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Official Post from the Ministry of Culture

What a nail-biting finish to the rollercoaster ride that's been the Forest Flag Contest 2021!

I'd like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Mount Seymour, whose refined design has shown that tradition with an interesting twist is a winning combination. Their updated version of our regional flag is both familiar and novel, providing us with a fitting symbol for this new and exciting era for Forest. It succinctly captures what Forest stands for; our proud and celebrated history, but also the new journeys and new friends ahead of us. I can't think of a better way of turning over this new leaf for our region than by crowning their design our new regional flag - so, without further ado, I'm formally requesting that Chan Island change our regional flag to the winning design at his earliest convenience.

Of course, it would be remiss of me not to mention all of the Flag Contest entries. The creativity and effort put in by Arklanda, Daarwyrth, Einswenn, Mount Seymour, Roless and Verdant Haven is absolutely staggering and really demonstrates the talent we have on offer as a region. The discussion that their designs generated on the RMB has also blown me away and I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about the symbolism behind their creations alongside the rest of the Forest community. I'd like to personally thank each of them for getting involved and the wider community for engaging with this event to the extent you all have.

I'll round this official post off by reminding everyone that my telegram box is always open for questions and suggestions, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any ideas you think we can turn into regional events or initiatives. Be the regional activity you want to see!

Oh, and watch this space - there's plenty more to come from the Ministry of Culture this summer!

Best wishes,
Culture Minister

Myordas wrote:I have a question for y'all?
How many TV stations do you have in your country, what shows do you show in your country and do you have any iconic TV shows being franchised or very famous TV shows?

Calenmor largely abandoned TV as a form of mass media with the early adoption of advanced forms of internet and the independent media tools that it engendered. However, seemingly out of sheer tradition, the various realms and have maintained several small stations, though they are far too small and numerous to list here. On the whole however, they are rather like PBS in the US; there is even a syndicated Calenmori version of Sesame Street! Interestingly, due to their status as a beloved antique form of entertainment, unlike most Calenmori technology, televisions have actually regressed rather than becoming more advanced, the old "rabbit ears" and grainy images becoming something of chic social statement.

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