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OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

10-point White Paper on Policies for the Coming Year

1. The Qing state shall remain independent, peaceful and neutral.

    The Qing shall continue to exist, as a unified nation which can represent all parties, groupings and all the members of the nation from all walks of life, while leaving the existing systems and governments as they are. The Qing will continue to exist as a unitary state, in which the regional governments of the nation are represented on an equal footing, and when combined, serve as an independent, peaceful and nonaligned neutral state which does not lean to any great power.

2. National unity is based on patriotism and national self-determination.

    All peoples of the Qing should link their own destinies with the destiny of the nation. They must love the nation and work together to defend the independence of the nation. Citing national self-determination, the Qing people shall reject flunkeyism, foreign interference, and national nihilism, all of which can erode the nation's consciousness of independence.

3. The Qing shall continue with a peaceful rise.

    All peoples of the Qing should recognize and respect the existence of different ideas and ideologies and systems, and enjoy progress and prosperity together, neither side encroaching upon the other. They should promote the interests of the whole nation before regional and class interests and direct all efforts to the accomplishment of the Qing state.

4. All manner of political disputes that foment division and confrontation between the fellow countrymen should be stopped.

    Any attempts from foreign actors or domestic traitors to ferment revolution, sedition, or treason shall be crushed relentlessly. All should refrain from seeking or fomenting confrontation, cease all manner of political disputes and stop hurling abuses and slanders at each other. They, the same fellow countrymen, should not be hostile to each other but jointly counter foreign aggression and interference by the united efforts of the nation.

5. The Qing must dispel fears of invasion from all nations of the world.

    The Qing must be ready to fight for its right to exist. The people of the Qing must be armed, educated with military thinking, and taught to kill for their motherland. The draft shall be re-enacted, with people from all walks of life being brought out to serve their communities, families, and nation. Schoolchildren shall be taught how to shoot and drill, and educated to abide by patriotism until the very end. All peoples shall fight for the nation blindly, go wherever it goes, and be willing to die for the nation in the event of a foreign invasion.

6. The peoples should set store by democracy, and not reject each other for the difference in isms and principles.

    All peoples should ensure freedom of debate on and activity for reunification and not suppress, make reprisals on, persecute and punish political opponents.

7. The Qing should protect material and spiritual wealth of individual persons and organizations, and encourage them to be used favourably for the promotion of the Qing welfare state.

    The Qing shall pledge to protect the capital and property of individual persons and organizations. They should recognize social honor and qualification of individuals in all domains including science, education, literature, art, speech, the press, health service and sports, and continue to ensure the benefits granted to persons of meritorious services. Businesses should ensure constant productivity, and take proactive steps to ensure labour satisfaction.

8. The whole nation should be literate and have access to the internet.

    All the obstacles to education should be removed, and the door be flung open for schooling to all without discrimination.
    Strengthening telecommunications coverage shall be a priority, especially in rural areas. By the end of the next 4 years, every child in the Qing shall be able to freely browse, learn, and interact with ideas across the internet, and receive free schooling from the Qing government. The literacy rate of 96.8% shall be increased fully to 100%.

9. The Qing shall promote market liberalisation.

    Things beneficial to the Qing state should be supported and encouraged in an unbiased manner, and things harmful be rejected together. Market liberalisation and reforms shall proceed, to ensure that all people have an equal opportunity at finding careers, while providing for a safety net for those who cannot.

10. Rural poverty shall be eliminated.

    Reforms shall take place to ensure the elimination of rural poverty. It is hoped that within 4 years time, 40% of all people living in rural poverty may lift themselves from such a burden. Rural citizens shall receive free schooling and free internet services. Their houses shall be renovated free of charge to include electricity and potable water. Farming tools shall be made available for farmers to use and/or borrow to increase productivity, and access to credit and financial services shall be provided by the government. Agricultural diversification must be promoted. Women in rural conservative communities must be given the legal right to own land, as well as own separate tenancy rights and the right to claim an equal share of family land and resources upon divorce, abandonment, widowhood, and for inheritance purposes. Rural people shall be given the right to own the land on which they live or farm upon.


Furstian-Soviet Antarctic Expedition reaches the Geographic South Pole

2 days ago, a team of 22 men - 14 Furstians and 8 Soviets - reached the Geographic South Pole after a 60-hours journey through the continent to establish a new scientific base named "Cooperation".

