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Western afrika wrote:Downtown Abidjan, Abidjan, West Africa

The protesters stood against the military. Both looking each other down without saying a word. The leader of the Republican Movement, Aysi Amaechi, grabbed a megaphone to talk to the military. She stepped up on a large box to make herself known before she spoke.

"Look at us! People who want change, and the others who were made to stop them. Despite your best efforts if there were any, you are still standing opposing us." she said speaking directly towards the military, which featured around 250 soldiers. "You stand their and watch us like vultures. You are waiting for your cue to get us. Tell me, was the killing of Azikiwe justified? Have any of the killings been justified? If you kill, will it be justified? You may say yes but that's because it was put into your head. The royals are afraid of us, and rightfully so. They see that they are not immortal and divine. They must send you to do their dirty work." she continued.

She stepped down from the box and calmly made her way to the middle of the gap. The military trained their guns on her. She smirked as she raised the megaphone again. "Kill me, and you give them another soul to fight for. It will only fuel the fires of change. I tell you this, if you kill me, another will take my place. This will continue on in a vicious cycle. Either you stand by us and let us march, or you gun us down and make the worst mistake of your lives." she said as she lowered the megaphone and then set it on the ground. She stood back up and held her arms out to her sides, palms facing away from the protesters. The guns were still trained on her. The protesters stood where they were, and onlookers watched beyond barricades. After a minute of silence and guns still pointed at Aysi, a soldier lowered their gun. This was followed by another, then more soldiers. This happened until they all lowered their weapons. The general spoke from loudspeakers on a van the military transported in. "We stand by you, only of your stance is justified." Aysi took a bow and the protesters marched towards the military, who parted to allow the protesters march. The military followed behind. Onlookers were shocked at the scene they had just witnessed.

Pope Aquillius gives encouraging words for the demonstrators in Western Africa

In a sermon today held at the Vatican City the pope shocked the nation when he encouraged the protesters in Western Africa to “grab their liberty by the throat and not let go, just like our ancestors did”. He also denounced the monarchy for pitting soldiers to counter the protestors.

After the speech the official Papal choir performed the Roman national anthem for those in Western Africa fighting for their freedom.

National Anthem:

The Roman Government has yet to respond to this.

-greater australia-

Department of Defense

Operation Defiant


Chauvel’s Desert Mounted Regiment (CDMR) and ANZAC Bush Rangers will be conducting a joint special forces mission in Kerhad Cave System, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan.
There will be 50 ANZAC Bush Rangers and 40 CDMR Operators. Special Operations Aviation Regiment will be transporting CDMR Troops and Bush Rangers.

We suspect that there is a estimated between 300-500 Al-Kaeda Fighters and that the leader of Al-Kaeda, Mohammad Abdul Kabir, might be hiding there. Gather Intelligence from the cave. There is a minefield in front of the cave entrance. Clear the minefield before entering the cave.

Western afrika

Both Legislative Houses Disbanded

Both the House of Commons and the House of Representatives has been disbanded under the order of Queen Nkruma III. Despite backlash from representatives and protesters, Queen Nkurma has stated that the disbandment of the Houses was done so to eliminate the widespread corruption that was present in the houses. Protesters of the Republican Movement became angrier after the decision was finalized. Movement leader, Aysi Amaechi, said the following about the Queen's decision:

"This was done in an act of cowardace. She understood that she could be taken down easily with the Houses in place. She has yet to realize that that isn't the only way to take down a corrupt, useless government. Each day we have more and more people joining our justified cause. No matter what the world does, you can kill people, but the idea will live on."

The members of the military that sided with protesters recently have been dishonorably discharged and each member that is currently enrolled that sides with protesters will also be dishonorably discharged but will also be arrested for the safety of other members of the military or general populous.

Offical Correspondence
To:Government of Western afrika
From:North Star Defense, Aerospace Divsion

The first 12 EFV-1A Alligator VTOL Fighter-Bombers have been produced and will be delivered within the week. The 2nd set of aircraft will be produced and delivered over the course of 2 months, and the remaining will be produced and delivered over the course of the next 4 months.

