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Anzoania wrote:-snip-

TO: Julian Garcia, Minister of Foreign Trade
FROM: Angelika Beike, Wirtschaftsminister (Economic Affairs)
RE: Santiago Economic Centre

Honourable Minister,

My government is particularly interested in the establishment of an office in the new economic centre in Santiago.

Many Danziger companies are engaged in service and advanced manufacturing activities which rely on the importation of raw materials in one form or another. Sourcing these materials is not always easy as our government aims to create an economy both ethical and environmentally sustainable. As such, opening an office in Santiago will allow us to facilitate our businesses in the ethical and sustainable access of Anzoanian raw materials, achieving our department's mission and help establish lasting trade links between our two countries.

Danzig also has a lot to offer across a range of industries, from Entertainment (QuikFlik), Information Technology (DinoHost), Pharmaceuticals (Äskulap) to Shipbuilding (Wolf-Schiffe GmbH). We are also world-renowned for our Insurance industry.

If your government would like to further discuss trade, visa policies or other points, please contact me at your soonest convenience so that we may iron out the necessary details. My department will be in contact in the mean time to establish our office within the new economic centre.

Mit freundlichem Gruss

Angelika Beike

Southeastern asia

Announcement on behalf of the Representative Council

After due deliberation among the working councils of Southeastern Asia, and much thought into how much the working people could afford, the USSSEA has decided to allocate ฿1.236 billion to the International Cooperation Council Space Program.

Space is the final frontier for our species, and any advances in technology to explore off-world will greatly benefit humanity as a whole.

We eagerly look forward to working closely with our comrades in the ICC.

OOC: ฿1.236 billion Thai Baht is $40 million USD

Romanovskaya wrote:To: The International Community
From: H.S.H. Prince Dmitri Dmitrievich Romanoff, 77 Petrogradsky Prospekt, Vyborg, Romanovskaya
Subject: Funeral Arrangements for the Saintly & Royal Family of the Russian Empire.

On behalf of the Romanov Family, I am writing this letter to all heads of states and governments to inform all of you as to the arrangements for the Funeral of the Saintly & Royal Family of the Russian Empire. The members of the deceased consist of the Saintly & Royal Passion-Bearers, Tsar Nicholas II (18 May 1868 - 17 July 1918), Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova (6 June 1872 - 17 July 1918), Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna Romanova (15 November 1895 - 17 July 1918), Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanova (10 June 1897 - 17 July 1918), Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna Romanova (26 June 1899 - 17 July 1918), Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova (June 18 1901 - 17 July 1918), Tsesarevich Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov (12 August 1904 - 17 July 1918).

While this will be a ceremonial funeral rather than a state funeral, we will welcome dignitaries from across the world to represent their respective nation in paying respects to the Saintly & Royal family. We have scheduled the funeral to take place in Vyborg at the Cathedral of the Transfiguration on 16th July 2020 at 11:30pm, with the funeral service running on until 1:00am on 17th July 2020.

We have also arranged for Romanovan citizens abroad the chance to fly back to Romanovskaya free of charge on KRA Royal Romanovan Airlines flights from 12th-15th July 2020 should they wish to attend the outdoor pilgrimage in honour of the Saintly & Royal Family that will take place from the early hours on 16th July 2020 until the early hours of 17th July 2020. This will be entirely funded by the Romanov family.

God bless,

Дмитрий Дмитриевич Романов
Prince of the Principality of Romanovskaya

The Royal Palace has released a statement regarding the recent events. "The Emperor and Empress will attend the funeral of the Romanov Family. It is solemn affair to all involved."

Man Steals 5,000 USD From Victim In Dating Scheme

Dating in the modern age is daunting, painful and swallow. A 54 year old man from Hong Kong has been charged with stealing money from his "date" over the course of 5 years. National Police states that the Man was arrested a few nights ago but the information was made public today to warn people of scammers and fake profiles.

The man known as Andrew Park started his scheme back in May of 2015. He reportedly said to National Police that he was called "ugly and disgusting" by a woman who he interested in. He planned payback for the woman that rejected him. In response he created a fake profile with a fake picture and all. The profile was of a young solider in the Imperial Army. He posed as this young soilder online and won her over. Park later asked her for 5,000 USD over a period 5 years. She obliged to his requests. When she finally asked to meet up in Macau for a night out in May 2020. Park deleted the profile and blocked her on all social media accounts. He never showed up to her meet up spot.

The woman who choose not to be named is a 27 year old. After being duked, she alerted National Police to her missing "boyfriend." She gave the police his phone number which was tracked back to Park. Park was quickly arrested.

Park reportedly spent the 5,000 USD on items for his apartment. Those include a new TV, laptop, smartphone, tablet, bed, and other household items. Park called it an "act of revenge against rejection." Park dosen't regret anything he has done. Park has been charged with identity theft, and fruad. If convicted he could face time in a jail for 5 years.

It is encouraged to be on the lookout for fake profiles and scammers online. If it looks to good to be true it probably is. A lesson in life that should be learned, rejection is hard but waiting will behold something beautiful.

Danzigreich wrote:TO: Julian Garcia, Minister of Foreign Trade
FROM: Angelika Beike, Wirtschaftsminister (Economic Affairs)
RE: Santiago Economic Centre

Honourable Minister,

My government is particularly interested in the establishment of an office in the new economic centre in Santiago.

Many Danziger companies are engaged in service and advanced manufacturing activities which rely on the importation of raw materials in one form or another. Sourcing these materials is not always easy as our government aims to create an economy both ethical and environmentally sustainable. As such, opening an office in Santiago will allow us to facilitate our businesses in the ethical and sustainable access of Anzoanian raw materials, achieving our department's mission and help establish lasting trade links between our two countries.

Danzig also has a lot to offer across a range of industries, from Entertainment (QuikFlik), Information Technology (DinoHost), Pharmaceuticals (Äskulap) to Shipbuilding (Wolf-Schiffe GmbH). We are also world-renowned for our Insurance industry.

If your government would like to further discuss trade, visa policies or other points, please contact me at your soonest convenience so that we may iron out the necessary details. My department will be in contact in the mean time to establish our office within the new economic centre.

Mit freundlichem Gruss

Angelika Beike

Dear Mrs Beike

We would gladly discuss economic trade with your nation. We will provision you with a space at the Economic Centre in Santiago. Complimentary, you behold diplomatic relations with us already, therefore this process is of our upmost priority, therefore we will schedule talks with your embassy in consultation with your economic leaders, and industries in reasonable time. Our raw materials, particularly cooper and aluminium could be of use to your economy. We will finalise a date for a meeting with you as soon as you deem fit, in due course.

