false democracies and let the real longings of the people rule! God Save Ireland!"

Televisions across the nation would find their speakers under strain from the roaring and screaming from the masses.

Meanwhile in the Port of Oslo

Cargo ships would arrive filled with crates. The clueless dock masters and yard workers would stand at the dock waiting to bring in the supplies they were informed would be coming from a Irish philanthropist. A man in green uniform would step onto the board connecting the ship to the dock.

Uniformed man: Come help open these crates!

The Norwegians would appear confused at the uniforms but they hadn't recieved a good pay in weeks and would be seen as heroes to the people of Oslo for distributing this food. They eagerly boarded the ship.

Dock Yard Master: You are dressed funny for a sailor.

Uniformed Man: That is because I'm not a sailor, now shut yer' gob and hold this for me.

The Captain of the Clare Foreign Brigade would hand the sailor a half eaten apple and direct the battle-hardened men who had just exited the opened cargo crates to quickly unload from the ship.

Dock Yard Master: What is going on here?!

Captain David O'Connor: We're saving ye' poor buggers

The Captain would take the apple from the man and smile before taking his revolver from his holster and firing two shots into the air as he directs the men to capture the city. The Irish flag would fly over the decrepid Parliament of Oslo that evening with no opposition. The Parliament building would become the HQ of the Clare Brigade while the Bank of Oslo would become a soup kitchen for the hungy, symbolism was everything.

So refreshing to see some rp!!

Mathorn wrote:So refreshing to see some rp!!

I know, it feels like this region is finally coming back to life

+++ Map update: Sept 23, 2020 +++

Me: just chillin'

Also me: remembers SCC case needs to be continued

Me: just chillin', but stressed

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