Western afrika

RBC News:Volkinism Grows

A new study that was conducted over the course of the past few weeks concluded that Volkinism has grown to 6%. This study concluded that a majority of those who follow Volkinism are between the ages of 16-26, mostly located in Ubetslava, and most followers are either former soldiers and or the younger generation that leans more to their Russoslav Identity then their Islamic or Ubet Identity. These groups are often ostracized due to either their service or because they're not Orthodox. However Volkinism has small pockets in other parts of the country, notably in St.Andrewsburg where a Church of Volkinism has been founded. Again the Government has no comment

Central mursia

Regional Chamber elections completed, Senate poll released
As the government resumes control and stabilises, the Regional Chamber has had its elections with the 100 Magistrates being elected to the Regional Chamber. Due to the lack of formal political parties at the time when the Magistrates started to run, most of them are independent and are mostly intent on altering and representing their district. More importantly, the first polls for the Senate election have come out and here is the average of the polls conducted throughout the country:
28%: National Liberal Coalition
20%: Mursian Conservative Alliance
16%: Social Democratic Party
10%: Nationalist Mursian Party
8%: United Workers Front
7%: Metropolitan Alliance
6%: Students Coalition
3%: Communist Party of Mursia
2%: Mursian Authoritarian Militia
These poll results are only preliminary, but it seems the two "umbrella parties" of the the NLC and MCA seem to be the main candidate for the primary coalition creators. Archon Marinos has not affiliated to any particular party, but her main base and assumed alliegence is to the SDP, so they are likely to be part of any coalition making. While being asked by members of the press about the poll, she was also asked about the escalating situation in Western afrika in which she declared her concern about the growing authoritarianism of the Queen and hopes that democracy can be restored soon.

Official Denouncement

Today the Roman Republic denounces the Queen Nkruma of Western afrika for disbanding both legislative houses within the Western Africa, essentially killing what little of democracy was left in the country. Queen Nkruma is now considered by Rome to be a tyrant and no diplomatic relations will happen with Rome.

As an observer of the ISA we implore members of the ISA to join Rome in condemning the current monarch. As an alliance founded on protecting democracy the people of Western Africa have found theirs stripped of them in a day. Something that cannot be allowed to happen without consequences.

Imperial Eagle wrote: USS Portland (CL-11)

Which Portland? I must know, WHICH PORTLAND!!!

Russoslava wrote:Which Portland? I must know, WHICH PORTLAND!!!

OOC: it depends...what will you offer to me for it be from Maine?


New medical study show promise in search for Cancer cure

Every living thing needs energy in some form in order to survive.

In their latest paper published in the prestigious Nature Cell Biology, Worldwide Cancer Research grantholder Professor Marcus Brown and his team at the University of Chicago , propose blocking a tumour’s energy supply as a way of enhancing the effects of a group of cancer drugs called taxanes. Taxanes include the well-known drug taxol, which was first made from the bark of a yew tree. It is now commonly used to treat breast, ovarian, lung, bladder, prostate, melanoma (skin), oesophageal (food pipe) and other cancers. These findings could potentially benefit a vast number of patients with a wide range of cancers. These findings could potentially benefit a vast number of patients with a wide range of cancers. One of the hallmarks of cancer cells is their ability to divide in an uncontrolled and almost unlimited way. This demands a high amount of energy.

Cancer cells therefore become addicted to glucose (sugar). They use it as their main source of energy to grow and divide rapidly. The idea then is simple: Stop the glucose supply and kill the cancer cells.

But despite the ‘sugar-addiction’ phenomenon being observed over 90 years ago, there is still no cancer treatment that can take advantage of this special energy requirement.

Professor Brown and his team have shown that blocking glycolysis, the chemical process used by cells to extract energy from glucose, is especially damaging to cell division. Cell division is the process where the cell splits to form two identical new cells.

He also discovered that acting on this sugar addiction could be especially effective in combination with chemotherapy drugs, such as taxol.

The researchers found that two key proteins - AMPK and PFKFB3 - become active during cell division. These proteins make cells rely on glycolysis to make energy instead of energy production by mitochondria, the cell’s power plant.

“These proteins detect damage to the mitochondria in response to cell division and make the energy depend mainly on glucose,” explained Elena Sampson who performed the majority of the research in the study.

In other words, when cells divide, they need extra glucose as fuel.