Kind Regards,
Julian Garcia, Minister of Foreign Trade

Post self-deleted by Inouye.

Coronation of Hagashikuze Akiiyo

On the grounds of the Imperial Palace, a ceremony was about to take place. Present were Prime Minister Izumo, Heir Apparent Princess Akiiyo, and various other ministers and high ranking officials in the Japanese government. News stations were also allowed to film and broadcast the ceremony. Before the ceremony started, the ministers and other official sat on chairs that were placed in the garden of the palace. Prime Minister Izumo was walking towards a podium that featured the Hagashikuze family symbol.

"Thank you all for attending this ceremony on such a relatively short notice. Princess Akiiyo was not to be the Sovereign of this nation until much later in her life, but unforeseen circumstances have pushed her coronation to today. Despite a somber tone, this is not a somber ceremony! Today, we crown a new Sovereign. Princess Akiiyo will become the 125th Sovereign of this nation and will become the 2nd ever Empress of Japan. With those two things, she will also be the youngest Sovereign ever to lead Japan being the age of 17." he said.

"The Sovereign of this nation has duties to uphold in making sure that the identity of Japan will last through ages of peace and wartime. They will be the face of a nation that will never back down from a threat. They will be the face of the nation that will continue to prosper no matter what. This has and will always be the duty of our Sovereign." he said before turning around. The podium was quickly moved and a microphone that was around the ear was turned on for Izumo. Suddenly, the Imperial Fanfare started playing. This was accompanied by Princess Akiiyo walking down a path towards Prime Minister Izumo. She was wearing a sokutai. She reached a gazebo that contained a large pillow. She was helped onto the pillow and kneeled down looking towards the crowd.

Prime Minister Izumo walked towards her and grabbed an item from an aide. With the item, he stood behind Princess Akiiyo. He raised the item and it was revealed to be a flame with a spike on the bottom. While holding it over her, he spoke. "Today we mark a new era in Japan. For Princess Akiiyo, we present a flame. This flame is representative of a phoenix that Japan has and will become. To Mother Amaterasu, I present the new Sovereign of Japan, Empress Akiiyo." he said as he placed the spike in a bun of her hair.

Prime Minister Izumo walked to the front of her, bowed deeply to her, stepped backwards and raised his arms while chanting "banzai". The second chant included the guests who attended. After the third chant, Izumo bowed again and Empress Akiiyo rose and was escorted to the throne room.

Southeastern asia

Announcement on behalf of the Representative Council

Today, the Representative council of USSSEA voted to construct a museum dedicated to the International struggle for Socialism. This museum will also function as a memorial to all those who gave their lives in the fight for a society for the many and not just the few.

There will be a space for our own struggle and victory over Capitalism and all Socialist nations worldwide, especially our comrades in the International Cooperation Council, are invited to submit the stories of their own struggles and victories to be documented in the new museum so that the proletariat of the world will never forget the struggles they endured.

Construction will begin in the coming week.

Ministry of Economy

A joint venture between the Danzigreich-based Quik Software and the Central Bank of the Socialist Republic of Furstia will be established in the Bioko Special Economic Activity Area.

In summary, a 51/49 partnership has been agreed, with operational control of the venture held by BetNow, while profits will be evenly split between the company and the Central Bank of the Socialist Republic of Furstia.
The company has also expressed that it will abide firmly to all pertinant laws of the Socialist Republic of Furstia.

We expect that this relationship will continue to prosper and present new spheres of cooperation in the near future.

Post self-deleted by Anzoania.

Iranian commonwealth

Cancelled elections! Opposition in uproar as ruling party reject the no confidence vote on "corruption" allegations
The country erupted in protests and unrest as the government cancelled planned elections after the PDP accused the TUP of bribing the rebel MP's to leave the PDP. The government has declared the elections indefinetly postponed until the investigations are complete. Some member of the TUP are fearing a purge of those opposed to the PDP's rule, and are apparently making preperations to flee the country if the TUP is persecuted by the PDP. Many attribute to the recent change in leadership of the PDP to new Vizier Badr Morava who replaced the previous one after the rebellion in the party. This new vizier seems to be trying to secure his powerbase and across the country many fear what this could entail for the future

Stauffer visits displaced refuge in Agram

The city of Agram was the location of many large battles and skirmishes within the Danubian Civil War and as such was one of the most effected regions across the nation. Tens of Thousands were killed and many more were wounded or displaced in the many battles with rudimentary shelters and communes set up across the city and the surrounding region in order to care for those within.

Thanks to the recovery efforts of the new government and our ICC allies great steps have been made as the first new housing developments start to reopen and people once again return to their homes. President Emilie Stauffer celebrated this great milestone with a visit to the city where she met and talked with both local officials and citizens hearing about the progress which had been made in the city as well as personally addressing any problems they may have.

She also announced she would be travelling across the southern regions in order to visit the areas ravaged by the civil war and help unite the nation following the declaration that the Danubian Civil War had finally come to an end.


The Board of Works of the Qing Dynasty has laid out the groundwork for a proposed environmental treaty, aimed at the conservation of finite resources, controlled emission levels of finite resources, and the promotion of renewable energy across the globe, as well as staunch action against acts which could compromise our sustainable access to resources.

The treaty, preliminarily named the International Environmental Conservation Treaty (IECT) covers a wide range of topics, including the conservation of wildlife habitats, cross-border animal trade, population protection, waste disposal, carbon and sulphur emissions, and much more.

The following provisions are tentative:

    Signatories shall pledge to follow through their commitments to the best of their ability; when unable to do so, voluntary assistance may be rendered upon the subjects in need.

  • ARTICLE 2 Regulations on the Import and Export of Endangered Species
    i. Signatories of the IECT pledge to take steps to combat all forms of illicit wildlife smuggling, and promote the cessation of the related trades.
    ii. Parties should responsibly ensure that trade in wild plants and animals is not a threat to the conservation of nature, and subject themselves to a universally agreed-upon set of import-export laws for endangered animals or plants.
    iii. Under such treaty, an endangered species is defined as a species with less than 300 specimens in the wild, wherein each specimen is defined as an animal or plant, whether alive or as a carcass/dead.
    iv. Parties accede to the formation of a universally recognized import-export permit for endangered species.
    v. Prior grant and presentation of an import permit and either an export permit or a re-export certificate is required, for both exporting and importing nations wishing to engage in the trading of endangered species.
    vi. An import or export permit shall only be granted when the following conditions have been met: both exporter and importing nations agree that the species' import will not be detrimental to the survival of the species involved; both exporter and importer nations have adequate facilities to house and care for the specimen; and both exporter and importing nations are satisfied that the specimen will not be brought into any unnecessary harm or stress for the duration of their lifespans.
    vii. Where export or import permits are from a State not a signatory/party to the present Convention, comparable documentation issued by the competent authorities in that State which substantially conforms with the requirements of the present Convention for permits and certificates may be accepted in lieu.
    viii. Export and import permits for endangered animals protected under Ordinance 3 of Article 2 shall only be granted by national governments, with appropriate registration of exporters and importers to be placed on a publicly accessible database, available to all IETC parties.