Comrade President Rafael Ilario has called the base and congratulated the personnel, while reassuring them that further support for their important mission would be on its way as soon it was possible.

The Furstian People's Air Force will transport a team of engineers to the newly established base, whose task will be to construct a blue ice runway which will be crucial to maintain and expand normal operations in such a hostile environment.

National weather Services issues Heat wave warning for Midwestern states, Tropical Storm Andrew now heading for Eastern Seaboard

The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory for much of the Midwest as temperatures continue to climb into the upper 90s and 100s. Heat Wave Warnings have been issued in Illinois and Missouri while other states are hoping for a break in the hot weather before issues warnings as well. Meanwhile Tropical Storm Andrew is on course to hit the Eastern Seaboard and will likely hit the DC area and flood warning have been issued as a result. Tropical Storm Andrew is then expected to to travel up the coast to New York before moving inland and weakening. However, the NWS has stated that it is possible for Andrew to become a full hurricane and cause greater flooding in the low-lying regions along the coast and may either change course or still impact Washington. The White House has stated that all precautions have been taken in the event the storm becomes a full hurricane and that government operations will not be delayed unless otherwise stated.

Japan National Stadium, Tokyo

The many nations of the world have competed fiercely over the previous two weeks, sending their elite athletes to represent themselves and go head-to-head with the best athletes from around the globe. However the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics are drawing to a close as the spectators, friends, family, and athletes from all competing nations gathered once more within the stadium to partake in the closing ceremonies and witness the live results of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, each person waiting eagerly to see how their nation fared up against the others. Overheard came the three familiar voices once more.

"Bienvenue aux nations du monde, pour les résultats des Jeux olympiques d'été de Tokyo 2020! Premièrement, les trois meilleurs médaillés dans l'ordre seront listés pour chaque épreuve individuelle, suivis du grand total de médailles! Bonne chance à toutes les nations! Welcome back nations of the world, for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics results! First, the top three medalists in order will be listed for each individual event, followed by the grand total of medals! Good luck to every nation! 年東京オリンピックの結果に向けて、世界の国々を歓迎します!最初に、順番に上位3人のメダリストが個々のイベントごとにリストされ、次にメダルの合計が表示されます。すべての国に幸運を!"

2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Medal Table:


Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal


Artistic Swimming





Basque Polo


Iranian commonwealth





Southeastern asia



Iranian commonwealth


Field Hockey





Jeu de paume


Southeastern asia



Modern Pentathlon





Southeastern asia

Rugby Union

Rugby Sevens





Sport Climbing



Table Tennis

Iranian commonwealth




Tug of war


Water Motorsports

Water Polo


Iranian commonwealth


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2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Rankings:

United States (Imperial Eagle) ----------------- 10 medals

Soviet Union (Novaya Rossiyskaya Imperiya) - 10 medals

Infiny --------------------------------------------- 9 medals

Furstia -------------------------------------------- 8 medals

Da Qing Empire ---------------------------------- 8 medals

Japan (Inouye) ----------------------------------- 8 medals

Eulumia ------------------------------------------- 8 medals

Donau-Bundesreich ------------------------------ 7 medals

Qianyu -------------------------------------------- 7 medals

Labyrnna ----------------------------------------- 6 medals

Anzoania ------------------------------------------ 6 medals

Lanfang- ------------------------------------------ 6 medals

Tumolia ------------------------------------------- 5 medals

Vicintia -------------------------------------------- 5 medals

Danmarka ---------------------------------------- 5 medals

Fosna --------------------------------------------- 4 medals

The Hellenes League ----------------------------- 4 medals

-Greater Canada- -------------------------------- 4 medals

Iranian commonwealth -------------------------- 4 medals

Southeastern asia -------------------------------- 3 medals

SaudiArabia --------------------------------------- 3 medals

Central America Federation ---------------------- 2 medals

With the medals table posted for the world to see and the nations ranked in descending order of medals received, it was clear that this year's Summer Olympics were indeed quite competitive, with every nation receiving at least two medals of some sort, truly a spectacular sight to see. With the IOC President, President of the Planning Committee, and Japanese Empress delivering their closing speeches to the nations of the world gathered within the Japan National Stadium, the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics officially drew to a close. One last announcement was made in the traditional order of French, English, and this year's host, Japanese, bidding farewell to all who attended this year's spectacular Olympics.

