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I went out for some milk and eggs. I made the mistake of going during rush hour traffic and got stuck in traffic. Sorry, it took so long.

Appoint me to a position and I promise I will only disappoint you slightly.

I just endorsed you. You should be able to slip back into your previous role.

And with that we're back to normal.

Aw yes, the WA telegram spam. So good.

Well, ya know, fry it up and spread it on toast or an English muffin...maybe add some's almost edible.


Do you think a "buy one room a night get another room free" scheme would work to get people into the hotel?

Also when do we throw in the towel and just leave the hotel all together? I ask this because half of the west wing just collapsed. Killing the building inspector who got lost in the Hedge Maze

Looks suspicious. Perhaps it's time to question the ducks.

This might also be an opportunity. "Post-Apocalypse Place", finest accommodations amidst the collapse of civilization. The ambiance of what may be considered luxury after The Great Diasaster. Book your room, while it's still standing.

You might call it *chuckle* "The Last Resort".

At least it could make a good Halloween theme this year.

Speaking of Halloween, we're moments away from that annual ritual, "Keep the zombies out of the Magnolias." Drives the gardener nuts, I tell y'all.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

That was a rather long nap

I'll say. But this is HiberNationStates, after all...

And it still is HiberNationStates. It must be time for a nap.

Timsvill is narcoleptic.

It's mid-May. Time to turn the mattresses.

Try our new poll at Liberalia!

Happy Moon Landing Anniversary, folks!

Is this region still alive?

Adenaline wrote:Is this region still alive?

Yes, but we hibernate a lot.

Polkstreet wrote:Yes, but we hibernate a lot.

Oh I see, glad to hear it!

I think we're not zombies...or dead.

Go back to sleep.

Merry Christmas from our region to yours!

**Sends a large tray of homemade Christmas cookies**

Spring. Time to wake up for the Summer hibernation.

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