  • ARTICLE 3 Legal Action against Wildlife Exploitation
    i. Parties accede that cross-border legal action, including (but not limited to) extradition, can be performed against cross-border poachers, or parties engaging in illegal wildlife exploitation.
    ii. Parties accede that upon request, other signatories may call upon them for the extradition for cross-border poachers, or parties engaging in illegal wildlife exploitation; they shall be obliged to render assistance on a voluntary basis, depending on capability.
    iii. Parties accede to the formation of an international, cross-border law enforcement agency for the enforcement of provisions prescribed in all Articles.
    iv. Punitive measures may include imprisonment, fining, or probation. Depending on the severity or quantity of offences, parole or concurrent sentences may or may not be considered.

  • ARTICLE 4 Details surrounding the WTA
    i. The agency, mentioned in Ordinance 3 of Article 3, shall be named the Wildlife Trading Agency, or the WTA.
    ii. Signatories to the IETC agree to the provision of assistance to the WTA in annual obligations, be it material, or financial.
    iii. Material assistance may include, but are not limited to, the provision of office space, acommodation, vehicles, firearms, uniform materials, or other forms of equipment.
    iv. Financial assistance may include, but are not limited to, cash grants.
    v. The WTA is ultimately accountable to all signatories of the IETC. Any failures or miscarriages of justice shall be duly reported, with appropriate action to be taken.
    vi. Punishments meted out in Ordinance 4 of Article 3 may only be prescribed by the WTA, with specialized detainment facilities run under WTA jurisdiction to be placed in various locations.
    vii. WTA facilities shall also be made available, for the long term care and protection of endangered species found to be in a detained entity's possession.
    viii. WTA entities are forbidden from engaging in civilian law enforcement. Their duties are limited to that of environmental law enforcement, as prescribed by the IETC's provisions.

  • ARTICLE 5 Welfare and Treatment of Endangered Species
    i. Habitats of endangered species shall be clearly defined and described to local communities, by use of audio, tactile, or visual means.
    ii. Signatories accede to the provision of materials, aimed at raising awareness of the identification of endangered species, and clearly inform the public of relevant penalties surrounding their exploitation.
    iii. Habitats of endangered animals shall be guarded by members of the WTA, with at least 2 veterinary specialists on standby for every 10 specimens to ensure the accommodation of their relevant needs.

  • ARTICLE 6 Proper Disposal of Chemical Waste
    i. In this article,
    >“chemical waste” means any waste which is of an artificial chemical nature, and is defined by Ordinance 2.
    >“container” means a container in which chemical waste is required to be packed.
    >“flashpoint” is defined as the temperature at which a compound ignites in air.
    >“reception point” is defined as a place in respect of which waste disposal duties and licenses relating to chemical waste are granted.
    ii. Chemical waste includes effluent, scrap material, any unwanted substances or by-products arising from the course of any commercial/industrial process or trade activity, biohazard waste, radioactive byproducts (such as reactor fuel).
    iii. An entity or person shall not produce or cause to be produced chemical waste unless the entity in question is registered with their local governments, and registrations available to other IETC signatories.
    iv. The register shall be open for inspection by the public at all times. A registration shall not be transferable and shall be valid only in respect of the person and the premises registered
    v. Any person who contravenes the Article's regulations commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of $200,000 and to imprisonment for 6 months.
    vi. Registered waste producers, upon the ceasing of producing waste, shall be removed from the register.
    vii. A waste producer shall ensure that any chemical waste produced or caused to be produced by him or in his possession or custody is, stored up to the following regulations:
    >stored in a container which is resistant to corrosion or any other damage that can be caused by chemical waste to be stored in it
    >stored in a container with a service life of ~40 years
    >stored in a container which can be maintained in good condition and repair and free from corrosion, contamination or any other defect which may reduce its performance
    >stored in a method wherein chemical waste will not render the handling of the container in which it is packed or stored in unsafe
    >properly and securely closed, sealed and no chemical waste adheres to the external surface of the container
    >in the cases of liquids, stored in a container with sufficient ullage, as to prevent leakage from, or permanent distortion of the container, due to expansion of the liquid due to temperature change or any other condition which is likely to occur in the storage, handling or transport of such waste
    >stored in an environment where the chemical waste will fall a minimum of 5ºC short of its flashpoint,
    >stored in a facility where fire extinguishing capabilities are solid and functional.
    >stored in individual containers; chemical waste shall not be stored with other wastes, whether chemical or otherwise, if it is likely that there will be dangerous consequences.
    viii. Chemical waste shall not be placed or stored in any container, exceeding 300 litres.
    ix. Waste producers are required to label all chemical waste containers with visible markings, with all name tags or labels adhering to a minimum size of 50 cm x 20 cm. Pictograms shall be included.
    x. Radioactive waste shall be stored in a lead-lined container, with a minimum thickness of 5 inches/12.7 cm. Storage of spent nuclear fuel in pools are exempt from Ordinance 12.
    xi. All storage sites must have adequate ventilation to prevent the formation of any harmful concentration of vapour or gases in the event of spillage or leakage
    xii. All chemical waste containers must be kept clean and dry.
    xiii. Signatories accede to the full compliance of Article 6, and to the formation of Hazardous Site 1 - a location (to be determined) which will be capable of storing all future stocks of nuclear waste for accountability, ease of maintenance, ease of funding, and ease of operation reasons.