"Merci à tous pour ces superbes Jeux olympiques d'été et à tous votre bon esprit sportif. Merci Tokyo d'être un hôte formidable et nous sommes ravis de vous voir aux prochains Jeux olympiques d'été! Thank you everyone for an amazing Summer Olympics and all of your good sportsmanship. Thank you Tokyo for being a wonderful host, and we are excited to see you at the next Summer Olympics! 素晴らしい夏季オリンピックとすべての良いスポーツマンシップをありがとうございました。素晴らしい主催者である東京に感謝します。次の夏季オリンピックでお会いできるのを楽しみにしています!"

Preparation for the Federal Convention

Only once every 5 years, the Federal Convention meets in Malao, SW, and preparations are well underway. The local temple complex, the oldest parts of which are thousands of years old, is usually the host to the most prestigious university of Infiny, the Universiteiya Sachiyela, the University of Sachiel, named after one of the ancient Goddess Infiniya's 12 envoys.*

In the main hall, originally built under the reign of Elman I the Great in the 7th century CE, the ceremony will take place. The delegates of the Strava ye Waciliya and the Uspekai of each state are most likely to crown Valeria Makonnen, former sister-in-law to Empress Valeria I Jezici-Makonnen and sister to former Emperor Ras Tafari Makonnen. States are increasingly endorsing Valeria, who has personally traveled to the conservative state of Luo to guarantee the peaceful co-existence and endurances of opposing ideas under her regime.

Nonetheless, it looks increasingly like the Imperial Federation is about to take an even sharper turn towards the progressive left. Valeria has been known for her commitments to racial- and gender equality, promotion of LGBT rights, and a near unlimited amount of personal freedom. Her economic policies worry some, as she has recently come out in favor of a Universal Basic Income and has publically pledged to raise taxes on multinational cooperations or companies that fail to meet gender- and racial quotas.

OOC: *That's right, more Infinian mythology coming, brace yourselves.


Post by South Antebellia suppressed by Furstia.

This evening at approximately 11:50pm, the Congress of The Republic of South Antebellia passed a law, which will among other things, lead to the advancement in the nation’s engineering of Weapons of Mass Destruction, or WMD’s. This coming as a result of multiple reports of nations around the South Antebellia increasing their stockpiles of WMD’s. The South Antebellian government has made a pledge that weapons of mass destruction are banned from preemptive attacks on perceived enemy nations, and are only to be used if WMD’s are used upon South Antebellia first. The Minister of Defense has stated “These weapons are nothing more than a defensive deterrent, and we pray to god that no nation will be stupid enough to force our hand.” Under this law there will be 15, 350 kiloton warheads created as well as the development of a new missile capable of launching such a weapon, the Hercules I. This news coming from the offices of the Speaker of The House, and The Minister of Defense.

South Antebellia wrote:


Hello! Please, read the Regional Rules contained in the factbook named "Regional Index" and follow all necessary steps to in order to become a member of Geopolity and start RPing. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact the Regional Administration through telegrams or the Regional Discord Channel. Thank you!

To: Olympic Council of Romanovskaya, 37 Petrovskaya Naberezhnaya, Vyborg, Vyborgsky District.
From: H.S.H. Princess Zephyrine, The Princely Palace, Baryshevo, Vyborgsky District.
Subject: Congratulations to the Romanovan Olympians.

Dearest Olympians,

I wish to congratulate everyone who all did so well at this years Olympic Games in Tokyo. A total number of seven medals, 3 golds and 4 bronzes is a record tally for Romanovskaya and shows the tremendous development of sports across the nation. Indeed our success is very impressive for a nation of our small size and has most certainly caught the worlds attention. Well done to every one of you who have played their part in this tremendous success.

Special congratulations to our gold medal winners, gymnast Klara Brantova, tennis player Irina Surikova and the Romanovan tug-of-war team captained by Sergei Kruglikov. You have all proved to everyone that you are the best in the world in your respective sports and have indeed achieved legendary status.