The researchers also analysed the glucose requirements of cancer cells treated with taxol. Surprisingly, in this situation the cells had an even higher demand for glucose. Stopping glycolysis should enhance the anti-cancer effect of drugs like taxol. The logic is this: Taxol forces cancer cells to need more glucose. If they can be prevented from getting it, they should die of starvation.

The research team went on to confirm this hypothesis and found that drugs like taxol do indeed work better when the cells’ ability to use glycolysis is blocked.

"The therapeutic value of inhibiting PFKFB3 has often been discussed; however, no appropriate cell-based scenario had been proposed for its clinical use. Our results suggest that PFKFB3 inhibitors can be extremely efficient in combination with antimitotic drugs like taxol," explains Professor Brown. Other taxanes, such as docetaxel, are standard treatments for cancers like lung, prostate, and breast cancer. Different cell division-blocking cancer drugs are the alkaloids originally made from Vinca, or periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus), such as vinblastine, vincristine and vinorelbine. These are widely used to treat leukaemia, lymphoma and melanoma.

The next step will be to identify groups of patients who would benefit more from chemotherapy if the tumour’s energy supply was blocked.

Its still early days, but this is a great example of how research studying the behaviour of cancer cells in the lab can open up new paths to better cancer treatment. If this new understanding can be turned into new treatments, these findings could benefit a huge number of cancer patients in future.

Imperial Eagle wrote:OOC: it depends...what will you offer to me for it be from Maine?

What do you want, I have connections.

Russoslava wrote:What do you want, I have connections.

OOC: just messing with ya, it can be name for Portland, Maine as it really doesn't matter which Portland



OOC: Getting through all that I missed took longer than expected... In any case, I am officially back!


Cascadian Federal Broadcasting Company News (CFBC News)

Prime Minister Gives Birth

At 4:35 this morning (local time), Prime Minister Deanna White gave birth to her first child, a son named Jeremy Allen Miller. Speaking to media with husband Mr. Justin Miller, Prime Minister White said that the birth went smoothly and that her son is healthy.

At Ms. White’s request, President Ellen Yang has named Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Zhu (Liberal Alliance) as Acting Prime Minister during Ms. White’s six week maternity leave. Ms. White has assured the public that she will continue to view government documents and Cabinet matters from home, but she has full confidence in Mr. Zhu’s abilities to manage day-to-day operations of the Government during her leave.

Congratulations have been pouring in from across the political spectrum, including from Opposition Leader Joseph Daily (Cascadian National Party), who wished Ms. White and Mr. Miller “all the best as they welcome the newest joyous edition to their family.”

OOC: Edited to correct the fact that it said she “faced birth” because that was a really stupid typo

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Gramuntarian government heavily condemns the disbanding of the houses of parliament by Queen Nkruma III of Western afrika. Gramuntaria considers this an active violation of the people’s right to vote and heavily against the ISA’s basic principle of democracy for all.

We strongly urge the Queen to start listening to her people instead of alienating them and stripping them from their rights, and we hereby repeat that we will stand heavily against any form of tyranny or dictatorship.

Furthermore, due to the heavy protests in the nation, we have now issued a code orange travel warning to West Africa, along with code red in the cities of Bamako, Niamey, Dakar and New Port, where protests are known to have become violent.

Ioannis Minotis
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Official statement – Dissolution of Western Afrikan Parliament
~ Department of State for External Affairs, Orange-Bourgogne

The Cabinet of Orange-Bourgogne has taken notice of the recent events occurring in Western afrika involving Queen Nkruma III and the Houses of Parliament.

The Cabinet is greatly concerned for the general population of Western afrika, as their right to form a legislature are being suppressed by an archaic monarch. We stand with the people of this nation and hope that their said right will be once again in their full power to be exercised.

I therefore condemn the actions of Queen Nkruma III, and seek to express our worries that things might escalate further. We hope that Queen Nkruma will come to see the possible consequences of her actions sooner rather than later, as there is no good in oppressing one’s own subjects.

Moreover, I have decided to update our various policies towards Western afrika. First, the safety status has been updated to “Critical”. Secondly, we will henceforth no longer allow people who sided with Queen Nkruma III to travel to our United Kingdom. Last but not least, we will implement an additional export duty of 3 per cent to all companies that seek to export their products to Western afrika.

I have asked the Countess of Polignac, in her capacity as Director-General to the League of Nations, to arrange a discussion with the other Member-States on how to best respond to this matter in unison. If conclusions are reached at the to-be-scheduled debate, we will change our policies accordingly.