  • ARTICLE 7 Welfare and Treatment of detained subjects under the WTA
    i. Detained subjects under the WTA are forbidden from escape.
    ii. Concurrent sentences will not be prescribed for those responsible for >2 offenses, or those found illegally exploiting >10 specimens cumulatively of an endangered species.
    iii. Parole will not be granted for those responsible for >3 offenses, or those found illegally exploiting >22 specimens cumulatively of an endangered species.
    iv. Detainees shall be subject to the welfare and treatment requirements of the detainment facility's host nation.
    v. Day-to-day administration of such detainment facilities, alongside interaction with detainees, is the responsibility of the WTA.
    vi. Prisoner abuse, placing of inmates in situations of extreme duress or stress, or torture, is explicitly forbidden.
    vii. WTA personnel found to be mismanaging the detainment of subjects will be tried under the conventional laws of their host region, and subsequently sentenced as such.

  • ARTICLE 8 IETC Development Bank
    i. Signatories accede to the formation of a development bank, exclusive to IETC signatories.
    ii. Signatories accede to annual financial obligations to the development bank, to ensure a constant supply of capital for the bank.
    iii. Bank regulations will be set, devised, and revised by IETC signatories, by use of a 2/3rds majority determination.
    iv. Year-end dividends from the bank IETC D Bank shall be returned to their respective donating nations.
    v. The IETC Development Bank's purpose is to allow nations to realize their environmental obligations as per the IETC's provisions. Nations which are financially incapable of fulfilling their obligations are eligible to financial assistance from the Development Bank.

  • ARTICLE 9 IETC Directors
    i. An IETC Director, representing the membership of each signatory, shall be posted in their host nations, and granted operational oversight for all IETC law enforcement, chemical waste protocols, and WTA actions in their respective host nations.
    ii. IETC Directors shall be appointed by their national governments, with a term limit of 5 years. Upon the expiration of their term, Directors shall be re-appointed.
    iii. IETC Directors shall convene in a central location (to be determined) biannually, to discuss, evaluate, and analyse the IETC's capabilities and outcomes. This gathering of Directors shall be aptly named the "Directorate Authority".
    iv. The Directorate-Authority is the penultimate authority of the IETC's operations. All IETC Directors are responsible to the Directorat-Authority.
    v. A Secretary-General shall be appointed to chair the Directorate-Authority for a duration of 10 years, with his/her appointment to be determined by a popular vote (2/3rds majority) by IETC Directors.
    vi. All Directors are obliged to follow and enforce the provisions of the IETC to their best of the abilities. They are also responsible for the trialing of persons in contravention of Articles 2, 3, 5, 6.

    i. Signatories accede to the requirement that energy suppliers shall help lower-income households improve their energy efficiency.
    ii. Signatories agree to take proactive steps to cut their carbon emissions by 5-10%.

    i. In the event of a breach of containment by any forms of chemical waste, IETC signatories shall be rendered ready to assist the subject nation.
    ii. Clear and transparent communication shall be maintained between IETC signatories, with regards of any potential risks chemical waste may pose to any of their population centres.
    iii. IETC signatories shall take steps to ensure the storage of all chemical waste, as defined in Article 6, are stored in areas a minimum of 5 kilometres away from water sources, livestock pastures, population centres (defined as the permanent residence of >4 people), or agricultural land.
    iv. All signatories accede to the provision of signs, delineating zones of chemical waste storage.
    v. The 5-kilometre zone, as prescribed in Ordinance 3, shall be marked as an exclusion zone, with all movements, construction, and activity in the exclusion zone to be monitored by local authorities.
    vi. Unprotected persons are not permitted to enter a 1-kilometre radius of any chemical waste storage facilities.
    vii. Persons operating within the 1-kilometre radius of chemical waste storage facilities must be provided with adequate personal protective equipment, such as Level C/Level B/Level A/Type 1/Type 2/Type 3/Type 4 hazmat suits.
    viii. The dumpage of chemical waste into any waterway shall be strictly prohibited, and a criminal offense.


President Stauffers plans to tour the south were cut short today after what appears to be a terrorist incident and political assassination attempt at a rally in the city of Erwiße. According to eyewitness accounts, a lone gunman charged the president as she was leaving her armed transport and approaching the stage, firing a few shots and missing before being tackled by the presidents bodyguards who quickly rushed her to the safety of a nearby building alongside other government officials who were in attendance.

The gunman was apprehended and revealed to be Jonáš Kratochvíl. No past criminal history was found but he was found to have links to the United Front for Liberty, formerly lead by the now deceased Richárd Mészáros, working as a minor campaigner and volunteer for a minor branch of the organisation. Stauffer made a public statement on her Twitter claiming that she and the other government officials were safe and had been escorted out of the city and returned to Budapest and sadly would have to postpone her tour until the situation could be deemed safe to continue.

National Senate Passes Equality Legislation

Just moments ago the Eulumian Senate has passed "Equality Legislation" in a landslide majority,with a comment by the Grand Chancellor describing it as "Grievously overdue for a civilized nation in the twenty-firsty century." The details of this legislation are as follows:

- Eulumia and all of its territories are officially secular, abolishing any sort of state-sanctioned religion. There will be a clear and distinct separation of religion and the station, with no provinces or cities officially declaring official religions. Eulumia allows citizens and residents to privately practice their religion in their residencies or at places of worship, i.e. Mosque, Church/Cathedral, Synagogue, Temple, Monastery, etc. The Eulumian Federal government will intervene where necessary to ensure that all provinces, regencies, and cities are adhering to this legislation accordingly.

-LGBT+ and minority individuals will be granted full and intact rights guaranteed to every other Eulumian citizen, including: State recognized marriage, adoption, military service, voting, and discrimination protection. Furthermore, transgender individuals do not need to seek government approval for hormonal therapy to assist with their transitions, requiring only medical professional guidance, prescriptions as well as patient consent. The Eulumian Federal government will intervene where necessary to ensure that all provinces, regencies, and cities are adhering to this legislation accordingly.

- Freedom of speech and the press will be guaranteed rights granted to every Eulumian citizen, resident, and national. It is an integral part of being in a civilized society and this right shall be protected by the Government, however blatant hate speech and crimes shall not be tolerated as they violate Eulumia's Anti-Discrimination Legislation. The Eulumian Federal government will intervene where necessary to ensure that all provinces, regencies, and cities are adhering to this legislation accordingly.


New National Capital Designated

It comes as no surprise that the Eulumian capital with a metropolitan area of over thirty million people is a highly congested city, that also faces extreme pollution and is slowly sinking into the ocean. With these in mind, the Grand Chancellor has made a public announcement explaining why the capital will be moved.