To those who missed out on an Olympic medal, you have all demonstrated an impressive team spirit as you generously celebrate each other’s achievements, and console each other in your disappointments. We are all immensely proud of every one of our Olympians.

Yours truly,

The Princess of the Principality of Romanovskaya

-Invitation to Make a Formal State Visit-
To: Ministry/Department(?) of Foreign Affairs Lanfang-

Greetings to whomever this may concern,

The Imperial Republic of Qianyu would like to invite the leaders of Lanfang to the capital Xi'an on an official state visit. Qianyu is interested in deepening our relations and the premier would like to discuss several topics of importance such as trade & travel agreements, among others that we believe would be beneficial for both of our nations. We hope to hear a response soon.

- Signed
Dawa Dramuktsang, representative of the premier

President Joan B. Kennedy Visits Impoverished Villa Near Buenos Ares

On a domestic state visit, President Joan B. Kennedy has made it clear that he wants to connect with communities in need. The areas, have a mere forty percent poverty rate largely fuelled by a dwindling industries. This has left local people, as one local stated, “abandoned by the state”. Although Joan B. Kennedy and his aids have expressed the desires to improve employment and living standards in these regions, political opponent's have long resisted change, persisting that moving industry here could damage well establishing industries elsewhere. Regardless Joan B. Kennedy has largely denied such claims, with support of social experts.

The President pointed out today that, “These disparities are a petri-dish that disproportionately affects those whom are undereducated. Funding should be allocated to education, health and welfare in these areas because in the long term it will allow us to diversify our export industry, and further expand our manufacturing industry. If we make it clear that we treat all our our working population industry with dignity, than our ethical-economical output will be more desirable to an ever-changing market that is becoming very aware. He continued by discussing ways that Incentives for big business could be established, such as subsidisation on a program basis. Later in an interview with ABN News, he discussed ways that we could move forward, suggesting that his communication with these communities gives him a greater idea of what he needs to be doing in order to fulfil the promises his campaign has made.

Athens, Greece
Hellas News

Protests turned violent today as police and those protesting clashed in the government district. Muslim protesters are demanding justice for Mohammad Al Shala, who was killed by police in Athens last week.

Those protesting say that the government favors those who are Greek, those who are of the Hellas Faith, and no one else.

12 people were arrested today and reportedly 17 are in the hospital.

Police continue to crack down on the 3rd day of protests in Athens.

End of training exercise Operation Phyrrus

Result: Horn Imperial carrier group in full retreat, Golden Sun offensive crushed. Full Federal control of the air and seas around Sri Lanka.

The exercise had shown the federal high command the strengths and weaknesses of the military. The Legion and air force had clearly shown that they were able to flexibly respond to different situations and proved effective throughout the exercise. The navy was not the same. Vicintia's carrier battle group proved unready to sail out to meet the Horn carrier battle group when it's sighting was confirmed. Leaving the Sri Lankan coast extremely vulnerable.

The 1st submarine wolfpack was in the early weeks of the exercise extremely effective in targeting enemy supply ships, straining the logistics of an attacking force that heavily suffered and became more cautious as each day went by. Allowing more free reign for the defenders to operate. However High Command takes note that the tactics of the wolfpack did not change and it eventually started taking casualties as their attacks became predictable to enemy patrolling destroyers.

The Air Force was instrumental in the exercise in keeping air superiority, as time went on the air force clearly had the numbers to completely control the skies and was an extreme blow the the Horn's forces when they desperately attempted their landing.

The Legion was quick to set up defences on potential landing sights while also containing the Golden Sun insurgents. The role of
the insurgents in this exercise was done by units of the Dregan paramilitary and this exercise also highlights their capabilities. True to their tactics they hit hard and fast and attempted to completely finish the fight as fast as they could using shock and awe. The problem was like the submarine wolfpack that tactic is well known to The Legion and expected by the Dregans. And as such their successful push resulted in them falling into an envelopment trap and getting crushed themselves.

The participating nation Furstia sent three ships to help in the exercise. At the beginning of the exercise, before they made it into Vicintian waters they were ambushed themselves by submarines. It was clear the Furstian's were not ready and did not expect an attack so far from Sri Lanka resulting in a ship being declared 'sunk'. However throughout the rest of the exercise the other two ships were exemplary in trying to help the Vicintian navy contain the operational area of the Horn carrier group and took part in the battle of Kalkudah Bay when the Vicintian carrier group arrived.

