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Infiny wrote:Valeria: Most excellent, your Excellency, I'm overjoyed to hear that you share much of my vision. There is one additional thing I should mention before we end this great meeting. In our opposition to the autocrats, we've found that it's little use to organize ourselves through alliances or leagues, they are most efficient at tearing those apart. I believe it is optimal that we formalize the agreement without any particular name, more of a shared commitment. That way, it will be much harder to organize for them. They can't organize efficiently against something that is not immediately clear to the naked eye!

"I feel the same way, even with the revival of the Atlantic Federation, which itself is slowly starting to become what many in the government hoped for, what with the Union earning the respect of the the Stauffer Government. We might even be able to turn them away from the Soviets with the amount of civil projects we've launched there. Soft power proejct works better when you help rebuild a nation and earn their thanks." Dawes replied

Novaya Rossiyskaya Imperiya wrote:
          ~~ Министерство иностранных дел СССР ~~

Title: Soviet-Anzoanian Summit

Moscow — The letter from the Anzoanian Government was seen by many in the Foreign Ministry as a great opportunity to create a new friendship in South America and establish important economic ties that are mutually beneficial to the peoples of both countries. A response was sent right away.

~~Official Correspondence of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ~~

To: George Garcia, Minister of Foreign Trade of Anzoania
From: Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Subject: Soviet-Anzoanian Summit

Honorable Minister Garcia,

We are humbled and elated to receive your letter for the establishment of trade and further diplomatic relations. As we look forward to growing our economy and working with other nations across the world to improve the living standards of the many, we see your letter as the perfect opportunity to accomplish this and even more. The Kremlin believes that strong economic ties among our nations would be hugely beneficial: We both sit at areas of the world where agriculture and mining can provide the ticket to that economic development billions dream of. Likewise, our locations in the world make us uniquely vulnerable to the negative impacts of global warming. Cooperation in creating a new model of economic development and growth that is friendly with the environment is of the utmost importance. We hope that we can further discuss this when our delegations meet in Santiago.

To further strengthen our bilateral relations, we graciously accept your invitation to further solidify our diplomatic ties through the establishment of embassies. Our Foreign Ministry will find a suitable location in the Diplomatic Quarter of Moscow, at your discretion, so that Anzoania can open an embassy. We would like to humbly request if a Soviet embassy is also allowed to be established in Santiago. If allowed, we will appoint Dr. Visily Grachev as our ambassador to your nation.

Warm regards,

Viktor Sokolov
Minister of Foreign Relations


Dear Mr Sokolov,

We gladly look forward to starting bilateral relations, and establishing trade. In the coming months we can look at Formally establishing diplomatic missions in both of our nations. We will look at discussing further details with your diplomats, and suggest holding a summit in our nations capital, Santiago on the 29th August 2020. Following such we shall promptly establish an embassy headed by our selected ambassador, Mr Alejandro Rodríguez by late October. We look forward to formally establishing bilateral relations and will work to maintain as such diplomatic cooperation in the future.

Yours comradely, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, George Garcia.

Infiny wrote:Your Excellency,

We welcome your request to establish a favorable trade deal for both our nations and we are certainly willing to send a delegation over to Santiago to discuss the specifics. As for your request to establish diplomatic relations, we gladly comply with it, and we would like to send Mr. Lyonya Stapech as the Infinian ambassador to Anzoania. We are looking forward to receiving the Anzoanian ambassador to Infiny in Mogadishu, as well.

Most kindly,

Ms. Xitan Minenko
Infinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dear Ms. Xitan Minenko

We are glad to hear that you have accepted the offer of diplomatic relations. Therefore in return we shall look to establishing a diplomatic embassy in the capital of Mogadishu. We have selected, Mrs. Liliana Ramos as our ambassador to Infiny. Upon this we suggest holding a summit between our diplomats in the nations capitol of Santiago on the 4th September 2020, and there we can discuss trade and diplomatic specifics, identify particular industries in our nations which could benefit by trade between our two great nations. We also gladly look forward to working with your ambassador to Santiago, Mr. Lyonya Stapech in the future.

Yours comradely, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, George Garcia.

Board of Justice

The Board of Justice has announced it will be reforming its entire national police fleet.

Currently, the BOJ utilizes vehicles such as the BYD e6, BMW 5 series sedans, Mercedes sedans, SAIC MG sedans, and the SAIC Roewe 750 for its police fleet. However, a majority of such vehicles are 'soft-skinned', and a need for armoured vehicles has increased over the past several years.