Grand Chancellor: "Our massive Eulumian Capital is holding a heavy burden of hosting the national centers of governance, finance, culture, trade and services, and holding the title of being Eulumia's largest city proper, and metropolitan area both. With those factors in mind, the Eulumian Capital shall be moved to the island of Borneo and straddle two relatively undeveloped regions, Kutai Kertanegara and Penajam Paser Utar. We are aware of concerns regarding the ecosystems in place here and endangered species such as the Orangutan, and we are taking all proper surveys and precautions to ensure that we do not harm any ecosystems or habitats of endangered species. Additionally, this new location will draw some of the poopulation congestion away from Versienna and help to distribute the population more equally. Furthermore, this new capital will be more centrally located within the nation, and be less at risk of natural disasters that Java is prone to, putting less people at risk. Until otherwise stated, the new capital will retain the name of Versienna, and the previous/current capital will have the name of Jakarta restored."

"This total project is estimated to cost about 466 trillion Isteros ($32.79 billion USD), an ambitious project indeed. We will be diverting funds previously allocated to previously state owned industries that were relinquished to the private sector in addition to private funding from investors who wish to see this ambitious project take place. For perspective, traffic in Versienna is so bad that it costs our nation an estimated 100 trillion Isteros every year, and with the de-congestion of Versienna, that will be revenue no longer lost that can be put back into developing and bettering our nation. Additionally, we are moving several key shipping companies out of Versienna and into Singapore and Sorong, West Papua to spread the trading networks and hubs out from Java to two other key locations across the country. We hope that this will help attract more trade and business in Sorong, helping to grow the city's population in an effort to more evenly spread our population centers across the nation."

Eulumia to Withdraw ENAS Membership

Singapore News Network - SN3

Lotte: "Good morning, Eulumia, and afternoon for those of you living in the Eastern Provinces. This just in, we have received word that the Grand Chancellor will be delivering a short speech regarding Versienna's decision to withdraw Eulumia's membership from ENAS, or the Entente of Non-Aligned States. Here's the clip now."

Grand Chancellor: "I am standing here before you, people of Eulumia, to announce that following months of internal debates within the Senate, I am declaring Eulumia's official departure from the Entente of Non-Aligned States, or ENAS. It was clear within the first few days of its inception that Eulumia inherently did not agree with some of the core ideas of ENAS itself, and that led to Eulumia voting against several key concepts of the Entente itself. I believe it best for Eulumia to revoke its membership from ENAS despite being a founding member due to the conflict of interests, making Eulumia's participation in ENAS unattainable. For those reasons, I hereby declare that Eulumia will officially be withdrawing itself from ENAS, and will not be participating in any future meetings or endeavors, and all ENAS nations with the notable exception of Lanfang-, will be subject to standard Eulumian laws within Eumian air, land, and waterspace, and all ENAS vessels may be halted by the Commerce Federation and searched while passing through Eulumian waters, particularly those in the Straits of Malacca. ENAS vessels and vessels of member nations in particular with the exception of Lanfang-, will likely see a temporary spike in halt and search procedures by the Commerce Federation following Eulumia's departure from ENAS in the interests of nationa security. However, Eulumia will still conduct trade with nations of ENAS nor will it consider relations weakened, Eulumia's best interests lie outside of ENAS membership. Thank you."

Bill Legalising Same-Sex Marriage and Outlawing Unilateral Discrimination Passes Through Congress

The Decency Act, has won a three-quarter majority vote in the Senate, 55-21 after passing through the House of Province Representatives, 275-52. The Act that will come into affect in two months, will address significant discrimination towards same-sex couples, while maintaining ethical protections of minors. In the Act, everyone is legally considered neutral, meaning that all citizens by law have the right to partner with someone despite gender or sex. Discrimination on the basis of sexuality, such as same-sex marriage cannot be refused on this basis by qualified clergy, abstaining may only be on the basis of stanch, religious grounds, personal beliefs are not given such are refused such ability and shall not interfere with in such affairs, therefore they are not granted such power to suppress marriage. Religious grounds must be made clear at least two weeks before proceedings take place. The same laws apply to transgenders, people of different ethnic groups.

Section two if this Act, in ratifying the Discrimination Act of 1989, also outlaws discrimination in using facilities, be it public or private on this basis, service, financial, education, accommodation, transportation in democratic participation, in elections or court representation. If ethnic or sexual discrimination is taken to the courts, parties can appeal to federal services for funding if deemed acceptable by provincial officers, who must abide by Federal guidelines. Such guidelines suggest that substantial intelligence must be investigated beforehand, before being decided by the jury, such intelligence shall be shared to the selected jury with confidentiality to the defendant. Because of the volatile nature of racial affairs results of a jury trail may only be scrutinised after for discrimination, thus a retrial shall be easily be reapplied if there is a lack of confidence, if intelligence is limited.


President Stauffers plans to tour the south were cut short today after what appears to be a terrorist incident and political assassination attempt at a rally in the city of Erwiße. According to eyewitness accounts, a lone gunman charged the president as she was leaving her armed transport and approaching the stage, firing a few shots and missing before being tackled by the presidents bodyguards who quickly rushed her to the safety of a nearby building alongside other government officials who were in attendance.

The gunman was apprehended and revealed to be Jonáš Kratochvíl. No past criminal history was found but he was found to have links to the United Front for Liberty, formerly lead by the now deceased Richárd Mészáros, working as a minor campaigner and volunteer for a minor branch of the organisation. Stauffer made a public statement on her Twitter claiming that she and the other government officials were safe and had been escorted out of the city and returned to Budapest and sadly would have to postpone her tour until the situation could be deemed safe to continue.

Prague Castle, time unknown

Two men wearing black business suits and fedoras walked slowly, enjoying the countless paintings and other works of art while looking at a group of children walk pass, part of a tour group. One of the men then looked at the other and spoke

"Looks like the Boss was right to send us brother, someone wants to play in the shadows. Oh how little they know to play in our domain..."

Nodding the other man replied

"So what do we do next? Orders from above are to gather intel and if possible, flush the bastards out"

The first one chuckled

"Oh we'll do more than that. I still have a few contacts here, some of them in the intelligence arm of the government. If need be, we see who's loyal to Stauffer and go from there. Bastards won't know what hit them."

The other man, taking a quick drag on a cigarette before snuffing it out and putting it in a container nodded in agreement

"Then the Hunt begins....just like old times."

Sándor Palace, Budapest

President Stauffer sits at her desk, drinking wine and biding her time after the assassination attempt. It was not safe to continue the tour and would seemingly not be anytime soon. She takes another sip as her secretary walks in with an envelope, giving a concerned look and sliding it across the desk. She looks up at him and takes the letter, ripping open the seal and looking inside. Emptying the contents of the letter is nothing but a blood-stained wallet containing the ID of Jonáš Kratochvíl (her former assassin) as well as an empty bullet casing and a small note engraved with a socialist unity party insignia. She looks over the contents, somewhat disturbed and her face turns pale as she reads the note.