We thank our allies from Furstia from taking part in the exercise and bid the participating sailors a farewell on their journey home.

Congratulations are in order

Many Vicintians watched the Olympics and while Vicintian's did not grab the most medals many Vicintian's did find success. As expected the Vicintian cricket team showed the world why we rule that sport. The streets were bustling with parties all over the country once they won the gold.

Outskirts of Chicago, Time Unknown

Silence reigned in the large and lavish home as a group of men stood in a darkened room, the only source of light being a lit cigar. Suddenly a man spoke

"Can someone explain to me how this son of a b*tch even got into a secure data server and pulled a list of agent names and other sh*t?" the man all but shouted as he kicked a still form on the floor

"Your guess is as good as mine Gin. F8cker had all the right clearance codes and sh*t. Damn good thing we got here when we did or else he would have sent the data to god knows who. The Russians, Furstians, anyone. He could have sold it to the highest bidder and we'd all be f*cked and up sh*t creek without a damn paddle." a second man replied

The first man, Gin, looked at the still form on the ground before removing a silenced pistol and and shot him in the head

"I want the servers sanitized and then the building purged. Don't care how you do it but leave no trace of this treasonous bastard behind nor a trace of the data he stole. Any copies you find, take them and scrub the hard-drives and then torch this place. I expect to be informed of the completion of the mission within the next hour or so so get to it people!"

As everyone went about doing their task, Gin took one last look at the body before spitting on it

"Serves you right you traitor....hope you're burning in Hell with the rest of the traitors to this nation..."

Referendum Results

In recent weeks the nations of the Federated States of Micronesia and Republic of the Marshall Islands have been debating arduously about the benefits of joining the Federal Republic of Eulumia and fully integrating themselves into the sprawling archipelago nation. There have been a great many opinions voiced in these uncertain times about the benefits and possible pitfalls associated with such a decision and the implications that they would have for the people. With the people in mind, the governments of these two Pacific Island nations have decided that the inhabitants of these nations should be the ones to decide the tentative future for their countries. With a lot at stake in the ever encroaching future in regards to rising sea levels and climate change, Eulumia's resolute stance on cleaning up the world, combating climate change, and creating and maintaining a green future for generations to come and not to mention the robust, ever-growing Eulumian economy, have weighed heavily in the decision making of the voters of these referendums. Weeks of deliberating and yet another week for a voting period have brought forth conclusive results as decided by the peoples of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.

Federated States of Micronesia Referendum Result - Integrate into Eulumia

Republic of the Marshall Islands Referendum Result - Integrate into Eulumia

Both nations have voted to full unify and integrate themselves with the Federal Republic of Eulumia as provinces. It is with welcome arms that Versienna welcomes these nations into the Federal Republic and will wholly support the islands and their people in any and every way possible as they are now one with Eulumia, and every citizen will be granted fully Eulumian citizenship and have access to Eulumian institutions, goods, services, etc. The Grand Chancellor looks forwards greatly to delegations from the new provinces in order to discuss exactly the finer details associated with province ascension. This is truly a spectacular day for the Federal Republic. Molitva Digernia.

progress on new service weapons for military and NTF

as time goes on the GHCOM waits for the prototypes and the president express his hopes and left GHCOM alone as he has places to be

Somewhere in Northern regions of C.A.F

Team ODEN and members of FSIA are checking their gear ODEN's combat experts uneasy with the Agents being counterparts but went to attention with The FSIA agents. As NTF 9th tailed brefs them with a photo in hand

"Right listen up our target is A man who had links to the C.A our mission requires both shadow groups to attain our target 1st tailed Wants him alive for questioning FSIA will track and pinpoint the target and ODEN will grab SODCM is giving you a month to find him"

At that the NTF member walked to the waiting stocker and board it as the two teams work on a plan

JNN Current Stories

Celebrations are being held across Japan after the conclusion of the Tokyo Olympics. Empress Akiiyo has congratulated the athletes that participated and awarded them medals of honor.