The Board of Revenues has greenlighted the gradual purchase of 500,000 Holden EK, EH, and EJ vehicles, after the company began domestic production in a plant near Baotou. The new Holden vehicles will be used to supplement the nation's taxi service in the coming years.

Meanwhile, the BOJ will reportedly resume production of the SAC SFQ2040, having placed over 50,000 orders for the Humvee clone, just as it decommissions 50,000 of its Mercedes and BMW sedans for this purpose. In 2002, Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC) revealed its own Humvee clone known as SFQ2040 LieYing (Falcon), which is similar to the U.S. Army HMMWV-mounted Avenger air defense system. A few working prototypes were made from 2002 to 2003, with at least 38 vehicles being produced initially.

The SAC SFQ2040 has an aluminium alloy body, a Cummins 4BTAA-92 turbodiesel engine, as well as armour protection against small-calibre weapons. The vehicle can also be fitted with additional equipment such as air conditioning, GPS, night vision equipment, vehicle-mounted radio, electric winch, and multipurpose weapon mount. It is expected that the multipurpose weapon mount will be fitted with a Type 80 machine gun, a copy of the Soviet PKM GPMG, chambered in 7.62×54mmR.

It is said that as vehicles get phased out of service, they will be refurbished and provided to civil servants as part of their generous benefits programme. Some civil servants higher in rank can be given free cars, as well as land.


House of the Imperial Duma, Vyborg, Romanovskaya

Shchegolyayeva: Thank you for your kind words Prime Minister Sørensen. It is certainly a great honour to be able to join the elite group of female leaders across the world.

I think that the proposals you put forward are quite fair. Certainly one can easily see how those measures will be mutually beneficial to both of our nations. As such we are in favour of all of your proposals. Now one point of contention that we had in our prior meeting was the issue of travel visas for Romanovan citizens in Denmark. As you have not raised this measure I can assume that is something you will not consider changing. We have decided to compromise on this demand. Perhaps the suspension of duties on imports transiting through Denmark that are destined for Romanovskaya. We can limit this to imports being transported by the Maersk shipping company. This way we can receive our imports at a cheaper price while increasing shipping traffic for one of your own companies, surely creating more jobs in Denmark.

I am eager to know what you think of the proposal.


PM Sørensen: Dear Prime Minister, having just heard your proposal, I can now safely say that I am sure we will surely strike a deal that will benefit both our countries greatly. It's indeed great to hear you're willing to accept all of our proposals.

Concerning the issue of travel visas for Romanovan citizens, or shall I say visa-free travel to Denmark for citizens of Romanovskaya, I can assure you that this issue was discussed thoroughly during a recent meeting of my cabinet. However, as you've already implied, the cabinet had confirmed our previous stance on the matter and concluded that Demmark is not going to change its visa policy towards any nation; as such visa-free travel agreement between our nations is not possible. Nevertheless, as I've already promised, I can guarantee that Denmark will liberalise its visa policy towards Romanovan citizens to a maximum level possible and as such it shall henceforth be much easier and quicker procedure to obtain a travel visum.

That being said, I am truly excited to hear your proposal to suspend duties on imports transiting through Denmark that are destined for Romanovskaya. I am eager to hear more from you on this particular issue. If we can agree on this measure being limited to imports that are transported solely by the Maersk shipping company, thus making sure it's beneficial for the Danish economy, I am sure I will be able to gather enough support for such an agreement both in the Folketing and the cabinet alike.

OOC: Withdrawal Announcement

Dear everyone,

I have been in Geopolity since 2015, or so, and ever since then I have loved this region. There are some people I've gotten along with and some I haven't, but it made for interesting routes for roleplay. In the past, I had taken breaks because I've been too busy to actually stay on top of RP. I understand that I've taken many "breaks" in the past, but I seemed to come back in a week or two refreshed.

Recently, it has become oddly taxing on me. I've come to fill that I don't quite fit in to the RP because I am more of a storyteller than a geopolitical roleplayer. I can craft stories, but I can't balance a national budget, or I don't understand political ideologies enough to make a comprehensive roleplay from a geopolitical standpoint. While I wouldn't mind help in regards to the many facets of roleplaying a nation, I would not want to bug anyone constantly trying to wrap my head around things such as the logistics of war. I'd love to make a story with it, but I'd also like to approach it from a geopolitical standpoint as well and I feel that I am currently incapable of this.