[ We warned you. Take our advice, madame president. - Török ]

She stands up and throws the paper in a nearby office bin, taking another sip of wine.

Stauffer: Simon, get Mr. Törökon the phone. Tell him..

She sighs and looks to the ground

Stauffer: Tell him.. he has his wish.

~ OBBC Economy

The Right Honourable James Seymour Esq. MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has re-opened the Westminster City Stock Exchange (WCSE) for the first time after the Civilian War about an hour ago in the company of, amongst others, Sir Nathan Sterling, Governor of the Bank of Orange-Bourgogne. Yesterday evening, the Chancellor announced that he gave his fiat to the re-opening as all preparations were completed earlier this week. The re-opening comes as a relief to the markets and businessmen across the nation.

One businessman told OBBC's Christine Bulford that he had been looking for this moment for "months, I am delighted to finally get an opportunity to make changes to my investments to better support the nation to which i belong". Others are more reluctant in their enthusiasm. Professor Charles Walsham said that "We are nowhere near the level where we were before the beginning of this crisis. We really have to be careful with our investments and changes thereto, otherwise, the whole system might deteriorate things and make us even worse off." Professor Walsham participated in extended talks with the Treasury, including meetings with the Chancellor of the Exchequer himself.

In a statement released by HM Treasury a few weeks ago, when the re-opening of the WCSE was first mentioned, mister Seymour said that he expects a "steep fall during the first couple of days, from which we should gradually recover". He does not think that Orange-Bourgogne is heading for a deep recession. The official comments which OBBC News received were "The [Orange-Bourgognian] economy remains to be one of the best of the world to invest in. We had a few strifles, but with this Government we are able to facilitate all sorts of businesses to operate within this jurisdiction."

So the question that remains is whether or not the WCSE has followed the expectations. In the first few hours after its opening, the WCSE has fallen very sharply indeed. Some say that it has even declined further than it was supposed to be. However, others point towards the fact that other sectors have continued to do relatively well. More information will be published as the situation develops.

Romanovskaya wrote:To: Lotte Sørensen, Office of the Prime Minister, Danmarka
From: Daria Shchegolyayeva, Office of the Prime Minister, Romanovskaya
Subject: RE: Congratulations from Denmark

Your Excellency,

I wish to thank you for your kind words and best wishes following my election to the position of Prime Minister, a position for which I am most honoured and humbled to have bestowed upon me by my honourable peers. Indeed myself and the newly formed government are most eager to get to work engaging with our neighbours here in Europe and further afield.

I am very much aware of our previous talks and I do indeed apologise for the enforced hiatus in the discussions however I am most eager along with my colleague, the newly appointed Minister of Finance Tatiana Konovalova, to resume these discussions. It is my personal belief that these next rounds of discussions should take place in person, therefore I wish to invite you personally to Vyborg along with any staff you require to travel with you.

We look forward to receiving you here in Romanovskaya.

Yours Truly,

Дарья Щеголяева
Prime Minister of the Principality of Romanovskaya

Statsministeriet / Office of the Prime Minister of The Kingdom of Danmarka

To: Daria Shchegolyayeva, Prime Minister, Romanovskaya
From: Office of the Prime Minister, Danmarka
Subject: Congratulations from Denmark
Encryption: none

Sent via: The Embassy of Danmarka in Vyborg

Dear Prime Minister,

First, I'd like to thank you for your consideration and your kind letter of invitation to Vyborg. My Minister for Finance and I will be happy to attend; we eagerly look forward to resuming the talks on closer economic cooperation between our nations.

With regards to the delay in the discussions caused by the recent Romanovan election there is no need to apologise; I fully understand that given the circumstances it was the only viable solution to suspend the negotiatons until there's a new Romanovan government in office. I concur that we should now approach the discussions in a much more personal way and I am thus most eager to meet you and Minister Konovalova personally in Vyborg. Together we will surely find a way to reach a mutually beneficial deal on arrangements dealing with the economic cooperation of our respective nations.

I am willing to travel to Vyborg at any time. However, since I am planning to attend the Funeral of the Saintly & Royal Family of the Russian Empire scheduled on 16th July 2020, allow me to politely suggest that our talks could be held during the week I'll be staying in Vyborg. Nonetheless, should this proposal not suit you in any way we can schedule the meeting on a different date.

Yours faithfully,

Lotte Sørensen
Prime Minister of The Kingdom of Danmarka


Following the assassination attempt on President Emilie Stauffer alongside numerous accusations of treason, espionage and international meddling in Danubian affairs both during, before and after the Civil War; the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Donaureich has announced the formation of a new intelligence and state security agency titled the "Ministerium für Staatssicherheit von Donaureich". This has lead to a number of concerns about the potential of corruption and authoritarianism such as agency could bring, but the party has assured that this would only be a temporary measure and is necessity to secure peace and order nationwide against those who would seek to destroy us.

Ádám Török, newly appointed head of this organisation, made a rowsing speech outside the old Bundesrat building in Budapest.

Comrades, Friends and Countrymen. Today we mark a new era of peace and prosperity for the Danubian Confederation. A peaceful end to the civil war was seen as a just goal for both sides, a way we could finally end the bloodshed, however such a peace was not to last as the vile republicans conspire against us from within. It is clear the compromise has failed.

The republicans and imperialists under their "United Front for Liberty" alongside other self-proclaimed "moderates" in our own Volkskammer have continued to fight against the democratic mandate of this government and the Danubian people. It is clear they cannot be trusted, they only wished to bide their time and wait to retake power by force with help from imperialist western elements. This ends from this day forward.

The United Front for Liberty and all who associate with them are hereby declared enemies of the republic. We will stop at nothing to hunt them down and bring them to justice for their crimes against Danubia and the ideals of socialism, freedom, equality and the world revolution in which our great nation was built upon. All members of this organization and any who choose to collaborate with them shall share the same fate. These will be trying times, but as a nation we must come together and fight against tyranny as we did during the civil war. The War is not yet over, and we will achieve victory, no matter the cost.

The attempt on the presidents life has left our nation scarred and horrified, but i assure you the resolve of the Danubian government and our people has never been stronger. This will be a wake up call for us all, to never allow any who could threaten our great revolution to continue their crusade. This. Ends. Today

The crowd cheers in support for Török, who smiles and waves to the crowd before displaying a copy of the Danubian Peace Agreement and ripping it up on stage, tossing the shreds into the crowd and stepping down from his platform.