The JS Sensokiji has seen its first voyage under the, now named, Japanese Imperial Navy. The voyage though Japanese waters through the Straight of Hokkaido was both a show of power and the establishment of an international militarized force. The Japanese Imperial Self Defense Force, abbreviated to JISDF, has now been renamed the Armed Forces of Imperial Japan and now consisted of the Japanese Imperial Navy, Japanese Imperial Army, and the Japanese Imperial Air Force. This change was made directly by Empress Akiiyo.


Imperial Family Funeral Special

On the morning of July 16, thousands of Romanovans began the pilgrimage to Vyborg in honour of the Saintly and Royal Family of the Russian Empire. Exactly 102 years after their brutal demise, the family would finally be laid to rest in the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. The police, along with help from various units of the Romanovan Patriotic Front, closed roads to ensure the safety of those making the pilgrimage to the capital.

Great crowds formed on the roads all over the nation as the people made their way to Vyborg. Many of them holding religious symbols, images of the Saintly family and flags of the Russian Empire. Some devout individuals even went barefoot, miles after miles on rough asphalt. When one person was asked why they would put themselves through the pain, they responded saying "it is merely a fraction of the pain our beloved Saintly family went through in their last moments at the hands of beasts."

Meanwhile at Seleznyovo International Airport, the first of the international representatives were beginning to arrive. Countries of a wide range of ideologies, cultures and geographic locations were to be present. The Princess of Romanovskaya, Zephyrine, spoke about in particular the socialist states represented at the funeral services saying "here they are honouring the death of a royal family that stood against their very ideology. Their presence here shows great maturity and we are very pleased to see them representing their people with dignity and respect."

            For further reading of this article, click the link below.

18 July 2020
By Sergei Dobrovolski


The Imperial Family of the Russian Empire were finally laid to rest in Vyborg today.

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Thousands make pilgrimage to Vyborg to pay repects.

On the morning of July 16, thousands of Romanovans began the pilgrimage to Vyborg in honour of the Saintly and Royal Family of the Russian Empire. Exactly 102 years after their brutal demise, the family would finally be laid to rest in the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. The police, along with help from various units of the Romanovan Patriotic Front, closed roads to ensure the safety of those making the pilgrimage to the capital.

Great crowds formed on the roads all over the nation as the people made their way to Vyborg. Many of them holding religious symbols, images of the Saintly family and flags of the Russian Empire. Some devout individuals even went barefoot, miles after miles on rough asphalt. When one person was asked why they would put themselves through the pain, they responded saying "it is merely a fraction of the pain our beloved Saintly family went through in their last moments at the hands of beasts."

Meanwhile at Seleznyovo International Airport, the first of the international representatives were beginning to arrive. Countries of a wide range of ideologies, cultures and geographic locations were to be present. The Princess of Romanovskaya, Zephyrine, spoke about in particular the socialist states represented at the funeral services saying "here they are honouring the death of a royal family that stood against their very ideology. Their presence here shows great maturity and we are very pleased to see them representing their people with dignity and respect."

Pilgrims from Korela walking through the countryside
on their way to the funeral ceremony in Vyborg

By 11:00pm, most of the city of Vyborg had come to a standstill as crowds filled all the major roads, as well as the large square outside the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. Seven vintage Cadillac hearses were all parked directly outside of the cathedral, the remains of the Imperial family ready to be carried inside to their final resting place. Thousands of flowers were been left by the guard rails close to the hearses, as well as messages of good will and cuddly toys specifically for the children of the Imperial Family. At 11:30, the funeral service began and bells rang out at the cathedral, then the city fell silent.

Each coffin was unloaded one by one, with a male member of the Romanov family along with 5 funeral directors carrying each coffin inside to the cathedral. A choir sang hymns inside the church as the remains were carried in, with the proceedings inside being broadcast on TV as well as on big projectors across the city for the crowds outside to watch. Once all the coffins were placed at the altar, the Metropolitan of Vyborg and all Romanovskaya, Alexy III, began the funeral service.

Alexy III spoke about the Saintly nature of the Imperial Family, the significance they still hold to all Russian people and how the values they upheld helped in the development of Romanovskaya and made it the free, peace loving nation it is today. He spoke about the long suffering the Imperial Family have gone through, not just their demise but their long wait to be laid to rest and join Christ and the Archangels in Gods kingdom. H.S.H. Prince Dmitri Dmitrievich Romanov, who had been involved in the repatriation of the Imperial Family from the beginning, said a few words about each of the members of the Imperial Family. He also spoke about how he hoped that having the Imperial Family laid to rest will finally close a a painful and shameful chapter of Russian history.