I've been thinking about this for the past month or so, and I have reluctantly decided to step away from RP for a currently indefinite amount of time. While I'm withdrawing from RP, however, I will still be present in the discord server. For those who do not frequent the server, thank you for your time and allowing me to craft stories with you.

This isn't a "goodbye", but an "until next time". Thank you for your understanding, and I hope to return when I feel I can.

Thank you,


Roshchino, Vyborgsky District, Romanovskaya

Dozens of journalists stood waiting at the Romanovan-Soviet border in Roshchino today for the highly anticipated summit between the Romanov and Soviet foreign ministries. At 9:55am, the Soviet motorcade arrives at the border. Romanovan Border Guards opened the gates and allowed the motorcade through. Security as very high, to protect both the Romanovan and Soviet delegations. The motorcade drove up to a large house close to the border where the summit was to be held.

Romanovan Foreign Minister, Viktor Volkov, stood at the top of the steps of the entrance to the house. As the Soviet foreign minister stepped out of his car, Volkov made his way down the steps to greet him. The two men shook ands and exchanged some words. Photographers surrounded the two men as they then walked to the top of the stairs together. Once at the top they turned and shook hands once more, posing for photographs to document this historic moment.

The two men and a number of officials make their way inside the house. The house itself is decorated with ornate furniture, most of it dating from the 19th century. The delegations take their seats at the old dining room. A large, long oak table simply decorated with a Soviet and Romanovan flag is placed in the middle. The delegations take their seats, sitting facing each other.

Viktor Volkov: Minister Sokolov, I wish to formally welcome you and your staff here to Romanovskaya. I am sure you will agree that a meeting of this nature is long overdue. In fact you may or may not be aware, but you are the first Soviet minister to visit Romanovskaya in any official capacity and for that we thank and congratulate you.

          ~~ Министерство иностранных дел СССР ~~

Title: Soviet-Romanov Summit

Roshchino — The video of the initial handshake and the posing at the top of the stairs quickly became viral in the Soviet Union. On social media, the video was shared and the hashtag "RussianFriendship" was trending for most of the day. This was certainly a historic moment for both countries. The occasion was not made any less consequential by the fact that this was the first time in nearly a century that a Foreign Minister stepped on Romanov territory. The Soviet delegation made their way inside the house along with their Romanov counterparts.

    Minister Viktor Sokolov: I would like to thank you, Minister Volkov, and your people for welcoming us to Romanov soil. We thank you for hosting this meeting and for your goodwill in making this summit happen. I agree with you that this meeting is not only overdue but important for our respective peoples. As the first Soviet Foreign Minister to visit Romanovskaya, I would like to make sure that we restart our diplomatic relations on the right step and create the bridge to more cooperation in the future.

Board of Works

The Board of Works has launched a 'clean plate' campaign, aiming to fight against increasing amounts of food waste.

According to the Qing chapter of the WWF, around 17 to 18 million tonnes of food went to waste domestically in 2015. Such a move also came after the recent rebellion in the south had left farms wrecked and ruined tons of produce. The Empress had lately said that the country must "maintain a sense of crisis about food security" in order to continue sustaining the current population. With the Qing becoming a net food importer, it is imperative that the country is able to feed its own citizens - something that food waste threatens. The Board of Works has implemented similar policies in the past; in 2013, the Board targeted extravagant feasts and reception held by officials and aimed to cut down on food waste there.

In the Viceroyalty of North Chosun, the Viceroy had urged restaurants in the region to limit the number of dishes served to diners, implementing a system where groups must order one dish less than the number of diners, using a "N-1" formula, where N refers to the number of diners present. However, the Viceroy came under attack online as many pointed out that the rule was "too rigid".

"What if one person goes to a restaurant alone? How many dishes can he order? Zero?" asked one person social media.

The Board of Works has said it would also cooperate with the Ministry of Posts and Communications to crack down on Mukbang streamers, who typically film themselves eating large amounts of food. Investigating censors across the country will also make plans to audit food storage warehouses and farms more frequently, to keep tabs on the food supply in the country. The Board of Works has also mandated that people who live in apartment complexes should throw food waste into a separate, communal pool, so food can be composted and donated to farmers. Spot checks will also occur by members of the Imperial Censorate, who will ensure that families follow this rule.

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