Empress Valeria I to address the nation

Good evening to this extra news broadcast. In a surprise announcement, less than a month before the Federal Convention. It is highly expected that the Empress will be re-elected as the Imperial monarch of Infiny.

As of now, it is unclear what the subject of the address will be. Speculations are that it will either be about the economy, race relations, or international relations with the recent withdrawal of Eulumia from ENAS. We now go to foreign policy expert, former minister of Foreign Affairs Marcel Wegry.

‘Minister Wegry, I’m glad you could join us.’

‘It is my pleasure, Natalya.’

'You have been in the spotlights for your comments on the withdrawal of Eulumia from ENAS. Do you think the address has to do with this event?'

‘Personally, I think it is highly likely that it has to do with the Eulumian withdrawal from ENAS, which is a big, big blow to the Imperial Federation. Eulumia was alongside the Imperial Federation one of the most powerful nations of the Entente and seeing it withdraw from a carefully confronted league that was to deny both Washington and Moscow the opportunity to bully smaller nations...
the Empress must have taken it personally, and seeing how this is a major foreign policy blow, it is likely that she seeks to address the nation on the next steps and assure them of peace and prosperity with everyone.’

‘Is that not the administration’s responsibility? The Empress is a figurehead, not an active policymaker.’

‘That’s correct. However, the Empress is the uniting force in this nation. Seeing her embrace particular challenges and uniting the people in troubling times could be conveying a sense of responsibility that she owes to the people of this nation as a constitutional monarch. On the other hand, it could also mean that the Empress will actively propagate neutrality, or take the blame for the Cyseia administrations’ failure to prevent a schism in national politics. If she gets the blame, it won’t hurt the country’s democratic process. Far less, in any case, than if the blame goes to the Prime Minister.'

‘Do you think that the Empress is covering for the Prime Minister?'

‘I don’t like the word ‘covering.’ The Empress is using a power that is constitutionally vested in her, and as head of state, she is always responsible for what the Imperial Federation does and does not, what it accomplishes and what it fails at. Her degree of involvement honestly doesn’t matter.’

‘Thank you for your input, minister Wegry.’

‘It was my pleasure.’

Mr. Wegry’s speculations are not the only potential subject that the Empress may be discussing. Joining us now is Linas von Quicksinken, Grand Admiral of the Infinian Navy. Admiral, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

‘I am honored, Natalya. Thank you for having me.’

‘You have been vocal in the past about the Infinian naval capabilities. Do you think it is related?’

‘Yes, I indeed think that they are related. In recent years, Infiny has relied on a network of foreign nations to account for its defense. Our navy is dwarfed by several of our top competitors, particularly the Soviet Union and Furstia, against whom we have suffered shameful intimidation during our intervention in the Danubian Civil War. With Eulumia departing ENAS, Infiny’s geopolitical standing takes a drastic strategic hit - I agree with the former minister. With a key strategic partner in the Indian Ocean departing, the Empress is feeling the pressure of the ICC increasing. Personally, I am thoroughly convinced that we will soon be seeing increased military buildup.’

‘Do you believe these funds will be allocated to the navy?’

‘The navy is Infiny’s most important armed forces department. Although the Imperial Federation is land-based, we have no serious enemies on land. Navally, however, we are vulnerable. Several of Infiny’s major hubs, most particularly Rhapta and Mogadishu-Xamara, are located at the shores. More importantly, Infiny’s location right next to the Gateway of Tears, the Gulf of Malao, and the Indian Ocean makes Infiny a prime target for those nations seeking to establish ties between Europe and Asia. With diplomatic support fading, the Imperial Federation is left to its own devices.’

‘Do you think the Empress perceives Infiny to be geopolitically isolated?’

‘Isolated, no. The Imperial Federation has plenty of partners in ENAS, and strong relations with nations like Eulumia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. I am certain that in the event of war, these nations will support - whether militarily or not - the Imperial Federation. However, I rather not fight a war in the first place, and I believe the Empress agrees. To deter aggression, a naval buildup is, indeed, required.’

‘Thank you for your input, Grand Admiral. ‘

‘Honored to share.’

Lastly, we explore the economic conditions of the Imperial Federation. Although the economy continues to grow, growth seems to be declining. Slums are still a tremendous problem in large cities, and recent months have seen an increase in racial violence as poverty disproportionally affects the Native African population of the Imperial Federation. Joining us now is Jozef Hezibu, CEO of the medicine company Tiva. Thank you for joining us, Mr. Hezibu.

‘The pleasure is all mine.’

‘Now, Mr. Hezibu, you have been trending recently because you’ve been suggesting that the Imperial Federation’s economic growth is highly disproportional and almost exclusively benefits the rich white minority. Do you think this will be the focal point of the Empress’s address to the nation?’

‘I think it will, I think it will. A blind man can see that internally, it is not going too well in the Imperial Federation, and the Empress is a compassionate woman. It is not about outward strength, it is about internal prosperity. To strengthen Infinian endurance in the face of an ever-increasing geopolitical threat, I think the Empress will look to cure Infiny, rather than to cure the other nations if you follow my logic.’

‘So you think that the recent withdrawal from Eulumia from ENAS is a direct cause for the address?’

‘Indeed, I agree with the minister’s and the Grand Admiral’s assessment of the diplomatic theater, but I don’t think this is what the subject of the address will mainly be about. As minister Wegry said, the Empress is a unifying figure, but she can only unify within Infiny. Thus, it would be much more powerful if she came out as Empress of All Infinians and supported more equal economic development. I believe she knows where she is most efficient, she is an intelligent woman.’

‘Do you have any concrete evidence that leads you to claim that the Empress has witnessed the increase in race-related violence and is willing to address it?’

‘I do, very much so. The Empress has a history of vigorously opposing racism, and recently even came out in favor of the controversial Lysenku v. Imperial Federation ruling, stating that it ‘was a great day for economic opportunity in poorer communities and will eliminate the economic disadvantages that our brothers and sisters of all colors suffer.’

‘Won’t that lead to opposition from the more right-wing factions in the Sobiraniya? Do you think such an address would be unifying rather than polarizing?’

‘As long as she carefully chooses her words, no. No Infinian politician actively propagates racism - that is against the Constitution of the Imperial Federation. If she appeals to the sentiments that all citizens of Infiny regardless of color are, in fact, Infinians, I believe she can strengthen national unity in the face of foreign setbacks.’