Princess Zephyrine watching proceedings inside the cathedral.

Inside the cathedral during the funeral service.

Crowds walking down Petrogradsky Prospect in Vyborg.

As the clock struck 12:00am on July 17, the cathedral fell silent and the bells rang out for one minute. It marks the time, 102 years later, when it is assumed the Imperial Family met their violent demise at the hands of communist revolutionaries. At 12:01am, the choir began to sing "LinkGod Save the Tsar!". Thousands of Romanovans who had lined the streets outside, sang along as they watched the proceedings on the large projections. The Metropolitan Alexy III then blessed each member of the family as they made their final journey to join the Lord in the Kingdom of Heaven. The coffins were then moved one by one into the tombs at the rear of the cathedral.

Members of the Romanov Family each placed their hands on each coffin to say their final goodbyes, with Princess Zephyrine kissing each coffin, as the tombs were then sealed one by one. With that, the funeral service came to and end. The Romanov Family greeted the guests inside the church, thanking in particular the foreign dignitaries in attendance. Everybody then made their way outside where the Princess interacted with some of the public as the rain began to fall. She thanked them all for coming and said she believed the Saintly and Imperial family will watch and protect all Romanovans with the help of the Lord and the Archangels for the loyalty they have shown to the Family.

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          ~~ Министерство обороны СССР ~~

Top Secret: Development of the Six "Next Generation" Weapons (1)

Moscow — The Soviet Defense Ministry will begin the development of one of the six "Next Generation" Weapons as prescribed by the Kremlin's efforts to modernize the Soviet military capabilities and defense resources. The Avangard (also known as the Objekt 4202) will be a hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) that can deliver both conventional and (in the future) nuclear payloads. This hypersonic vehicle can be carried as a MIRV payload by the R-36M2, UR-100UTTKh, and RS-28 Sarmat heavy ICBMs. According to some experts in the sector, "hypersonic glide vehicles are distinguished from traditional ballistic missiles by their ability to maneuver and operate at lower altitudes," greatly increasing the Soviet capabilities to defend the Motherland and counterattack to threats.

Perhaps one of the most impressive characteristics that this glide vehicle will achieve is its speed: It is designed to reach Mach 20-27. In other words, this weapon can reach speeds of 20 to 27 times faster the speed of sound. The Avangard is also capable of producing sharp vertical and horizontal evading maneuvers during flight. This speed and maneuverability could make this glider's trajectory unpredictable, complicating intercept attempts after its boost phase. As a result, even the most advanced missile defense platforms in service today will have a tremendously herculean task of even trying to predict the trajectory in order to then attempt to shoot the Avangard down. As the Avangard will be delivered by heavy ICBMs, it's range is quite high, estimated at more than 6,000 km. If launched from Moscow, it has the capability of reaching the Indian Ocean, the Western Atlantic Ocean, and even the Far East - all in a matter of minutes or less. Once the glider is boosted to its suborbital apogee of around 100 km, it separates from the delivering rocket and it then cruises down towards its target through the atmosphere.

Without a doubt, this impressive weapon comes at no light effort. Due to the high hypersonic speeds that it reaches, the glider can experience temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees Celsius - more than a third of the temperatures calculated on the surface of the Sun. Special heat shields and control surfaces will have to be developed in order for the glider to have a successful trip. The Avangard will not employ an independent propulsion system, relying on gravity and its aerodynamic features to maintain speeds and altitude.

The development of the Avangard is estimated to cost USD$3 billion and expected to take 2.5 years to develop. The Soviet Defense Ministry will keep the details of this weapon top secret during its development. Once successfully produced for the Soviet Armed Forces, it will be decided by the Kremlin when to precisely announce the existence of such weapon. The Kremlin has high hopes on this project as it does not only challenge the imagination of the Soviet military-industrial complex but it also pushes the technological boundaries of the Motherland!