Her Excellency Kaitlyn Maguire PC MP
Secretary of State for External Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Due to the drastic situation in Western afrika, the Government of the Socialist Republic of Furstia has decided to place a Severe Travel Warning.

As an additional precautionary measure, only two major border crossings will remain open, in the localities of Ilase (in the south) and Kamba (in the north).

Andrés Dorrego, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Department of Defense

The Grand Military Command has Announced its requirement for the SV-19 Marksmen Rifle.

Must fire .35 Russoslav Magnum Cartridge (9x70MM),

Must be Bolt Actions,

Must have Winter-Trigger or enlarge trigger guard for use with winter gloves,

Must have the abilities to be used with Suppressor, Bi-Pod and a wide range of Optics,

Must use at least 10 round detachable magazines,

Must weight under 20 Pounds loaded with scope,

Ever since Infiny's economic boost between the 1970s and early 2000s, migrants have considered Infiny an attractive place. Aside from the wealth and the proximity for many of the less fortunate in the world, Infiny has long embraced migrants, citing ideas that migration is not only a right but that it also contributes to the Infinian culture and economy. With a population density little over 72 people per square kilometer, populist cries that Infiny is getting full are barely legitimate. People in nations like Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and the Congo head to Infiny to find a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Infiny's historical canon claims that it has conquered much of Africa, but in reality, much of Africa has conquered Infiny. Truly, borders and migration are a funny thing indeed.

Recent weeks have seen an increase in migration across the Ruvuma river, which marks most of the border between Tanzania and Mozambique. The cause of this increase is vague; no specific disasters in Mozambique have been reported, yet the numbers are being estimated to be around 11.000 migrants last month. The governors of Zapano and Jezior, the two states largely responsible for processing migration, have called for federal help in documenting these migrants and giving them proper assistance towards their life in the Imperial Federation. The Sobiraniya in Mogadishu now has to decide how to handle the refugees.

Mogadishu, Council of Representatives. July 2nd. 1.04 PM.


Representative Ame, MZ (USP): Mr. Speaker. Representatives of the Infinian States. I find it utterly disturbing that the gentlemen from Jezior suggests temporarily halting entry for migrants to give the administration time to establish proper facilities. It is not the migrants' fault that the Imperial Federation is shockingly unprepared for their large numbers. The states of Jezior and Zapano are well aware of their geographic location and the socioeconomic environment interact. The Sobiraniya must take its responsibility and take the duty of integrating migrants into the Infinian system from the border states. It is obvious that the state governments of the aforementioned states have failed to adequately respond to, or prepare for, the current crisis.

Representative Samata, JZ (FR): I object, there is no need to delegate yet more powers to the Federal government and continue the ever-increasing federal stranglehold on its sovereign states. I agree, however, that the Federal government has failed to adequately delegate resources to our states, which in turn created the situation in which we are now. If Mogadishu takes its responsibility, they would allow the state governments of Jezior and Zapano direct control over managing the Mozambiqan migrants, without the meddling of the Federal Governments and states whose verdict, at this point, is trivial. We must smooth out this bureaucratic nightmare -

Representative Savitsky, GA (PNP): Smooth out this bureaucratic nightmare?! By compromising on our federal system? We are a-

Speaker Karosas: ORDER! The Chair recognizes the Representative from Jezior, Mr. Zyanon Samata.

Representative Samata, JZ (FR): I move that the Federal Government delegate the authority on proper care of Mozambiqan, Malawian, and Zambian migrants to the states tasked with that responsibility, being the states of Jezior and Zapano. This foremostly includes the right of the states to construct the necessary facilities, as well as oversee the proper care of the migrants inside of them, without jurisdiction being primarily in the hands of the national Sobiraniya or the Prime Minister's administration. Naturally, the quality of these facilities must adhere to the established standards and regulations.

Western afrika

Government Backlash

With the recent foreign support of the Republican Movement growing, the government has decided to deter foreign powers, especially the foreign nations that have not only supported the movement, but have put travel restrictions on West Africa. Queen Nkruma III has decided to levy tariffs against supporting nations. For nations that support the movement and have put travel restrictions, travel restrictions will also be put on their nation. To encourage nations that have supported the government, trade costs will be lowered on all items.