‘Thank you, Mr. Hezibu.’

‘Thank you for having me, Natalya.’


‘We now go live to the Afara ye Sevobodu, where the Empress’ address to the nation is held.

Empress Valeria moves elegantly to the microphone. Careful not to slip up at this crucial moment. After taking a few sips of water, she waits for all the cameras. Then she starts.

Moyi chelovi Infiniyi,*

Good evening.

I am speaking to you directly in order to discuss matters that I believe vital to the course of this nation and to the national interest. I have always striven to optimally listen to the will of the Infinian people, to whom I am responsible for the execution of my function.

My Imperial tenure has been characterized by violence, and hate. I have been swept to power by a corrupt and grotesque sect. I am of the strong opinion that our Constitutional Framework is powerful, but our democratic tradition is weak. As a compromise candidate, I lack democratic legitimacy. A democratic legitimacy, that on July 23rd during the Conventsiya Federatsiyaya, I am unwilling to pretend.

With my past, maintaining a democratic tradition while staying as Empress is impossible. I am the first Empress of the Second Imperial Federation, elected by a plotting sect installing me and my privileges as a puppet to their anti-democratic desires.

I believe that an Imperial monarch the likes of me can never pretend to have reached the top democratically. I could stay at the top by the grace of the people but never reach it. If we only allow our elites a chance to become Head of State, we have failed as a democracy.

We are now faced with monumental issues. We are faced with a rapidly changing, threatening geopolitical shift that makes the position of the Imperial Federation more and more perilous. We are in a military standoff between nations ruthlessly advancing their own interests over those of the smaller ones that they crush in days. We are faced with a crisis in energy as our ecological footprints slowly squish the planet, depleting it of its resources to keep us all alive. We are facing ever-increasing racial inequality as our country continues to grow.

All these issues are critical to be addressed. Infiny will need to overcome these issues to truly thrive. Regardless, they shall not be addressed by me. I shall not be a candidate in the Federal Convention. It is not my destiny to remain your Empress - but someone with the right democratic legitimacy, elected by the grace of the people, not by the elite. During this crucial time, we must decide for a distinctively democratic character, that can't be found in me.

May your deity shine on you, and may the Infinian motto, ’Istyna y Yustitiya'** ring true for the rest of your days.

*My fellow Infinians
** Truth and Justice







---- The current shifts in the internal sphere of Infiny stem from the latest changes in the global geopolitical landscape which have been interpreted as highly contradictorial by the Government for its foreign policy. The decisions made by the Eulumian and Vicintian Governments in their respective foreign affairs spheres have instilled generalized feelings of uncertainty, which have cemented a perception of increasing threats to the security of the country. It is expected that at the end of the month of July, a political successor will reaffirm and redirect efforts in the political, military and foreign affairs spheres of the nation within the framework of a remilitarization process aimed at dissipating the menace embodied in the ICC, as it is perceived by the Government, and strengthening the domestic and international image, which has been badly damaged by faulty policies carried out by unskilled political leaders, the lack of reliable international partners and a reduced capability of military readiness which the country has not been able to correct. Having evaluated the available information, a preliminary conclusion made by this annex estimates the possibility degree of deterioration of relations between our countries at the end of the month of July as:
Very High

In light of this assessment, it is recommended to DIAAF the evaluation of future pertinant measures. 
Further observations will be relayed if newly available data should suggest the contrary.
Fin Sumario.


Imperial Gardens

Empress Akiiyo was walking along a path with Prime Minister Izumo. Empress Akiiyo called Izumo there to speak to him, but did not tell him the specific reason as to why he was walking with her. "You must be very confused right now. What would an Empress need in her first month of ruling in times like these? A good question that I can answer for you." she said. Izumo remained quiet out of respect for the new Empress. "What I want - no, what I need is for my father to be executed!" she exclaimed.

Izumo stopped walking and just stared at her. "I'm sorry, Empress, but I can't do that. Your father must stand trial and will most likely be banished or will be placed in prison for the rest of his life." he explained. Empress Akiiyo crossed her arms. "I hold the power here, not you. Kill him, otherwise he'll find a way out and he'll have me killed for the throne." she commanded with a stern look on her face. Izumo shook his head.

"I am afraid you are mistaken, Empress. The Diet holds the power over such matters. This has been decided by the act passed by th-" he said before being interrupted by Empress Akiiyo. "The act that was not passed? The act that stayed at the desk of the Prime Minister until it was forgotten and never signed?" she asked with a smile.

"I'm sorry, I don't understand." said Prime Minister Izumo. Empress Akiiyo chuckled. "The act that was used to bring the Diet back was never signed to be a law or guideline. It was never made official so any use of it is null and voided." she explained. Izumo looked very confused as he stared at Akiiyo.

She sighed. "Please try and keep up, it's not that hard to follow. I wanted power and my father wasn't going to give it up soon. Father never liked me. He only cared once I became the next heir. All seventeen years of my life I was powerless. I decided I had enough and that he could no longer rule this nation with such weak visions and such a weak fist." she said. Izumo looked much more surprised than confused. "When studying, I found this act that never passed due to influence of the Emperor at the time. I decided that this would be the plan I go with. I found some Minister that was stupid enough to go with it and he did. His propaganda knowledge helped me move the plan into action. Once you met, you took out my father and his right-hand man. I had to remove both to be safe. Now, the plan couldn't be revealed until after my coronation, so here we are. The only reason you're in power, or seem to be, is because you're only a pawn in my quest for power. You have nothing above me. Your National Diet has no power here. If you couldn't even do research on the truth of what happened, then you shouldn't even hold an ounce of power." she explained.

Izumo staggered back. "How is this possible?" he asked. Empress Akiiyo rolled her eyes. "Did you not listen to what I've just said?" she asked. Izumo stared at her. "I heard what you have said, Empress. I just don't understand any of it." he said. Empress Akiiyo shook her head. "There's nothing for you to get besides that you have no power in Japan. I do. Now, my father. Travel to the prison and execute him." she turned around and put her hands behind her back before she started walking away. As she was walking away, she stopped and looked back over her shoulder. Order his execution. If I find out that you've disobeyed me, or spoke against me to anyone, you and the people you communicate with will be executed on the spot. Follow my orders and you keep your title... and life." she said, finally walking away. Izumo gulped and turned around. He finally had power, and it was taken away in an instant. He would follow the orders. He did not want to lose his life. "I was right, a new era or Japan has began." he sighed to himself.

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