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Qianyu wrote:-Invitation to Make a Formal State Visit-
To: Ministry/Department(?) of Foreign Affairs Lanfang-

Greetings to whomever this may concern,

The Imperial Republic of Qianyu would like to invite the leaders of Lanfang to the capital Xi'an on an official state visit. Qianyu is interested in deepening our relations and the premier would like to discuss several topics of importance such as trade & travel agreements, among others that we believe would be beneficial for both of our nations. We hope to hear a response soon.

- Signed
Dawa Dramuktsang, representative of the premier

To: Dawa Dramuktsang

From: The Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lanfang


The Rt. Hon. Lydia Lin Hua MP would be delighted to make a state visit to our distinguished hosts in Qianyu. Strengthening our friendships with our regional neighbors is a key priority of this Government and she would be delighted to make the journey.

In order to allow adequate time for travel and security arrangements to be made, we only request the meeting occurs at least three weeks from the time of writing (3 days irl).

Thank you,

Richard Liu Chi-wai, Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lanfang

Tumolian Times reports ;

The trail and prosecution of Tarmil Z has begun. The public prosecutor has already indicted Tarmil Z. with live imprisonment without parol and forced psychiatric aid. It is expected that the court will follow through with this indictment. Tarmil Z is currently held at the maximum-security prison at Robben island in Cape town. It is expected that when sentenced he will serve the remainder of that sentence at the Robben island prison.

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July, 2020, Issue No. 20200722


A source has revealed in confidence to Westminster Times that Facebook agreed to participate in a programme developed by Oxbridge Analytics which subsequently steered the results of the General Election in which former Prime Minister Nichola Pankhurst was re-elected with one of the largest majorities in Parliament due to their collaboration in a coalition with Vox Populi.

Not only did Facebook OB agree to participate in this programme, they also helped funding it. Sources claim that Oxbridge Analytics received a sum of up to Fl. 20 million in total to conduct their researches and test various applications. An independent auditor that looked into this case upon the request of Westminster Times says that "[Oxbridge Analytics] got at least one million Florines directly from Facebook OB, and many more indirectly through various sister companies and other projects".

The programme on which these companies were working, called Interceptor, was used to harvest information from millions of users throughout Orange-Bourgogne. It is, at this point in time, not known whehter or not the programme was also used in foreign nations. The application could recognise political information due to an advanced bot that ordered certain content, and then processed which people liked certain types of news messages. The users whose information was gathered, were not informed about this, nor could they object to being part of the analysis. With the gathered information, advertisements were sent to various groups marked as "people of interest". There have also been recorded several attempts to spread false news articles on the platform, but it is said that these had limited success.

When we confronted Oxbridge Analytics with our findings, they stressed that we should not publish the story before they had the time to do a "full inquiry" into the matter. However, it has now been well over a year since that promise was made but the CEO of the company, Michael MacWilson, has yet to launch the internal investigation. Given the possibility that Interceptor has considerably influenced the outcome of the latest General Elections, this story does not deserve to end here. Mister MacWilson confirmed to Westminster Times that since we talked to him over our look into the project, it has been "put on hold indefinitely".

Oxbridge Analytics has been linked - through a long chain of corporations - to the former political party of ex-PM Pankhurst: the Social Republican Front (SRF). Miss Pankhurst did not respond to our allegations, saying that she was "unaware of the project and had no involvement in it". The party chair of the Republican Progressive Alliance (RPA, the successor to SRF) did not want to comment officially yet.

The Lord High Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, The Rt. Hon. Sir Mark Pembroke MP (Orange-Bourgognian Union, OBU), said that he will discuss the matter with the Electoral Commission at once, and that he will also availe himself to a parliamentary debate later this week. In writing, he demanded that Michael MacWilson explained the situation at the earliest opportunity and took "whatever steps necessary to shut this programme down at once". If Parliament is not satisfied with the answers provided to them, they have the option to launch a parliamentary inquiry into the matter. During such a procedure, witnesses will be ordered to face a committee and give testimony under oath. If witnesses do not seek to co-operate, they can be found guilty of contempt of parliament, which could ultimately result in a situation in which they are taken hostage for a maximum of five years by the Serjeant-at-Arms of the Lower House.

Facebook's CEO, Elliot Zuckermann, said that he was "aware of the developing story" and would look into the matter shortly. We will publish more about this story in the near future.

This article was written by Erik Groothuizen, Senior Editor for Westminster Times.

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