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Hello Party People, whatcha guys doin?

All will die.

The light will soon break.


I'm baaaaaaack! 😈


Post by Firestorm 98 suppressed by Zero Gravity Zone.

"The ultimate hero born at the dawn of time" so Lightbreak is God now? Not quite, plus, "the ultimate hero" would never turn evil like Lightbreak did; a true hero has greater morals that can never be shaken, not even 65 years in hell could convert a TRUE hero.

Blah blah blah


Post by Metapodia suppressed by Zero Gravity Zone.

All hail the Metapod!


Post by New cloverland suppressed by Zero Gravity Zone.


Metapodia wrote:CLoverland is so cool

thank you!

any post from a non-regional nation will be suppressed.

So everyone..... Just leave me alone.

But you also suppressed my nation's post, and I'm in END 500....

Oh, sorry.

Its fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnneee.

Do I have to get Revenant on you again?

*opens the door to the Bar on the Corner with a big grin on his face*

Ladies and Gentlemen, why 500? Anyway, I'd be honored to welcome you as guests in our facilities!

*holds the door open with one hand while it so happenend that he is holding a bottle of your favorite drink in the other hand*

The first guest of every region gets a drink for free! Take a seat and enjoy a drink,  or have fun with the darts and the gambling machines.

Btw, let me know if you know how to mix drinks. Trust me, people here are very generous with tips! And the girls always fall in love with the guy handling the cocktail shaker ; )

*you immediately know that you would sell you soul for a starvation wage but you feel tempted. Do you? Just look at this wall of bottles behind the counter.  amazing*

I think I like this guy! XD



Post by Firestorm 99 suppressed by Zero Gravity Zone.

Do not listen to him, it is quite the opposite. Lightbreak/Vortex is just having his doubts right now, his doubts in something HE HIMSELF helped create.

See, cam? I can suppress your posts too!

You suppressed my posts first before I ever suppressed yours. And if you see my response I had for you in my region, you'll see why I suppressed your posts.

Im going to be a father! On nation states that is.

Btw, I have some good news, fellow nations. Come to TGE's Regional Message board and see for yourself.

Wow, you have many embassies...

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