Western afrika wrote:Government Backlash

With the recent foreign support of the Republican Movement growing, the government has decided to deter foreign powers, especially the foreign nations that have not only supported the movement, but have put travel restrictions on West Africa. Queen Nkruma III has decided to levy tariffs against supporting nations. For nations that support the movement and have put travel restrictions, travel restrictions will also be put on their nation. To encourage nations that have supported the government, trade costs will be lowered on all items.

Statement from the Imperial Federation

Your Royal Majesty, members of the Government of West Africa, The Imperial Federation strongly, yet respectfully, urges you to repeal these measures. We believe that imposing trade and travel sanctions on critical opinions only hurt the strength of your own view. After all, you create an image of yourself as being unable to explain your point of view, requiring forceful argumentation such as the aforementioned to get the moral high ground. It is absolutely necessary to solve this crisis through a non-violent solution, and it is this policy which obstructs the road to prosperity, while enabling the road to destruction, hatred, and chaos. After all, if debate and criticism can't be expressed, nations and people start asserting themselves through other means. I am certain that the current crisis can be solved without violence or bloodshed. In the meantime, given how the recent actions in Western Africa have limited democratic freedom and expression, the Imperial Federation has no choice but to condemn these actions. We hope that the government of Western Africa will soon take the right steps to make our condemnation obsolete. The Imperial Federation does not seek to be on bad terms with your nation.


Xitan Minenko
Infinian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Notice from HM Foreign Office

HM Foreign Office hereby announces the following:

- A Travel Warning is put for all Belagian Citizens traveling to and within Western afrika. All citizens that are applicable in this category should establish contact with HM Embassy at Abidjan.

- The Belagian Government has no official stance on the controversies within and surrounding Western Afrika, however it is more than welcome to open opportunities for people to emigrate away from the crisis in Western Afrika to Belagia on the following grounds:

*The Livelihood of the Emigrant and his/her family is gravely threatened by the current political situation
*An official HMED (His Majesty's Emigrant Document)-499, Statement of Refuge or Asylum, is submitted to HM Embassy at Abidjan within the next five weeks, up for expediting for 250 fr.
*Current Migrant Quotas set by HM Foreign Office's Consular Department allows for any sort of influx of Western Afrikan Migrants
*Proof of Education, minimum equivalent to a High School Diploma, or Proof of Career Experience (such as Doctor, Engineer, Mechanic, etc.) is considered for selection for permanent asylum in Belagia
*Emigrant must have at least 600 fr. on-hand to support his/herself and more if he/she has family should a move to Belagia be made urgent

Note that all subjects and citizens of Western Afrika will be treated in the same way in the same processes. Further information may be written to HM Embassy at Abidjan or HM Foreign Office in Brussels.

Very Respectfully,
Juliette Praet | HM Foreign Office


On July 3rd, the aforementioned parties have officially created a supranational organization which they named The Confederation of the Triarchy. The goal of this organization will be to strengthen the cooperation between Infiny, Central mursia and Gramuntaria on various issues, including (but not limited to) national security and environment protection. It is the objective of the Confederation to increase the stability and prosperity of the three realms to unprecedented levels. Many of the policies and initiatives are still being discussed, but at the request of the Archon of Central Mursia and through the consent of the King of Gramuntaria and the Empress of Infiny, the announcement is made preliminarily.

Environmentally, established initiatives are investments in geothermal and solar energy in all member nations. All three realms have massive potential in fueling the renewable energy generation while limiting pollution by fossil fuels. Other initiatives that are still being discussed are large-scale operations to keep the Nile clean and to halt and push back desertification in all three member states.

On the area of national security, the creation of a supranational criminal police organization is being discussed, with extensive extradition agreements. Of course, the full laws and integrity of each member state will be respected. Moreover, the three nations have consented to the creation of a triple alliance, which will entail a defensive pact and an offensive entente. In other words, an attack made on territory of the Confederation of the Triarchy will be considered an attack on each member state individually. Offensively, the member states engage in an Entente, which will oblige member states to consult one another in case of an international crisis or in case of military action.

Further areas of cooperation will be announced shortly, including agreements on trade and economy, border enforcement, and the dealing and settling of issues related to disputed territories. The agreement founding and signing up to the Confederation of the Triarchy will now be awaiting ratification in the Imperial Federation of Infiny, the Kingdom of Gramuntaria and the Unitary Republic of Central Mursia.


For the Imperial Federation of Infiny, Prime Minister Lena Cyseia

For the Hellenic Kingdom of Gramuntaria, Prime Minister Mariana Papadopoulos

For the Unitary Republic of Central Mursia, Archon Eleanor Marinos

Vektes, Gramuntaria, Central mursia, Vicintia, and 1 otherRomanovskaya

Central mursia


Archon Marinos leads the country into the Triarchy on the eve of the election, what does this mean?
This morning an announcement was made by the Three leaders of Infiny Gramuntaria and Mursia to form a supranational organisation called the Triarchy. This had been rumoured for a while, with the Archons vague plans about greater Mursian involvement on the international stage. Archon Marinos has pledged to give the Senate a vote on whether to join or not, but it has been interesting how this has affected the many questions heading into the election. The Liberal umbrella party that leads the polls have met this news with delight, and the SDP in which the Archon is mostly allied to has also declared this a first step to Mursian strength through soft power. The Conservative parties have met this news with a little more unease, with the main umbrella Conservative party stating they are happy with the ability for Mursia to become a great power on the world stage but do have concerns regarding the meaning of disputed territories, with some fearing a way to undermine Socotra. The smaller Conservative parties have reacted more sceptically, with the Nationalist party divided between two wings with one half regarding it as an outrage against Mursian sovereignty, the other believing it is a great first step to Mursian supremacy and influence across the world. The more minor parties have reacted well, with the Socialists stating it is a good first step to the Global revolution, but the extremist Fascist and Communist parties have denounced it fervently. Overall, it seems to have been received better than it might have been, with the main two parties backing it and even the minor parties mostly supporting it. Many electoral analysts believe it shouldn't have too much of an effect on the election in the next few days, as polls have suggested a 65% level of support in the Electorate for the organisation, with 20% disliking it and 15% stating they don't know or care.

Infiny and Gramuntaria

Van Dubo Residence, Spa Countryside Belagia

Consul Amezian Numerianus finishes his Cappuccino, heeds the words of the Orange-Bourgognian leader and when she is done speaks up.

"For starters thank you Prime Minister Dubot for hosting us, it is an honour to be representing Rome in a meeting that could affect our nations in various ways. For starters if Rome was to join an organisation it would join one that had the same values as her. Libertatem, aequalitatem, Fraternitatem (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity). If those were a core value of this organisation and implemented for all equally then Rome would join. If say we were to agree to free movement in our nations to which I highly agree then I'd expect every nation to follow suit, not one nation gets to opt out" he gives a look in the direction of Miss Mackay.

"Secondly I'd voice that Rome is also open to lowering all tariffs to 0% to help facilitate trade between our nations and for the rights of each of our citizens to work abroad in each others nations, this is beneficial as those of us with skills that are needed in other nations can go abroad and work, helping the nation with their skills and themselves with employment where they may not have found it in their home country. I won't even get into how it helps our businesses and economies as it should be self explanitory."

"Thirdly I feel our nations should militarily work closely together from intelligence to exercises to technology. Each of our nations has an extremely competent military and would be foolish from a defensive point of view to pass an opportunity to learn and benefit from each others."

"Lastly, there are other European nations that I feel should have been invited to this meeting aswel and if we come up with something today we should invite those nations, I am talking of nations such as Eraus, Russoslava, Gramuntaria and The Ottoman State."

Tags: Belagia, Orange-Bourgogne, Labyrnna


The levantine people

Ministry of State
Office of Foreign Affairs

In light of the recent escalation in Western afrika, the Kingdom has ended all travel until the situation has abated. Any Levantine citizens remaining in the country who wish to leave are encouraged to make their way to either Labyrnnan Africa or Furstia to return home from there. The Kingdom will be unable to intervene in the defence of her people within Western afrika without violating their sovereignty, which the Kingdom and her people wish to avoid if at all possible.

A missive from the Ministry of Defence has stated that while the Kingdom wishes to respect West Afrikan sovereignty in solving their internal issues, two battalions of infantry have been placed on twenty-four standby to be deployed if any harm or severe danger comes to any Levantine citizens.


Karim Hamid, Minister of State
Abdul Bashir, Minister of Defence

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